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The Rogues







Tomas Sev

S-Class Mages

Katarina Couteau
Imperia Deamonne
Asuha Chigusa
Jellal Fernandes
Yuuji Kazami
Isis Maxwell
Lucas Kellan
Kotori Itsuka
Azul Jissele
Atala Arck
Shigure Yukimi
Jin Kisaragi
Mana Takamiya
Kyouhei Kannazuki
Shido Itsuka
Saeko Busujima
Tohka Yatogami
Sephiria Arks KnightWalker
Yuuchiro Hyakuya
Elliot Baldwin Woodman
Karen Nora Mathers
Lucy Sheev KnightWalker
Elesis Du Tirial
Miku Hatsune
Miku Izayoi
Rentaro Satomi
Celica Arfonia
Alisa Ray Peram Westcott
Maria Arzonia
Matt Butcher
Yuri Barnes
Bismarck Bodewig
Kurumi Tokisaki
Roy Mustang
Gaius Phoenix
Cole Macgrath
Nu Wa
Siver Keis
Reine Murasame


Anti-Heroic Group, Former Military, Tragic Martyr, Revolutionary Fighters, Defenders, Aggressive Anti-Warmongering Organization, Assassins Pacifists, Protectors of Earth, Anti-Fascism Pact, Freedom Fighters, Well-Intentioned Vigilantes, Peace Seekers


Fraxinus, Prime Earth, Tenguu City, Australia, Los Santos, Liberty City

"I don't believe in war as a solution to any kind of conflict, nor do I believe in heroism on the battlefield because I have never seen any. That's why we became trash of society, killing people for the sake of others, killing parents to rescue an orphan child on the middle of the battlefield, killing people who were forced to fight for the KnightWalkers... They can curse us, kick us, humiliate us, but we will do nothing because we choose this path of blood, we're trash of mankind. If the world wants the end of the human race, we will go against it and fight for what we think it is right. If all humans are doomed to die, let them kill themselves, only then the future generations will learn from our mistakes. Do you think a wolf will be satisfied eating glass? A shark will be happy if he does not eat whales? Let people be what they want, not even Gods has right to interfere on their lives. Now, let's start our cleanup... Do you know why are trash? Because we don't want pure people getting their hands dirty by fighting piece of shits like yourself!"
— Tomas Sev to Travon

"I have no friends... I have a family."
— Lucas Kellan

The Rogues, also known as Thunder God Pact or Earth's Greatest Defenders is a team of heroic fighters composed fully of anti-heroes and former antagonists. They are the main protagonist heroic faction of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: A Draw of Kings alongside Alliance of Freedom on the second half of the storyline. The Rogues is one of the covert divisions of the Ratatoskr on Prime Earth and consequently a sub-faction of New Conglomerate that fights the strongest villainous organizations and opponents that can truly wipe out all life on an universe such as Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant or villains that are considered S+Class Danger.

The Rogues was a special Police Squad made to combat Order of Terror and KnightWalker Family on Earth after the battle of Aldegyr Kingdom, which gathered the strongest human warriors of earth and curb criminal activity in the planet at the behest of Kotori Itsuka while the Ratatoskr offered full support to their activities. Led by Tomas Sev, who is the most skilled leader, the unit was solely made up of energy users or Artificial Demon Gear's users pulled from various departments or divisions in of Global Pact Defense military, nations of the world and from KnightWalker Alliance. Later, in the story, the team started to grow and more people joined the organization to fight against The Fallen's Essence and Eckidina KnightWalker, who threatened all life on the planet and later the organization joined the Multi-Universal Defense Forces alongside thousands, if not millions, of sub-factions to fight against Balam Alliance.

Most of the members are former soldiers from ISA, VSA, Global Pact Defense and KnightWalker Funeral Parlor but later even people from The Revelation of QliphothEclipse of HermesManufacturing Progressive SciencesKnightWalker FamilyTriggers Hell and Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire joined the group to pay for their sins for working with their former leaders. The team was originally named by Jellal Fernandes when La Folia's Rescue Team arrived in Aldegyr Kingdom to save La Folia Rihavein from Kanon Rihavein, her megalomaniac twin sister, that sought to kill her to gain the throne of Aldegyr. When they were teleported to the future during the events of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc: Madness Sub Arc, the Rogues became legendary heroes that banded together with mankind and fought Ara Astaroth and Astaroth Empire. When all life was on the brink of destruction, the Rogues appeared. Recognized by their good deeds, especially when they were the one who defeated one of the most dangerous and cruel enemy (Ara Astaroth) of Reality Council, if not the Multi-Universe itself, they were summoned to fight against Balam Alliance.

