Viridi 2
Viridi (自然王ナチュレ Shizen-ō Nachure, "Nature Monarch Nachure") is the Goddess of Nature and leader of the Forces of Nature. Her goal to wipe out humanity initially puts her at odds with Palutena, though they eventually put aside their differences and work together to face other common threats.

She is voiced by Hynden Walch in the English version of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and by Makiko Ohmoto in the Japanese version.


Viridi is a young-looking goddess, standing at about 4'7" (139 cm) and resembling an 8-year-old human girl with hazel eyes. She wears a shin-length dress colored in purple, red and pink, and decorated with numerous vines. She also wields a large, wooden staff. Her long blonde hair is also tied up in an off-centered ponytail using vines.


Despite her initially destructive nature, Viridi is not necessarily evil; rather, she desires revenge on the human race for taking advantage of nature. As a result of Pit getting in the way of her plans, she often argues with him in a childish manner while sending her Forces of Nature to attack him.

However, during the Aurum invasion, she begins to have a change of heart, and remains an ally for the rest of the game. Though she claims that she is only helping Pit because it is in her best interest, it is implied in Chapter 16 that she may secretly have a soft spot for the angel.

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