Utau Hoshina
Utau as Lunatic Charm


Utau Hoshina


Utie, Seraphic Charm, Lunatic Charm, Dark Jewel, Me'loda (Natallian Translation)


1,517 (Appears 17)


November 9th


Kiko Hoshina-Half-sister,Dusk-Husband, Flora Luna-Daughter, Reccke-Adopted Daughter, Souko Hoshina-Mother


Devil Form-Lunatic Charm. Offensive attacks such as Nightmare Lorelei and Rinin Trident. Angel Form-Seraphic Charm: Defense and Healing. Can heal allies and turn X Eggs back into Heart Eggs with her Angel Cradle

Former Occupation

Head Guard of Cortania

Current Occupation

In exile in Hailfire


Cortania, Natall.

"Now....*manic smile* ..It's time to put punish that naughty troublemaker!"-Utau Hoshina

Utau Hoshina is the former head guard and third-in-command of Cortania. After falling in love with the Natallian medic, Dusk, she left Cortania to live with him on Natal. An immortal human with the ability to take on andgelic and devil forms, she is one of the most feared warriors of the Multi-Universe. She is married to Dusk and is the mother to their child, Flora Luna. She is in self imposed exile in Hailfire after Josh's coup against Dusk.

Early Life

Almost nothing is known about the Utau from the first Universe. All that is certain is that she was a warrior in the Cortanian forces who was killed sometime after Chase and Ikari were. She was re-incarnated with the rest of the fallen after the Cosmic War ended, with no memories of her previous life.

In the new Cortania, Utau was born to Souko Hoshina, vizier to King Narek. Her father abandoned Utau and her mother when Utau was born, believing his daughter was cursed after he saw that she could both heal and corrupt Heart Eggs, he believed that she was a demon in a child's body. This rejection cut Utau deep and made her reluctant to embrace her powers and transformations as a child.


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