Vault 111 door opened
Encryption #90-34-87-29

Commence operation directed To Vault 111

The fallout shelter is located within a ruin suburb of Boston

Date: 09:00Hrs Nov 22nd 2065

(Freeze enters Vault 111 from the front entrance.)

Freeze: (Thinking) Okay. I'm in the vault. Izzy should be here.

(Freeze walks towards the leasure areas and then the cryotubes. All of a sudden...)

???: Super shocker!

(Freeze dashes away.)

Freeze: Whoa! Tentomon! Friendly!

Tentomon: Sorry. I'm kinda jumpy right now.

Izzy: We ran into a problem, here. Looks like the RDV are after us.

Freeze: The RDV? What are they doing here?

(A door is heard.)

RDV Soldier: Alright. Find the kid and his Digimon! Makarov wants them dead!

Freeze: Wait. The RDV is working with Makarov? (To Izzy) Quick! Hide!

(The three hide behind cover.)

Freeze: Stay behind me.

(An RDV soldier arrives. Freeze kills him from behind and then hides the body. The trio leaves the area.)

Freeze: Kane, RDV forces have enter the vault. Be advised: they allied themselves with Makarov. (Nothing) Kane, do you read?

Izzy: We're meters in the ground and the walls are too thick. I don't think anyone's gonna get any transmissions.

(Freeze takes out another RDV soldier. They continue on. All of a sudden the door opens infront of them from serveral yards away.)

Freeze: Shit! Juggernaut!!

(The three hide as a heavily armored Juggernaut enters and starts shooting. As the Juggernaut gets closer, he is shot several time and killed by Kane.)

Kane: You boys okay back there?

Izzy: Thanks to you, Kane.

Kane: I saw the RDV enter the vault. I figured I'd come and help.

(The four exit the vault.)

Freeze: Infinity, Izzy and Tentomon are in one piece. Requesting extraction.

Sunset: Got it. On my way.

Freeze: Thanks, Sunset.

(The team enters Sanctuary Hills and sees several enemies at the LZ.)

Freeze: Shit!

Sunset: I'm picking up RDV and Makarov's men. I can't land there!

Freeze: Circle back around! We'll clear the LZ.

Sunset: Freeze, please don't do anything stupid!

(Tentomon digivolves into Kabuterimon. The team attacks the enemies. However, a Portable EMP goes off, causing Kabuterimon to dedigivole.)

RDV: Weapons down! All of you!

Izzy: We're dead if you do.

Freeze: Trust me. We're dead if we don't.

(All of a sudden, sniper and SAW fire eliminates the remaining RDV and Inner Circle forces.)

???: Thought you could use the help.

(The mysterious individual uncloaks, revealing to be Locus.)

Freeze: Locus?

Locus: Call Sunset Shimmer and get Izzy back to Japan. You have a terrorist to stop. (Cloaks)

Freeze: That's... strange.

Kane: He has a point. Get a hold of Sunset.

Freeze: On it. (calls Sunset) Sunset, bring the VTOL back around.

(Sunset arrives and the team leaves. Locus is looking fro afar while the sun is setting in the background.)


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