Uka Uka

Uka Uka is a villain from The V Team Island Adventure. He was the (supoosed) Main villain of the story. Uka Uka was one of the first foes that heroes and villains teamed up against

His Goal: Wipe Eddy, Bender and The V Team off the face of the Multiuniverse forever

He is voiced by Clancy Brown and John Dimaggio


He is ancient evil mask wih bones and a expressive face


Uka Uka is like most villains he has a huge ego, he thinks he is superior to the point that he often refers to himself as "The Great Uka Uka". He's also a bossy, grumpy, grouchy, arrogant and bad tempered mask. He would like to do nothing but destroy Eddy, Bender and Their teams as they keep foiling his plans in the story. However these traits were his downfall when Eddy and Bender defeated him and then he was killed by Marceline's Dad who revealed himself as the true villain

The V Team Island Adventure

Uka Uka's first appareance so far was here as the main villain for most of the story. He recruited old villains like Eddy's Brother and Blackfire and many new villains such as Lien Da, Tarus Bulba, Brother Blood and Alternate Doofenschimtz. He was planning against just Eddy and the V Team orginally but began schemeing against Bender went the robot teamed up with his rival to defeat him. As Eddy and Bender got closer to their goal, he was furious and decided to take cares of the duo himself. But that failed when Eddy, Bender and their pals defeated him. Uka Uka swore revenge but he was killed by losing his immortatily and soul if he had one to the true main villain of the story.


Through the usage of time travel and book traveling, Eobard recruits Uka Uka into the syndicate of past villains. He agrees to work The Joker and Thawne to bring his down his old enemies. When brought to Thawne.

Joker sends Uka Uka to help Chryasatlis in their invasion of Equestria, they manage to slaughter quiet a few ponies giving Chrysatlis move power increasing her strength and they work to keep enslaving thought they are set back a bit by Uni Kitty and her friends intervention. Uka Uka stills get to cripple a bit of the resistance thankfully for the legion.

Uka Uka is the one responsible for the teams being separated and attempts to hinder the teams as he goes along and even when the heroes get back together, he attempts to kill them all. But he actually is slain himself as he finds his soul being stolen and consumed by someone.

Allies: Brother Blood, Tarus Bulba, Eddy;s Brother, Blackfire, Nigel, The Chameleon, The Supression Squad

Enemies: Eddy, Bender, Skipper, Negaduck, Starfire, Lara Su, Jorgen Von Strangle, Jimmy Neutron, Scrouge the Hedgehog, Finn, Django of the Dead, Ice King, Marceline, Dr.Nefarious, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades, The Z Force, Morecdai and Rigby, Lizbeth, Boomer, Nina Cortex, Dr.Cortex, Crash and Coco Bandicoot, Axel, Scorpion, Subzero, Smoke

Possible enemies should he return: Lien Da, Hans the Puffin, Noob


Uka Uka is notable for being the first villain that The V Team personally faced themselves

He also is the first rogue of Bender and The B Team's personal rogue gallery