Kim Possible + Ratchet and Clank

It's a crossover story written by Fanfictiondreamer, the author who wrote the Ultimate Story. It consists of the crossover between Kim Possible and Ratchet and Clank. The story contains the combined elements of both universes, such as characters, plots and even the unique quirky humor that both are very well known for.

The story itself began with Kim Possible: the Extremely Secret Files. The story was dreamed up by Fanfictiondreamer when she was 15. Her brother received a game for his PS2, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. The first time she watched it, she really became enthralled by it. She officially fell in love with the series after seeing a very quirky, funny scene that she really liked. Ever since then, she had really been into the game series.

As she kept watching it, a story formed in her head and, for some reason, came up with the idea to make a crossover with Kim Possible. She wasn't super into Kim Possible, she just liked it, so she felt that her mind knew that both universes would coincide with each other very well.

When she was writing the story, it was originally meant to be a private story, hence the name "Extremely Secret Files". But then, her brother started reading the story, so she stopped writing it and put it away in her cabinet drawer never believing that she would ever go back to it again.

However, she was curious about how the series progressed, so she decided to watch game plays of games that her brother couldn't get, let alone play, such as the Future segment of the series. After watching them, she developed a new love for the series and, because of a few traumatic incidences in her life, such as issues in the family, she was so enthralled in it that she decided to pull out her story that she stopped writing 10 years prior. It was also the right time for her to start writing it again considering that she was able to receive something that she needed: footage of the cut scenes in the games.

The stories, themselves are titled:

Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files which is based off of Going Commando

The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution which is based off of Up Your Arsenal

The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret which is based off of Tools of Destruction

The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time which is based off of A Crack in Time (while also containing some references from the Kim Possible movie: A Sitch in Time)

These are the only stories that were based off of Ratchet and Clank games. She has also written other stories from scratch based on her best impressions of both universes. One such story is titled:

The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic.

There are a few more to come.

Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files

The first of the Ratchet and Kim Possible crossover. It was originally supposed to be a private story, but she was she was so happy with this story that she couldn't keep it to herself, so she decided to share it with everyone.

The story starts out with Dr. Drakken and Shego, archenemies of Kim Possible, breaking into the space center where her dad, Dr. Possible works, to steal a top secret advanced space station, which is known as the Impossible Space Station of the Future, or the ISSF. Afterwards, they took it into space and someone wound up within a far-off galaxy within 2 hours; something no standard Earth spacecraft could ever do, which was the Solona Galaxy. Not too far from where they arrived, Ratchet and Clank, on their way to the Bogon Galaxy to fulfill what they needed to do there, took noticed of their arrival and had kept an eye on it ever since.

Back on Earth, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable was informed by her dad of the crime that happened the night before and set off into space to retrieve the space station. He told them that it was a dream of his that he had built in secret for years and intended to have Kim and Ron get it back. They boarded Dr. Possible's specially made space shuttle which somehow arrived in the Solana Galaxy. As soon as they arrived, Dr. Drakken attempted to annihilate them. He nearly came close to eradicating them, but then Ratchet, who was watching the entire epidemic take place, rushed out and saved Kim and Ron from Dr. Drakken's deathtrap. From there, Kim and Ron, after a brief exchange and introduction, decided to allow Ratchet and his friend Clank help them bring down Dr. Drakken.

As the time they spent together, both duos got to know each other. Ratchet and Clank even had a chance to meet Wade, a 10 year old super genius who worked for Kim and Ron. Also, from a few brief words, Kim and Ratchet began to develop a fascination with each other, from Ratchet calling off Ron and Wade for spacing out the same way that she would have, to Kim telling Ratchet and Clank of her double life as a teenage crime fighter. It soon enveloped into them becoming closer to each other which Ron and Clank took notice of. Kim even went as far as allowing Ratchet to call her by her real name: Kimberly, which he happily accepted.

However, before they could get the chance to confront Dr. Drakken and take him down, Dr. Drakken and Shego arrived and stole Dr. Possible's space shuttle. He intended to break it into pieces and hide the pieces away within another galaxy, which really set the group back. Regardless, Kim and Ron were still determined to get back Dr. Possible's space shuttle and take back with Ratchet and Clank still wanting to continue helping them out.