They are also the strongest Guild in the Prime Earth. The name of Rogues represents a sense of adventure for one to be able to discover more about mysteries and fate. After the end of Cataclysmatic War, 30 years later, they were disbanded following its war with Raven Tail Empire when everyone decided to follow their own path and live a peaceful life, but it was revived and recreated 5,000,000,000 years later when Yato Stinger decided to recreate the Destiny Team, also known as Wolf Pack Squad, which continued the Rogues' legacy by fighting the new generation of Dark Empires.

Throughout the history, there are millions of groups that fought for the freedom, nevertheless, the Rogues belonged to a line of a unique group that was reincarnated through the generations. The first group of "Rogues" that was created, was to more than 930,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years ago, whose name was Daggerfall, in which was a group created by ExKrieg, the first Abyssal Punisher that fought against The Fallen I and his empire. Later, after it was disbanded, countless groups that was the very essence of Daggerfall appeared throughout the history to fight against tyranny; the Rogues were one of them.


The Rogues are composed of many people with different type of powers, such as magi-tech, magic, alien energy, sentient forces, spiritual users and even nature elemental users. Because of that, Ratatoskr and the leaders divided their forces in 3 divisions to fight different enemy forces. Above all, thanks to their differences, beliefs and culture, all of them have differences and will often get into fights like when Isis Maxwell, Gravik and Maeve (from Magi-Tech side) tried to attack Katya, Gaius Phoenix and Kruls (from Magic Side) so to avoid such things, they were split in three different factions while serving one in general, who is obviously the Rogues.

Magi-Tech Side - Black Walkers


The Black Walkers are most composed of people who use Magi-Tech as weapons and alien energies such as Katarina Couteau. At least half of them are planetary outlaws and former soldiers of KnightWalker Family and Global Pact Defense who have teamed together to protect the world from catastrophic threats that is related to the use of technology and magic at the same time, such as Order of Terror. They're the most recognized group in the factions because of many of them were once war heroes who fight against KnightWalker Family in Cold War III and World War III. The group is also composed by AD weapons' users such as Shigure Yukimi.

The huge and insane standard power level of the Black Walkers is 5,000,000,000 once people like Aryana Westcott and Hazama stepped on the Prime Earth and proved to be a threat to an entire universe.

Magic Side - The Templars


People who belongs to Magic Side, such as witches, magicians, Spirits often start operations against magical creatures and was created for the sole purpose of protecting the Spiritual World from unholy beings, demons, vampires, and other biblical or even mystical creatures. The Templars are the only ones who will actually concern them selves with doing good and protecting the common-man from the creatures that go bump in the night. The Templars also are the only ones who still start operations against demonic and heretic organizations like Leohart's Cult.

Unlike normal magicians that only use magic across the history, all members of the Templars have a extremely huge power level above 2,000,000,000 (planetary-destruction power level) to fight and overthrow powerful entities like Heis and Black God.

Tech Side - Judgment


Judgment is an organization of the science side responsible for the creation technological devices such as laser weapons, ships and vehicles to support Ratatoskr and at the same time fight on the front lines against enemies like Cyborgs, robots, bio-technological weapons and scientific plagues. It is a military organization and volunteer law enforcement agency that is tasked with maintaining order and stability on the world of science, keeping an eye on all affiliated organizations to Ratatoskr to prevent violations of laws and rights. It's a police agency comprised entirely of scientists, doctors and normal humans.

Despite it's an organization created mostly to take care of the Rogues' organization, villains like B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 and The Fallen will often react to their security and send powerful attacks. Because of cruel and powerful people related to their side, the standard power level of warriors of Judgment is 10,000,000,000 as well as 900+ IQ to fight against hackers and intelligent masterminds of DEM Empire.


The Volunteer Army

The first descendant of the Rogues was born 930,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years ago when the Fallen I first appeared on the Multi-Universe and used his position as Emperor of the Abyssals to conquer the Multi-Universe. The group was founded by ExKrieg, the first ExKrieg or Abyssal Punisher to exist. Their were known as Volunteer Army but later legends about them were created and their name changed to Daggerfall and were known as one of the first heroic factions of the history and the first heroic faction composed of mortals win against a deadly enemy that had powers to destroy entire solar systems.

The team was composed of only 5 people, each one of them were victims of the Fallen's Empire and trained hard for decades to take him down. After their deadly battle against Fallen, the members disbanded the group to enjoy their new lives. It took not so long, 9,000 years later, another group with the same essence of Daggerfall to exist, their names were the Pact and were composed of 9 people to take down the Heavy Metal Empire a dark empire that ceased to exist once the group managed to start a rebellion on the empire. Throughout history, millions of groups similar to Daggerfall existed to fight different organizations in many eras. Nowadays, the Rogues are their new successor.



