Name: Zoey

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Old horror movies

Dislikes: Zombies

Biggest strength: Her knowledge of otherworldly monsters

Biggest weakness: She's not the best when it comes to studying other stuff

Occupation: Adoptive cousin of Angewomon

Quote: "And who said television wasn't educational?"

Youtube portrayer: midnight47o

Voiced by: Jen Taylor

The daughter of a rich couple, Zoey's adventures began when she began college and spent lots of time watching old horror movies. She was given a choice to stop fooling around and get her grades up or get expelled. But when a swarm of zombies attacked and all her professors were killed, it seemed to Zoey that she had been studying the correct topic after all.

Legend of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

Along with three other survivors, Louis, Francis, and Bill, Zoey managed to escape to safety, where she and her friends were later joined by Nick, Coach, Ellis and Rochelle. But a few days later more hordes of zombies attacked, and Zoey was the only one who managed to escape. Now with things worse than zombies threatening the universe, Zoey can only hope that her skills with firearms, knowledge of otherworldly monsters, and experience fighting zombies will be enough for her to protect the Angels of Disney.


Gunfire Onslaught - Zoey unleashes a rapid burst of gunfire

Twin Pistol Rapid Fire - Zoey rapidly fires at an enemy using twin pistols

Sniper Shot - Zoey uses a sniper rifle to snipe a distant foe