The Red Guy is the Main Antagonist in the Show called Cow and Chicken and I.M Weasel. He is voiced by Charlie Adler. He gets the characters's species wrong calling Chicken a turkey or duck, Cow a horse or moose, and also calls I.M Weasel a gerbil or squirrel and Baboon a gorilla or orangutan.

History Before the Multi Universe Saga

Red is the Devil and he is the lowest of all the devils what with him being highly effeminate and over the top without doing much evil stuff since he is more of a jerk than a villain. He was once In Second Command in The Special Ultra Mega Awesomeness Fighting Squad, Led By Lord Willferd(K'nuckles's Deceased Enemy Number One) And the Other Villains(Charlie,Bill,Monkey Fighter, Doris, and Brittney). Are Also Deceased to. He joins forces with Vilgax and his alliegance to defeat Cow and Chicken and possibly I.M Weasel and I.R Babboon. But he has to settle for Cap Knuckles, The P Team, Bender and The B Team. Unfortantuly have many attempts he gets in trouble with Vilgax who threatens him to do better or he will dipose of the idiotic red devil.


  • He is the villainous comic relief.