Kanon Rihavein, the person who indirectly created the Rogues

The Rogues came to existence trillion of years later after Daggerfall was disband. The group started on Prime Earth when Kanon Rihavein, the evil twin sister of La Folia Rihavein kidnapped her under the order of the Fallen's Essence to execute her in public to officially make her the queen of Aldegyr Kingdom,

When Tomas and Lucas from ISA and VSA were fighting on World War III in China against Novosic Kingdom they immediately left the battlefield to save La Folia, disobeying orders and becoming rogues by joining forces with Shigure Yukimi, Asuha Chigusa, Mana Takamiya and Katarina Couteau. On their way to Aldegyr Kingdom, they fought Brahman, the group of elite guards composed by Meta-Humans. 

During their battle, Jellal Fernandes officially named them as Rogues as they were no longer dogs of some organization and were fighting for their own now. The first members of the Rogues were Tomas Sev, Lucas Kellan, Shigure Yukimi, Katarina Couteau, Asuha Chigusa and Mana Takamiya once, this was decided when each one of them put their lives in danger to save La Folia from Kanon's grasp. When the battle of Aldegyr Kingdom was over, Tomas Sev officially formed the group and said they were going to work together from now on to defeat the Fallen's Essence and his allies while Ratatoskr was willing to support them. Despite the Rogues are a elite force of Ratatoskr, they never act in political fights and just go to action when a heinous individual appears to threat the security and order of the world.


All members of the Rogues were divided in different sections such as people who were expert in healing were put as Support Class to help the Warriors Class fight against enemy forces. This stupid and ironic idea came Katarina when she thought they were going to have many victories (to avoid that terrible and painful battle against Heis in Aldegyr Kingdom and the painful defeat of the Rogues against Unit-CM 130's mercenaries) if they decided to use their forces in different parts to split their energy in right positions, like a MOBA or MMORPG game.

Executive Staff

Warriors Class

  • Lucas Kellan - High-Defense warrior
  • Azul Jissele - High-Defense and strength warrior
  • Eve Fullbuster - High-Power level warrior
  • Gaius Phoenix - High-damage warrior
  • Mahesvara - High-damage and power level warrior
  • Katarina Couteau - High-damage and individual healer warrior
  • Elesis Du Tirial - High-defense and strength warrior
  • Alisa Ray Peram Westcott - High-speed warrior
  • Maria Arzonia - High-damage and speed warrior
  • Matt Butcher - High-damage and strength warrior

Defender Class

  • Mash - Shielder
  • Siver Keis - Heavy resistence
  • Philip - Heavy resistence and high-damage in area

Strategic Squad

  • Millian Gravik - Hacker
  • Asuna - Ground battle strategist
  • Sanada - Technological expert
  • Natsumi - Wise witch of light and dark magic
  • Lusamine - Wise biological scientist
  • Miku Hatsune - Air battle strategist
  • Jin Kisaragi - Naval battle strategist

Support Class

Flank Class

  • Atala Arck - Speedster assassin
  • Saeko Busujima - Speedster assassin
  • Mana Takamiya - Orbital striker
  • Shigure Yukimi - Stealth flanker
  • Yuuuji Kazami - Flank artillery
  • Yoshino - Ice speedster
  • Yamai Sisters - Air flanker
  • Karen Nora Mathers - Orbital striker
  • Mayuri - Long distance sniper-beam
  • Celica Arfonia - Supreme destroyer
  • Maeve - Speedster assassin
  • Isis Maxwell - Teleport flanker
  • Cole MacGrath - High individual damage

New Major Members (from Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc--forward)


Humans & Magi-Tech magicians



Fallen Angels

  • Raynare - Artificial Angel
  • Lucifer
  • Evelynn Astaroth


  • Dunkelheit




  • Jack the Freezer MV-III
  • EX-Fraxinus "Lord"


  • Grants





Sentient Living Beings - non humans


  • Nox
  • Nemesis
  • Jano
  • Ganesha
  • Discordia
  • Wáng Hongyu
  • Liz
  • Nu Wa

Artificial Demon Users

  • Mito Jujo
  • Sheishiro
  • Aoi Sangui
  • Corporal Nagai
  • Gwen


  • Darth Nagah
  • Darth Escuro
  • Darth Jaffar


Mankind's Builders

Ffvii advent children logo by eldi13-d4ddna3

Mankind's Builders was the organization responsable to rebuild what the World War III and the Apocalypse destroyed on Prime Earth. Lead by Kyouko Kirigiri the organization was composed by only 500 people and was the only government that kept order in the few survivors of mankind after Diabla's death. Since the Rogues were out of the planet fighting the Balam Alliance, Kyouko vowed to rebuild everything that it was destroyed and restart everything from 0 to lead mankind to a new future of peace. It can be said Mankind's Builders is the substitute of the Rogues once they weren't on Earth.