As they arrived in the Bogon Galaxy, Kim and Ratchet began to help each other out with their missions with Ron and Clank sitting out for the first part of their missions. As they continued on, they were able to discover the secrets behind the space shuttle and the mysteries behind the construction of the ISSF. Not only did they find out that both the ISSF and Dr. Possible's space shuttle consisted of alien technology, which was how they were able to arrive in another galaxy within a very, very short amount of time, but began to discover that there is a possible dark secret involving the construction of the space station, such as Dr. Possible being paid by a few mysterious men into building the space station, but there could be a dark and sinister nature to the whole thing that made Dr. Possible regret his decision overtime. There had also been a dark secret regarding Ratchet's mission when he was tricked into causing a terrible catastrophe within the Bogon Galaxy.

After the catastrophe with Bogon was resolved, Dr. Possible, shocked with discovering that his space station was planning on being used for something terrible, told his daughter and her friends to disregard his previous request to bring it back and destroy it. Before he could reveal anymore, he was taken hostage by a few shady men who used him to force Kim to bring the space station back. After the threatening message, Kim was so distraught by what was happening to her father that she couldn't even think straight. Ratchet helped to snap her out of her state by asking Wade to do whatever he could to rescue Dr. Possible and ensuring Kim that everything was going to be OK.

From there, Kim, Ratchet, Ron and Clank, returned to the ISSF where they fought into and through the space station to get to Drakken and Shego. As soon as they were able to reach them, Drakken revealed that the shady men that paid Dr. Possible to build his own space station to wipe out all life on Earth with a mega beam that they had built into the space station without Dr. Possible knowing about it. Kim, realizing that her own father was being used for this evil plan, became distraught again, but Ratchet snapped her out of her distraught state and reminded her that she still had a job to do. With that, Kim and her friends resolved to finish the job that they needed to do. Working together, they defeated Dr. Drakken and destroyed the space station, putting an end to a long mission. And with that, Kim and Ron returned to Earth along with Ratchet and Clank.

Returning to Earth, Clank turned Drakken and Shego over to Global Justice. Kim and Ron reunited with their families and Ratchet and Clank had a chance to meet everyone. Dr. Possible was especially happy to meet Ratchet in person for the first time. Also, he was so grateful for Ratchet helping out Kim, he gave the Lombax permission to date his daughter anytime, which both humorous denied that they intended to do. However the both of them, after having been reminded by Ron and Clank, began to realize their feelings for each other. Then Kim and Ratchet, with some encouragement from Ron as well as all of Kim's supporters, shared their first kiss.

Afterwards, Ratchet and Clank stayed on Earth for a week to get to know Kim and Ron's life, such as seeing Middleton High School, meeting the other Middleton High students, such as Kim's friend, Monique and the obnoxious and snobbish arch-rival of Kim, Bonnie, who unsurprisingly was disgusted to be meeting an alien. They also had the chance to visit places that Kim and Ron loved to visit such as Bueno Nacho, Club Banana and Smarty Mart. After the week was over, Ratchet and Clank returned to space with them remaining in touch with Kim and Ron ever since, but Kim and Ratchet looked forward to a day when they were to reunite in person.

Post ESF

During the past year after their adventure together, Kim and Ratchet had remained in touch with each other via portable screens curtsy of Wade. They would chat with each other a lot everyday. However, during this time, they decided to break off their close relationship and stayed friends, fearing that Kim would be ridiculed for being in an intimate relationship with an alien that's a different species from her. Around that time, she began dating her best friend, Ron as they became closer to each other.

Also, during this one year period, Dr. Possible went on to rebuild his ISSF with the help of Kim, Wade, his sons Jim and Tim and Ratchet and Clank even after they returned to the Bogon Galaxy.

The Solanian Revolution

A year after the events of the first book, Ratchet and Clank were living in an apartment building on Megapolis, a metropolis on a planet within the Bogon Galaxy. But when Ratchet saw on the news of his home planet, Veldin, being attacked by an alien race known as the Tyhrranoids, Ratchet decided to return to the Solana Galaxy to save it. With the use of the Gravimetric Warpdrive that he worked with Dr. Possible via the communicators, he and Clank made a speedy return to Solana to rescue the planet.

