"Handsome Fighters never loss battles." Vega's most famous quote

Vega (Balrog in Japan) is a ex member of Shadaloo and one of the villains who aligned himself with Marceline's dad and is then recruited by Vilgax. He is voiced by Paul Dobson.

He was a member of Shadaloo alongside Balrog and Sagat as one of the four Divas serving under M.Bison. When M.Bison presumably died he returned to his bull fighting and assassin life style. When Bison returned Vega rejoined eagerly to help get a drive from S.I.N. The masked man entered the 4th world warrior tournament and afterwards he left Shadaloo after Marceline's Dad Offered him a deal to go after ugly heroes. He succeeded many times but also failed quite a few times. Under the orders of MD, He left before the final battle feeling like one of his henchman should be spared from the heroes

The Great Summer Season Trek

He returns working for Vilgax, Alongside Balrog he rejoins Bison for plans. Plan 1: Defeat the traitor and Plan 2 revenge on Bender, Skipper and the B Team. He joins his boss against Cap Knuckles but he fails like they do. Vega gets annoyed with why a beautiful woman like Samus could like a person like Cap Knuckles so he schemes to rid Knuckles from Samus to have her to himself.


  • Vega returns in the summer spinoff working for Vilgax for revenge.
  • He is the only villain who survives the rampage.
Manuhell zombie vega by manuhell-d7his3w

Mutan-zombi form