Ursula is the sea witch or dragqueen of the Little Mermaid Universe. She conspires to take over Alanta and ursurp King Trition. She was shocked and stabbed at large size, defeating her plan.

Legends of Light and Darkness

Ursula joins Malefor in another attempt on Alantis or whereever. Though she must operate in the sea as she can`t breath outside of it (as this is realstic and not Disney physics)

Somehow she appears to join Malefor in his song Be Prepared. She also exchanges woods with Saddler and Junior over Harvzilla and the use of the creature. Urusla uses her magic with Horvath to cast a sleeping spell on many of the Alpha Team members. Then she sends King of Sorrow, Ventress and Tzkel in the dream world to dispose of those in there. She finally takes action on her own turf with Blackbeard and King K Rool assiting her in it. Ursula arrives at the seas and cooks up magic that turns Heloise and Isabella into mermaids to force them to unable to lead without standing. When Jackal offers to kill Hiccup, Ursula and Khan refuse as he has no form of subtly.

Ursula uses an army of Hearless to take anyone trying to steal her power which was Suede, Evil Manta, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella. They all work against her and defeat/kill her with Bender, Slade, Skipper and Anti Cosmo

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