Upon their arrival, the Galactic Rangers, a group of robot fighters that tried to fight off the Tyrranoids, mistakes Ratchet for their new sergeant and offered him a few weapons to fight off the vicious alien race. After they fought off the invasion and saved Veldin, the duo meets with Galactic President Phyronix. A little afterwards, he received intel on a mysterious space station that appeared within the Solana Galaxy. When Ratchet and Clank took a look at it, they recognized the designs as the ISSF. The president asked them to check out the space station, which the duo happily obliged, hoping to see their friends again.

Upon arriving, they happily reunited with their friends, Kim and Ron as well as Dr. Possible, his wife, their sons Jim and Tim and Wade, who they were surprised to see was there in person. They had a chance to check out the space station, which they were impressed to see was built within an entire year, however, it still wasn't finished, yet. Kim announced to Ratchet that she and Ron are dating, which Ratchet seemed very ecstatic for, however, Clank was able to see through Ratchet's fake excitement. A little afterwards, they were contacted by the Galactic President, who informed the group of the perpetrator behind the attack on Veldin, an evil mastermind named Dr. Nefarious, and also mentioned to them about a legendary hero who was the only one to face off against Nefarious and lived. From recent intel, they were able to find out that this hero may have been spotted within the jungles of the planet Florana. Kim and Ron jumped into taking part in Ratchet and Clank's mission.

The group bid the Possibles and Wade farewell before leaving for their next assignment and made their way to Florana. Upon arriving, they searched the jungles until they found a familiar hulking creature who, to their surprise, was revealed to be Captain Qwark, someone they have busted during their previous adventure. After facing his challenges, they were able to bring him back to their ship where they received a transmission from a young woman named Sasha, Captain of a Starship known as the Phoenix. After a very brief conversation, she asked them to stop by the Phoenix to drop off Qwark and figure out how they would fix him.

Upon arriving at the Phoenix, Ratchet and Ron marveled at the ship then made their way to a room that Sasha had set up for them. They brought Qwark to a "living area" which was a small jungle-like setup behind some bars; a setup that Kim found to be perfect for Qwark. After expressing their dismay of Qwark being the hero who was needed to stop Nefarious, they met up with Sasha at the bridge, where she was trying to speak with the Galactic President as he was under attack. From there, the group and the Phoenix made their way to the planet he was on at the time, Marcadia.

As they arrived on Marcadia, the fought off the Tyhrranoid invasion and met the President in person. There, he informed the group that the city's laser shield is down and they needed to get it back up. With some help from Wade, they were able to make it through the Laser Defense Facility. There, they met a computer expert named Al who was using the facility to hack into and play a Qwark Vid-Comic, much to the dismay of the group. Regardless, they got the defense system back online but also took the Vid-Comic cartridge to restore Qwark's memories.

When they got back to the Phoenix, Ratchet played the vid-comic which helped to restore Qwark back to his old self, though the group wasn't exactly thrilled about it. Sasha then informed them of a special device that can enable the wearer to look and sound like a Tyhrranoid. It was a main prize at a battle arena and an extremely dangerous death course known as Annihilation Nation. Ron was terrified, but Ratchet and Kim didn't think anything of it.

As soon as they arrived at Annihilation Nation, Ron sat out of it while Kim and Ratchet went on to fight in the course. After they beat the course and the arena, they received the holographic device, however, it was broken, so they had it sent to Wade. From there, he tinkered with the device and was able to display a very realistic looking holographic image of a Tyhrranoid. Afterwards, Sasha informed the group that the President had put Captain Qwark in charge of bringing down Dr. Nefarious, much to annoyance of the group.

Immediately after they returned to the Phoenix, Captain Qwark started his new team's briefing, which he named the Q Force. He introduced his members of his team, Skidd McMarx, Al, whom the group just encountered on Marcadia and Helga. The team also included Skrunch, a monkey that Qwark befriended during his time on Florana. Qwark then planned to have Ratchet infiltrate Qwark secret base with was situated on the ocean floors of the planet Aquatos. Kim immediately jumped into wanting to help Ratchet out with the mission, much to Qwark's protests. Kim brushed off his protests and puts her foot down about helping her friend.

