German faction logo WaW
Emblem in Call of Duty: World at War


Adolf Hitler


Nazi Germany


United Nations
Soviet Union
The B Team
Winslow Accord
Sentinel Task Force
Power Rangers
The Resistance
Crystal Empire's Rebel Alliance
Sonata Dusk
Aria Blaze
Task Force 141


New Ozai Society
Galactic Empire
Common Defense Pact

Major Members

Hermann Goring
Joseph Goebbels


Armed Forces

The German Military (or the Wehrmacht) is a real world faction from Germany.

They serve as the armed forces of Nazi Germany. They were lead by German Chancelor Adolf Hitler.

They were one of the many military forces of the Axis Powers.

The B Team Storyline

Future Warfare: Empire

The Nazi Germany Wehrmacht will appear as an enemy faction and will seek to hunt down Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. They will also assist the Galactic Empire and Third Echelon against the Crystal Empire's Rebel Alliance and Ponyville Resistance.

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