Toffee is the true main antagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil and the series. Toffee is very serious, and is far more threatening and competent than Ludo or his minions. He is a lizardman with the dress style of Patrick Bateman.

He has a history with Star's Mother and Queen Butterfly despises him because he murdered her mother.


Toffee appears as one of the four grand masters of the Legion of Past, Present and Future Evil where he is allied with Eobard Thawne, Deathstroke and The Joker in their grand plans. He is ranked only slightly below Deathstroke and Joker who lead the old and new villains meaning he has command over the legion other than the trio.

Toffee was one of the first recurits by Eobard Thawne who brought him in alongside The Joker and Deathstroke who all joined to achieve what they sought. Toffee soughts revenge on The Butterfly Family and to destroy magic, in his allaince. He is then seen spying on Bender and his friends with his spy camera as his assignment from Thawne. Toffee then goes with The Joker and Eobard to attack Slade's forces and is the one who led the attack on the ensemble while the two ambush Slade, he also got in contact with Deathstroke who has been recuriting the forces.

Toffee, The Joker, Thawne and Deathstorke all discuss their plans after Deathstroke returns from his recuritment to infrom the now formed legion of their plans. Toffee brings everybody in and isn't assigned to either side of Thawne's group while the other two lead their own groups as he gets Thawne the cromoskimmer.

Toffee joins Thawne in going back to 2010 and works alongside The Joker per Thawne's instructions to after Slade when he arrives, Since Thawne feels Joker is too unstable and that killing Bender or Slade now means they put their own goal at risk. He Accompanies The Joker and his team and navigates them through Slade's old lair to lead an attack. Toffee next schemes with Thawne to use Rick to find the Vortex Regulator which both him and Thawne follow him and the others as soon as they find it. He and Thawne get interfered by JImmy and the others, though Toffee takes some rocks of his own and presents them to Thawne, Deathstroke and The Joker believing they can make their own vortex regulator hands for their  own compass or amulet while trying to get the real pieces. He also helps Darkwarrior capture and arrest Slade for his crimes. He is next seen discussing the results of Deathstroke's plan against Slade's Ensemble, then meets with Thawne, Deathstroke and Joker as they arrange their next plan to steal the power/magic of Disney to keep Bender and Slade from getting it and to awaken some forgotten Disney Villains to help them

Toffee travels with Thawne and The Joker to the well with Darkwarrior Duck and Tarus Bulba leading them and manages to arrive there at the same time as the heroes. He manages to awake some forgotten Disney Villains in NOS-4A2 and Mandarin to assist them in their war. This is also where he meets Star and Marco once again as they joined Bender and Skipper.

He Took Majin Buu out of his current timeline due to a break in time. At Toffee's own little hideout, Thawne tells Toffee that he expects the replica of the amulet to be made and complete like the old one. Toffee reassures Eobard, he will just that and that Thawne shouldn't worry. Eobard admits he isn't, he just says that he wants a backup plan incase Bender doesn't give it to them and loses from them. Mandarin and NOS-4A2 afterward enter with news that they have seeked out someone new, to join them. Toffee is curious who it is but Mandarin having searched the guide of dangerous and mysterious multiverse beings tell him that they must find the right time to bring in this one, which NOS-4A2 says will be done.

The Flying Dutchman manages to bring his ghost ship up to take the team to where Toffee is currently residing. Toffee has expected their arrival and this is when Celes approachs him and threatens him to send Buu back to his timeline. Toffee just sics NOS-4A2 on her and Mandarin joins with Leonard and Lisa working against them both with their guns respectively. Thawne then speeds in once again and brings an attack on Slade and the rest. Toffee uses this to make his getaway as he informs Thawne, that he better not get carried away since The Time Wraiths are still after him.

Thawne and Toffee make sure to go find the other legends. Toffee also takes NOS-4A2 and Mandarin with him as he mentions that they must find an another ally to their cause which Mandarin wonders who as does NOS-4A2 but Toffee is pretty sure who it is.

Toffee keeping his eyes on the Legends is one to note what's he hearing and decides to give the info over to Thawne or Deathstroke as Both of them are very knowledable, he also checks his own device in tracking a future ally for him and his trio.

Upon stopping in a cave, Grovyle and Kyle are still awake at night and decide to search for the time gear themselves. The Two of them go further into the cave using Kyle's magic as a light while Grovyle leads the way using his senses to notice any danger.  Kyle asks about the gears and Grovyle reveals there are 5 Time Gears and that he is collecting them to keep time from splitting further and that he has 1. After a bit of talking, the two find the gear and before Grovyle gets it . NOS-4A2 emerges out of the shadows and tries to bite Grovyle with Kyle planning to attack him where Mandarin ambushes him and grabs him with Toffee emering there congratluating them for finding the Time Gear and that using them was the key. Toffee takes the Gear for himself and searachs Grovyle's pocket taking the 2nd one.

