Zoom is the main antagonist of the second season of CW's "The Flash". A demonic speedster from Earth 2, Zoom intends to steal Barry's speed and prove himself to be the "fastest man alive". Midway through the season, he is revealed to be Jay Garrick, who is actually Hunter Zolomon impersonating the real Jay Garrick, and is responsible for Henry Allen's death.

The K Team Storyline

LOTM: The New Multi-Universal War Season 2: Days of Future Past

Zoom will be one the main villains in season 2.


Solomon appears as the Black Flash, the enforcer of the Speed Force, He is out to erase Eobard Thawne and The Joker out of existence and pursues them through time mostly Thawne though. Thawne's goal with the spear of destiny is to keep Black Flash off his back. He is first seen by Deathstroke who realizes when talking to his henchmen about what he heard from Thawne in regards to his encounter with the heroes that he had to put his neck back together. Deathstroke puzzles out that Black Flash is after Thawne and intends to erase him, so Deathstroke keeps this in mind, to use as insurance on Thawne. He is imprisoned by Thawne who gets his hands on the spear of destiny, though he is left loose by Toffee who brings out the monster to kill Thawne from exitene

Hunter Zolomon (Black Flash)

Zoom as Black Flash