Trent vs Evil White Ranger04:13

Trent vs Evil White Ranger

The White Dino Ranger Clone is a negative copy of the White Dino Ranger energy created by Mesogog and Zeltrax. This souless and evil Ranger has absolutely NO trace of Trent Fernandez-Mercer inside him. He isn't considered a living being at all.

Despite being evil, he is honorable and complements his opponents skills more than once.

HailFire Empire

He was destroyed by the real white ranger Trent Mercer.

Years later he was bought back to life by the being called Phantom Fienox. Using his powers and his Drago/StegaZord The Clone servers as a soldier in Phantom Fienox's army.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Season 14

The White Ranger Clone was brought back to life by Cerberus Forces as a gift to Fire Lord Ozai. He aids the New Ozai Society in their conquest of terror across the Multi-Universe.

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