Worf is a character that hails from The Star Trek Universe and he is one of the only four survivors of a massacre alongside Picard, Q and Riker. He may be a Klingon but he is on the heroes side as opposed to the villains role that took earlier on in the original Star Trek

The Grand Summer Season Trek

Like the other 3 characters of Star Trek TNG, Worf is trying to avenge his team mates against Pigma Dengar and Pong Krell who led the attack on the crew. He helps The B Team against their bosses Vilgax and Discord. They ultimately get their man and arrest Krell before he broke out

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Worf and Riker return to keep an eye on Bender's kid for him under Picard's request. He and the others notice while watching a huge digmon, and as a result they decide to contact the team closest to them. Picard looks into the tablet with Riker and Worf's help and manages to stop the rails with their phasers.

Worf with Riker is contacted by Jaeris who learns of the intention he with Zhuge has in helping them. he then gets Dr.Strange on contact and warns him about The Children of Blackgurumon. Worf then reveals when the heroes meet with Jaers that they found a way to get in contact anytime they want.

Worf is among one of the characters arrested by SOPA or Sinster's allies  and placed in prison

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