Wolf O' Donnell
Wolf O' Donnell is a character and villain/occasional anti-hero from the Star Fox universe.

Wolf has formed many rivalries over the years but mostly with Fox and Bender in LOTM. Wolf alongside Leon, Pigma and Andrew were hired by Slade to cause trouble for Bender, Edd and Boomer but they were defeated by the trio defending the Halbred. In between Slade Strikes Back, he and Leon are re recruited alongside Panther by Slade to cause trouble for the heroes, although they didn't get far with that. Wolf and the two reappeared in The V Team Island Adventure and he went on Bender, Skipper, Eddy and Negaduck for attacking his base although he has no allegiance of such to Uka Uka, He finally returns to The Great Summer Season Trek and this time he joins forces with Bender and the B Team against Vilgax with his teammates as they know Pigma is with Vilgax. Wolf defends his possible home from Krell with his team and temporary allies to make sure Vilgax doesn't destroy it and he may have plans to kill Pigma for all the double-crossing the pig has pulled

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