After viewing another idiotic Qwark vid-comic before departing and having an annoying conversion with the director of Clank's show, Secret Agent Clank, during their flight to Aquatos, they arrived at the base where Kim and Ratchet marveled at the underwater world. There, they met with Skidd who wanted to help out the group. Everyone but Ron was less than thrilled to have him around. However, Ron egged everyone else into accepting him, with Ratchet reluctantly accepting him. Ron praised Skidd, much to Ratchet's annoyance, with Kim pointing out that Skidd was more helpful towards them than Qwark just for being out in the field, with Ratchet wholeheartedly agreed on.

After making it through the lair with a little help from Skidd, he left them and they made their way to another part of the base where Clank separated from the group to work with the monkey. Kim, Ratchet and Ron got to work on navigating through the corridors of the base with the use of Wade's holographic Tyhrranoid. They arrived at Nefarious' office only to find Clank. They searched around the place, grabbed something to give to their friends and made their exit through the sewers where they ran into Lilo and Stitch again, still pursuing the Experiment that they were chasing after on Florana. With the help from the group, the duo were able to catch Experiment 597, who can produce crystals. It coated the entire sewers with crystals to which group was able to clear out. The crystals were confirmed to be worthless in monetary value, but Wade found their molecular structure to be very unique, so they had the crystals sent to him. They bid Lilo and Stitch farewell before leaving to return to the Phoenix.

Returning to the Phoenix, Qwark gave them very little consideration towards their efforts at the base and sent Ratchet on another dangerous mission. Outraged by Ratchet being sent out, Kim stepped up to say that she'll go with him despite Qwark's protests. They were sent to the home planet of the Tyhrranoids, Tyhrranosis, where they fought the vicious race. Qwark eventually came around, not to help with the fight, but rather take credit for all of their hard work, much to their annoyance. After returning from the invasion, they met Dr. Nefarious for the first time and traced his transmission to the Planet Daxx, where they found information about a weapon that he was constructing known as the Biobliterator. They also found a very disturbing music video made by the famous pop diva of Solana, Courtney Gears.

From some intel that they found about the Biobliterator, they made their way to the Obani Moon System, but didn't find much. They were then called to Blackwater City by the Galactic Rangers to help out with a battle against the Tyhrranoids. A little afterwards, they received information about Courtney Gears being at the Annihilation Nation, with one of the prizes being a chance to meet with her in person. When they did, she pushed off the others and went for Clank. He coerced her into telling her everything she knew about Dr. Nefarious in exchange for giving her a part in his TV show.

The group made their way to Holostar Studios, where Clank had to complete the mission by himself. Clank was able to meet with Courtney again, but instead of telling him everything she knew, she brought him to Dr. Nefarious. Meanwhile, the rest of the group waited for Clank to return, but were attack by the Tyhrranoids. They fought their way back to their ship where they ran into Clank, who was actually an impostor built by Dr. Nefarious. Ratchet was completely unaware of it, but Kim and Ron became suspicious of him. They received a transmission from Skidd, whom they left at the Obani Moon System. He was immediately nabbed by Courtney, so they made their way back to the moon system to help him.

They arrived at the final moon, Obani Draco, where they discovered that the Biobliterator can turn organic life forms into robots. They faced off against Courtney and received intel of the Leviathan, a large cruiser that "Clank" claimed that Nefarious was on. Along the way, "Clank" lied to Ron about why Kim wanted to date him, which greatly increased his suspicions towards "Clank". They arrived at the spaceport and met with Qwark and his monkey. They then infiltrated the Leviathan only to find that it was a deathtrap set up by Nefarious to eliminate them. The group was able to escape but Qwark was left behind, causing everyone to think that he's dead.

