Vlad (IV)
Encryption #95-28-44-92

The Shadow 5 have been taken hostage by the RDV

RDV location tracked to Hove Beach at the former Faustin residence

Date: 05:00Hrs Nov 25th 2065

(The team's VTOL drops them off.)

Freeze: Kane, we're at the AO. Engaging hostiles!

Kane: Understood. And Agent Michigan, Luna says she loves you.

Mich: Understood, Kane.

Freeze: FILSS, activate DNI Tactical Mode.

FILSS: Tactical Mode Online.

(The team's Tactical Mode is shown. They see yellow and red markers on the ground in front of them.)

Mich: Killzone! We need to go around!

(The team goes around the killzone. Taylor goes above while Mich and Freeze runs the walls on their sides that they've taken.)

Mich: Keep pushing! We're running on borrowed time!

(An RPG soldier is seen from afar aiming at the heroes. Fortunately, Cal snipes the RPG team.)

Cal: They were about to get you with an RPG! You good?!

Freeze: We're good!

(The team enters the house and clear it from hostiles. They reach the basement and see the Shadow 4 and Dean Cadance tied up.)

Mich: I'll get them untied.

???: Glad you could make it.

(Vlad enters)

Mich: Oh hi, Vlad. (Points his MR6 at him.)

Freeze: You're not leaving here alive, Vladdy Boy!

Vlad: Try me! Makarov will hear about this! The RDV and his Ultranationalists have been as close as brother!

(Vlad runs off.)

Mich: I'll free them! You two get Vlad!!

(Freeze and Taylor run after Vlad. They chase him to the beach. Freeze tackles then executes him.)

Freeze: He's down!!

(Freeze pulls out a PDA from Vlad's pocket and interfaces with it.)

Taylor: What did you find?

Freeze: Makarov's location. He's headed for Highton View Terrace.


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