The V Team is a villains team led by Eddy from the show Ed,Edd and Eddy they intitally appeared as villains
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but in recent time they have stepped into anti hero territory joining forces with the good guys against other villains while listening to their superior and recruiter Slade,. They have appeared in many stories as part of Slade's team in The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back, They starred in The V Team Island Adventure and allied with a rival of theirs, Bender against Uka Uka, Bender declared them all honorary members of the team and they worked together again against MD and Darkwarrior

Eddy, Fiona, Lara, Wave and Lien Da all returned for a new adventure called Totally Mobian Spies where they once again joined forces with Bender, Skipper and the rest of their merry men to combat the very first main female villain known as Iron Queen

Allies: Slade's Ensemble , The B Team, W.H.O.O.P Agency

Enemies: The Joker's forces, Uka Uka's forces, The Nightosphere Empire, Iron Queen's Syndicate

Current Members




Scrouge the Hedgehog




Fiona Fox

Lara Su

Crash Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

Lien Da


Ixis Nagus






Former Members

Zim (Was kicked out)

Nina Cortex (Joined the heroes)

Dr.Eggman (killed)

Bushroot (killed)

Liquidator (killed)

Bokkun (Quitting)

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