As Toffee, Mandarin and NOS-4A2 go together they take the time gears and Toffee presents them to Thawne. Thawne pleased with this and speeds off and puts them back in the base, deciding to keep Grovyle from this.

Toffee, Mandarin, Thawne and NOS-4A2 all observe the Time Gears and believe they will have to wait for the 3rd one to show it's self. Toffee also decides to send NOS-4A2 on a personal Mission.

Toffee takes a backseat as he undercovers more of the spear without attacking anyone and is eavesdropped on Ford and Lydia, where they discover some of his plans. Toffee recruits Rodney to help him, Mandarin and NOS-4A2 with their plan which Toffee has made for a master he has aligned himself. When The Titans minus Starfire find out about this, Toffee has his 3 partners kill them to make sure his tracks are covered. He also goes with Deathstroke, Joker and Thawne to kill Alchemy and Scott. After fighting Star and Marco a few more times

Toffee leads the team throughout their missions when Joker and Deathstroke don't and manages to acquire a few part of the spear of destiny. Toffee uses simple plans to get what he wants and keeps himself quiet. Through Toffee's strategies, the Legion gets the spear of destiny and Toffee grabs it with his 3 partners. Toffee has Star and Marco in his own room as trophies, mounted to his wall, Toffee reveals he left Her mother live as cruel mercy and just leaves, Joker notices that he is calm of Deathstroke betraying the legion. Toffee leads the legion in his general plans with Thawne and Joker to defeat the heroes. Toffee does not attack anyone and finds The Legion's followers and advises them and they question him and what he wants out of the legion. Marie shows up next to him, revealing her death was something Toffee set up and that they are getting close to the time of awakening.

Toffee and The Joker find Thawne and trap the enemies, where Toffee betrays Thawne and The Joker and unleashes his master Bill Cipher through Marie who hosted him and his other henchmen by smashing the rift Lydia got from Ford. Toffee has Thawne killed through Black Flash and then kills Joker when he steals dip from Joker and makes a dip bomb and kills Joker with it after Bill rearranges Joker's face. Toffee reveals that Alchemy/Marie got her powers from him having manipulated the timeline through giving the Philosopher's Stone and then writing a prognosis to have Marie be the chosen vessel for Bill, which she accepts.

Toffee nearly kills the characters but is stopped. Toffee enters the castle with the other followers and reveals Thawne and Joker's deaths at Deathstroke's hands and that Toffee will take over to defeat the others. He, NOS-4A2 and Mandarin go to Bill and Toffee tells Cipher that he has kept the others out of the dark about Bill Cipher and they will start right way

Toffee invades Disney Castle with NOS-4A2 and Mandarin and takes over as king of Disney, with Bill raising his own castle for himself. Bill Cipher and him take the matters to destory most potential hideouts for the heroes to make sure they lose. Toffee however notes that the heroes will find a hideout and friends eventually, He also decides to keep his eye on them.

He realizes that many of the heroes are on Mewni and Toffee realizes he can destory the Magic Comission and take revenge on Moon. He and NOS-4A2 collect a magic amulet from Bill so Toffee can take matters in his own hands while the army attacks Mewni. Toffee sneak in during the battle and equips his amulet and with the energy vampire he paralyzes Moon and then the Magic Comission fights Toffee but Toffee easily over powers them and then Moon goes to battle her old enemy, in which Toffee still has a easy upperhand against Moon.  Toffee then impales Moon with a magic saber killing her and then does the same with every other member of the comission. Deathstroke and Guzma show up and Toffee coldly states that they're gone and it's their fault. Toffee walks out satisfied that he destroyed Mewni's royalty.

Toffee gets back to Cipher announcing his succees but points out that it's time to get the spear and that he has a way through using Starfire and Marceline. But Bill believes Lydia is the answer to this due to what he knows and Toffee threatens the team and tries to blackmail Lydia to hand him the spear or he kills Starfire and Marceline.

Refusing, Lydia goes after him and Bill Cipher. Skipper, Deathstroke and Bender all proceed to take on Toffee in 2 phases with Toffee being victorius in the 1st one and he blasted to bones and goo upon the 2nd round, but not before nearly killing Lydia with Bill's assistance as he left to kill her for the spear.

Toffee arrives on Deathstroke's door saying that he won't be defeated that the three do not make the plans and he does and that only he know how it all turn out when Slade, Anti Cosmo and Heloise drop pillars on Toffee saying "It turns out you're dead"

Friends: The Legion of Past,Present and Future Evil, Nos-4A2, Mandarin, Bill Cipher, Rodney, Marie/Alchemy,

Enemies: Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Moon Butterfly, The Council of Magic, Ludo, Bullfrog, Bender, Skipper, The B Team, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Slade's Ensemble, Eobard Thawne, Deathstroke, The Joker

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