Yami Bakura

Yami Bakura

yami bakura joined the shadow force when it first started, hoping to get revenge on Gabriel and Amy after losing against them in a shadow game. Enta gave Bakura a blue eyes white dragon card in a plot to beat Amy in a shadow game shortly after nakura Joined. After a close lost, he went after yugi's Slifer the sky draon god card. After another lost, he came back to Etna for training. He helped Marik in his plan to take mover the minds of the sailor scouts. After goku and his friends freed them by skilling the sailors. He can turn into thief king bakura after he took over his body. Rainbow saw another person inside him and split them back into two different people. Thief King Bakura was good untill Yami bakura took over his body. Thief King Bakura is now a commander in the Element empire.

He later joins the Hailfire Empire, alongside another fellow ex-Shadow Force member: the Skeleton King.

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