Zeion 2

Dark Zeion

Zeion is home to many new races of powerful beings. Its rarest race is called Immortal Demons, whose skin color can be anything from white to blue. There are five Zeions; Dark Zeion, lesser Zeion Sky Zeion, magma Zeion, and Energy Zeion. Gabriel was born on Dark Zeion but his fathe,; the Dark king of Zeion, banished him to Lesser Zeion.

The goddesses of Zeion look over all five Zeions. Rainbow found Gabriel on Lesser Zeion years later and feel in love with him.

Zeion was one big planet untill the Sword War I, the first war over the element swords of Zeion. The power of the elements was to great for the planet to hold, so it broke up and made the new five Zeions.

Dark Zeion is in the center of the other four. Lesser Zeion is where all the weakest and bannished people are forced to live. The element weapons of Zeion are all over all five Zeions.

Zeion 3

Sky Zeion

Zeion 1

Magma Zeion

Zeion 5

Energy Zeion

Dark Zeion is where the Dark King of Zeion rules. The planet has huge amounts of dark energy around it. Most people who live their are evil and are some of the most powerful people on the Zeions live. Its people are rich.
Zeion 4

Lesser Zeion

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