Dormammu MvsC3-FTW

The Bride King's upcoming project for summer 2012. It's a spin off to Legend of Multi-Universe. It won't have much to do with smash up but showing the quest to defeat Dormammu. The stroy takes place when Tuxedo and Gabriel got sense of great humor. It took place on planet Earth.


Tuxedo had a life of his retirment. He invited Gabriel and Oswald to visit. Oswald accedently tiped over the propane into the fire place. his house was on fire. He and Gabriel are trying to find the way out, but Tuxedo swipted the fire with his bast of wind. Hours later they are both bored. Pit came in to report gabiel that his daughters were kidnapped. Gabreil rehired Tidus and Zidane on the mission.

Pterano and his henchmen took thier hostage and locked them up in the Abandooned Prison. At the abandoned prison, Gabriel along with Tuxedo, Tidus, and Zidane. Tuxedo spotted Terra laying uoconscience. Tuxedo, Gabriel, Tidus, and Zidane (with a help from Terra.) rescued Thier kids. Rinkus and Sierra sent the skelaton army to kill them. Tuxedo and the others escaped. Meanwhile in Skull Rock, Xigbar was meditating about how righteous Adolf Hitler was, and how he had cryogenically frozen his corpse. Soon, Rinkus and Sierra hands over the cure they had found for their Führer. Unfortunately, the revival is less than spectacular. A dark figure is then seen flying away from the carnage.

Back in Tuxedo's House, Tuxedo and Gabriel are watching Mexican Football. Hitler, walking in, destroys theMagic Mirror and exclaims his dominance over the Tonmen. A sentimantal Tuxedo starts fighting Hitler with Gabriel. The two are overpowered, however, as Hitler's power level is over 9000. Right as it looks like Tuxedo Lovelace and Gabriel Haywood would get killed, Shadow Queen,Tuxedo's first wife, took Hitler and Xigbar as prisoner under her skirt.


Note: It's all done for now.


Main Characters: Theodore Lovelace, The Shadow Queen, Gabriel Haywood.

Villains: Dormammu, Horned King, Charmcaster, Zak Monday, Black Knight, Valvatorez, Chaos, Kuja, Vlad Bender, Valvatorez, Scar, Zira, Selvaria Bles, Creeper

Reccurring Characters: Samantha Lovelace,Terra, Stacy Hirano , Demyx, Xigbar and the rest of Elements Empire members.

Major Characters: Dark Gabriel, Ivy, Gatomon, Oswald the Black Knight, Xaldin , Amy Haywood, Emily Haywood, Jenny Haywood, Rebecca Haywood,

Minor Characters: Pit, Tidus , Zidane , Toph, Rapheal Lovelace, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,

Cameo Characters: Johnathan Tangelo, Emperor X and some of Elements Empire members.


  • This summer project is avalibe on Devaintart.
  • Johnathan Tangelo and Emperor X are the only characters who made camoe apearence in chapter thirteen.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a star guest of This seriese.
  • This is a first series that Gabriel Haywood had a sense of humor.

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