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Wolf Pack Squad Company,also called Destiny Team or Destiny Company is a small military squad created in New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries to search for Artifacts from the Past to defeat the Darkness and Lord Boros before a new Multi-Universal War between new 5 Dark Empires and all 12 Multi-Universes starts again. 5 billions of years after the end of Cataclysmatic War, all heroes and villains were sent to their homeworlds with the defeat of Balam Alliance,  however 5 billions of years later, 5 new Dark Empires were created and they are about to recreate the Second Generation of Balam Alliance to continue the reign of terror of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Sith Empire and Triggers Hell after billions of years of peace.

To prevent a new massive war like the Cataclysmatic War I, the current leader of Terran Republic (New DEM) created a small group of young militaries to find the artifacts in the shadows while the forces of DEM Republic fight the Dark Empires in battles for several planets. And finally use the Artifacts against all 5 Dark Empires and the Darkness before a new massive war in high-scale happens again in all Multi-Universes.

They are set to appear as the main protagonist faction in LOTM: Destiny after the end of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: A Draw of Kings; 5 billions of years after.


  • Yato Stinger - Former Leader
  • Dante
  • Echidna StinWalker - Current Leader and Reformed Former Villain
  • Violeta Vasconselos
  • Isuke Nukai
  • Sento Isuzu
  • NaheshiraVarah
  • Master Moises
  • X O' Sonic
  • Licorice Handerson
  • Eve Fullbuster
  • Melancholia

TR Armor

Allies Factions

Enemy Factions

Dark Empires

  • Alvarez Empire
  • Second Reich of D.E.M Empire
  • Tyranny of Silence Empire
  • Shadow Army Republic
  • Planet Thieves
  • Cult of Satan
  • Fallen Roman Catholic Church
  • United Kingdom of America (reborn)

Rivals Squads from the Dark Empires

  • Angels of Death
  • The Last Abyssal Resistence

Villains Target List


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Running With Scissors - The Gallileo 7 (Lyrics)