Theo Galvan
Theodore "Theo" Dumas (later Galavan) is the main antagonist of the first half of the second season in the TV series Gotham, who made his debut at the beginning of the season alongside his sister Tabitha. After arriving at Gotham City, he quickly manages to become the city's mayor through manipulation, deception and blackmail.

While seen as a savior in the eyes of the public, he in truth plans to destroy the Wayne Family and their legacy, as his ancestors were driven out of the city by them two centuries ago.

His actions eventually bring Jim Gordon and Penguin to combine forces which leads to Galavan's death by the hands of Gordon.

He is played by James Frain who also played Franklin Mott, Eric Renard and Reyes


He is brought in by Thane as Azarel and works under Deathstroke and his associates. He is first seen working alongside Theo, Mark and Jasper in their plan to take Steven and Connie by suprise on Deathstroke's orders. They Attack and eventually get the drop on the team until Jorgen Von Strangle arrives out of nowhere and saves them


In Azrael form