The Vessel Noxus


The Vessel Noxus is a heroic group within Alliance of Freedom's ranks that sought to fight the Brotherhood of the Abyss and Balam Alliance in different frontlines. The group is just one of the many heroic groups created to defend the omniverse in several battle fronts. The group is only formed by women while some groups were formed only by men depending on the standard of their power level. There are 15 members.

New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries


New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, Terran Republic also know as Republic of DEM Industries, Alliance to Restore the Peace, New DEM, DEM Alliance was the name of the multiuniversal government established by the Alliance of Democracy on 5th Multi-Universe to replace the corrupt fallen Deus.Ex.Machina. Industries Empire after the Final Battle of Multi-Universe Core. Like its predecessor on 5th Multi-Universe before DEM Empire, it was often simply referred to as the Republic; less often, it was referred to as the New Multi-Universal Republic or the Second Multi-Universal Republic.

La Nueva Familia de Arzonia


La Nueva Famillia de Arzonia (Spainish for The New Family of Arzonia), also simply known as the Arzonia Family and Los Familia de Arzonia, is a family lead by Maria Arzonia and operated as the central faction of the Catholic Rebels, deemed to take back the Catholic Church from the control of Michael Langdon and the Fallen Roman Catholic Church. The New Arzonia Family serves as a foil to Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (which turned evil when Felix Drake took over it). They wanted no authority above others and only bring freedom instead of management on people, and therefore it is purely Chaotic Good.

After the foundation of Manufacturing Progressive Sciences, Maria joined Ratatoskr, and her Family becomes an ally and sub-faction of the Rogues. After the World War III, the New Arzonia Family was de jure disbanded for some time due to Maria and Matt Butcher left for the past to apprehend Michael Langdon, but its inner spiritual meanings never ceased. After the destruction of Moloch, Maria and Matt returned back to their future era and rejoin the Rogues, rebuild the New Arzonia Family and fight against Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire.


Magi-Tech Side

Magic Side

Team Witness & Arzonia Family

Tech Side


  • 4023ca329b0b

    The Darkness, The Fallen's Essence, Darth Hades, Ara Astaroth and the Fallen

    Save the world from the Order of Terror;
  • Fight the New World Order;
  • Stop World War III;
  • End Norte Korea's dictatorship
  • End KnightWalker Family;
  • Destroy Godom Empire's imperialism
  • Destroy New Union Sovietic
  • Kill King Hamdo;
  • Kill Emperor Tathagata Killer;
  • Fight Revelation of Qliphoth;
  • Defeat Ara Astaroth;
  • Defeat the Fallen's Essence;
  • Kill Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant;
  • Wipe out all activities of Qliphoth on Earth;
  • Clean the Blackness from Earth;
  • Destroy Mafusa Gang;
  • Clean the sea from the Black Tar;
  • Prevent the Internet from becoming a Despair Network;
  • Banish Manufacturing Progressive Sciences from Earth;
  • Put an end to Era of Science;
  • Rebuild Earth from the ashes;
  • Stop the Balam Alliance from destroying the Multi-Univeser;
  • Kill Isaac Westcott and his allies;
  • Kill Leohart the Prince of Hell and his minions;
  • Kill Darth Hades and his slaves;
  • Destroy Sith Empire;
  • Destroy Triggers Hell;
  • Destroy DEM Empire;
  • Save the Core of the Multi-Universe;
  • Destroy Raven Empire;
  • Kill Fallen Hana;
  • Help the New Republic to offer help to destroyed planets

Theme Song

Battle Cry- Imagine Dragons Lyrics (CORRECT)

Battle Cry- Imagine Dragons Lyrics (CORRECT)



  • Originally, the Rogues were a group of anti heroes and outlaws that sought to defeat the KnightWalker Alliance without receiving orders from any superior faction but later Ratatoskr took this role. However, no matter what Kotori ordered to them, the Rogues only took part in a mission if they wanted.
  • Some members like Katarina Couteau, Lucas Kellan and Azul Jissele only joined the group because they wanted to use the members to achieve their goals in their quest for revenge but later the three started to develop feelings for the group and became official members of the group.
  • The Wolf Pack Squad are their futuristic version, or, their successors.
  • The Rogues' symbol is a Dragon which represents Ouroborus, a symbol of eternity, eternal and immortality.