After a brief funeral was held, Ratchet received another vid-comic from Al and decided to play it to find out what Nefarious planned to do next. Ron told Kim of what "Clank" mentioned to him about their relationship, which also intensified her suspicions towards him. She had Wade set up a nasty little surprise for Wade before watching Ratchet play the new vid-comic. From that, Ratchet figured out that Nefarious planned to attack Metropolis on planet Kerwan. The group made their way towards Metropolis, having found that Nefarious is already attacking the city. During the trip through, Nefarious already sent out his Biobliterator, which turned the Tyhrranoids, and eventually the city's populous, into robots.

They eventually found Nefarious, to which Ratchet found out that the "Clank" that they met back with at Holostar Studios was an impostor and that the real Clank was being held by Nefarious, but Kim and Ron were already aware of that. Nefarious had the group fight against his Clank impostor, whom he named Klunk, then departed after Wade delivered to him a very nasty surprise. The group defeated Klunk and reunited with Clank for real.

They returned to the Phoenix to find that Nefarious has begun is vicious attack on the entire galaxy with his Biobliterator. The group realized that Qwark stayed behind on the Leviathan because he found "something important" that he wanted to get. They arrived at the crash site of the massive cruiser not only to find that he had retrieved a data chip, but also that Qwark survived the crash and ran off somewhere. They took the chip to Al to have it deciphered, then gave in a secret Qwark vid-comic that not even die hard fans of Qwark knew existed. From the vid-comic, they found out that he was actually afraid of Nefarious and never intended on facing off against him. He also had a secret hideout on the Thran Asteroid, so they made their way there.

As soon as they arrived at the frozen landscape, they fought their way through defense systems which confirmed that Qwark was, in fact, there. When they were able to find him, he expressed his apathy towards the situation that everyone was dealing with throughout the entire galaxy. The group left Qwark, disgusted by him not caring about citizens being forcefully turned into robots. However, Clank talked Qwark into stepping up to save the galaxy, as well as Kim, if only a little.

The group returned to their ship to find that the Phoenix was under attack, prompting the group to return and help out their friends. They returned to the massive starship and fought through the carnage to reach the bridge, where the crew took refuge. They were able to find out much about the Biobliterator, such as where it stops at to recharge: a base on the planet Koros while revealing that the Biobliterator plans to attack Veldin next, which greatly angered Ratchet.

The group arrived at Koros and made a plan to destroy the Biobliterator with the Ion Cannon. They fought through the base and had Clank take control of the Ion Cannon, to which he shot the Biobliterator out of the sky. They victory was short-lived as Sasha revealed that Nefarious has built a larger, much more powerful Biobliterator which was on the planet Mylon. The group left for the planet immediately.

Arriving on the planet, they fought through the area and gave chase to Dr. Nefarious and his new Biobliterator. They even came face to face with the maniacal scientist and fought him head on. Just then, the doctor warped into his Biobliterator which morphed into a massive mech. As they fought it, Qwark arrived and helped out with the fight. With the mech defeated, Nefarious warped out and was never seen again.

After the fight, many of Ratchet's friends and allies attended a premiere of the new Secret Agent Clank movie. Kim and Ron, however, chose to sit out of it as they promised to never watch any holo-films until Ratchet is to be casted in a better role. They both chatted about Kim's relationship with Ratchet. Ron tried to convinced her that it's OK to be in a relationship with Ratchet, but Kim wasn't sure and believed that Ratchet doesn't have feelings for her anymore.

Later on that day, Kim and Ron had Ratchet and Clank over at the ISSF to celebrate the victory against Dr. Nefarious. They spent some time chatting with family and friends until the humans were ready to return home. Ratchet watched from the Phoenix as the ISSF departed from their galaxy, with Ratchet looking forward to seeing Kim again while blurting out her real name.

The Lombax Secret

Some time later, Kim and Ron graduated from high school. They were still dating but for some reason, Ron was acting more childish than usual. To get away from the chaos of it all, Kim decided to spend some time with Ratchet and Clank. She hung out with them as they were building their rocket sled on a rooftop in Metropolis on the planet Kerwan. A little afterwards, they received a distress call from Qwark about some robot commandos that were attacking them, so Ratchet brought Kim and Clank with him as he took the rocket sled for a ride. It was a rough ride through the skies of the cities which ended with them crashing and falling. The group then made their way through the city on foot.

