Trevor cara3
Trevor Phillips is one of the main characters from Grand Theft Auto Universe.

Voiced by: Steven Ogg

The P Team Storyline

The Wrath of God of War

Trevor debuted as an anti hero ally to his fellow heroes.

Meister of War

Trevor returns with the heroes against  Zeus and the other villains.


Trevor returns alongside some of Action Crusaders members to fight the villains. He will also meet his 'friendly robot" Bender, and the others. Bender and Trevor are going to argue over a beer and many weapons.

The B Team Storyline

Future Warfare

Trevor first appear in Book Four assist the Sentinel Task Force by killing a pilot of a hostile Warbird and distracting Nightmare Rarity.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion Chronicles

Trevor will appear in the series and will force The Dazzlings to work for him for disrupting Twilight SparkleSunset Shimmer, and Agent Michigan's connection with their friends as well as messing up his own business endevors.

Fire Rebellion Halloween Special

Street Speedsters

Between Street Speedsters and Season 8

After the events of Season 5, CIA Agent Rachel Kane was ordered to arrange a Target Dossier of Trevor. In year 2035, The Knights of the Just decided not to send anyone that Trevor knew, and therefor sent John Taylor and Isaac Briggs to assassinate him.