Making their way through, they ran into some of the commandos that Qwark told them about. They attacked the group constantly, trying to destroy them. As they continued through the city, they were bombarded by air crafts that were causing a ton of damage everywhere. They fought their way, realizing that the commandos were there for Ratchet. They soon came face-to-face with the leader of the commandos: a short alien creature named Percival Tachyon, who, for some reason, had a deep disdain towards Ratchet's race, the Lombaxes, and wanted to kill him. Before he got the chance, the group escaped and were sent to another galaxy.

When the group was put into a deep sleep, Clank had a dream of flying over an unknown city then encountering a mysterious robot who pointed him towards a building while saying "His past is inside."

They arrived on a planet named Cobalia where they met a shady smuggler who helped them out a little. They found out that they were in the Polaris Galaxy and that Tachyon owns the entire galaxy. They also found out that Ratchet's race, the Lombaxes, were the ones that eradicated Tachyon's race, the Cragmites, which was why Tachyon hated Lombaxes. Wade was able to confirm what the Smuggler told them about being in the Polaris Galaxy and about the Lombaxes being the ones responsible for the Cragmite's disappearance. He also told them that their friends and family back on Earth know that they're still alive and that Ron took a shuttle and is making his way towards Polaris. They were dropped off at a city named Stratus City on the planet Kortog. They continued fighting their way through the city as more and more of the commandos bombarded them.

Along the way, Clank spotted a few of the mysterious robots that he saw in his dreams, but Kim and Ratchet couldn't see them. Ratchet brushed off Clank encountering them as a malfunction while Kim was picking up on their reading. The robots them gave him an upgrade that enabled him to acquire of set of wings. He led Ratchet and Kim through the city and arrived at a place known as the Hall of Knowledge. After fighting their way through, the group discovered a planet named Fastoon which was said to be the Lombax planet. The group made their way towards the planet within an escape pod.

When they arrived, they found a deserted city and that the Lombaxes abandoned the planet years ago. Ratchet, however, found a broken down ship and was adamant about fixing it. With the help of his friends, including Wade, they were able to fix the ship. They then received a reading of a shuttle crashing on a far off planet named Murow. They got into the newly fixed ship and made their way for the planet.

While they were making their way through space, they had a chance to get to know the ship, who is named Aphelion. A little afterwards, they received a transmission from a robot pirate. Cap'n Slag, who demanded the group to hand him their ship or he will bombard them. Not wanting to give up a ship that they just fixed up and received, they fought the fierce pirate captain and his crew and continued on their way toward Murow without any more hesitations or delays.

As soon as they landed on Murow, they received a transmission from Qwark, telling them to meet him at an arena within the area as he has some secret intel that he wanted to share with them. They intend to make their way there, but after they find where the shuttle that Wade reported to them crashed. Upon finding it, they found out that it was one of Dr. Possible's special made spacecrafts. Not only that, but Ron and Rufus were in it. After Kim scolded Ron for being reckless again, he decided to tag along with them as they made their way towards the arena to meet with Qwark.

As they were making their way towards the arena, Ratchet, Kim and Clank told Ron about everything that had happened up to that point. Ron decided to continue traveling with the group from then on to help them out. The first thing he did was figure out a disguise for Ratchet as he was being hunted down by the Empire because he was a Lombax. What he came up with was a bandanna and a pair of sunglasses, to which Kim felt as though the disguise was used before.

Arriving at the arena, they found that Qwark was the announcer of the arena and was working with Tachyon. The group fought through the many challenges and was approached by Qwark. After Kim expressed her annoyance about Qwark working for the enemy again, he told them about his heroic (mainly pathetic) story of how he tried to "take down" the enemy forces and was brought to the galaxy, being forced to help out Tachyon. Ratchet pointed out his "forced allegiance" with Tachyon as him being a world-class suck up to save his own hide, to which Kim and Ron agreed on. From there, Qwark handed them a small device that would tell them everything that they needed to know. He was then called back by Tachyon to have his boils lanced, with which Qwark was terrified about. The group spent of few moments feeling sorry for Qwark then made their way back to their ship.

They arrived back at their new ship with Ron marveling at it for a brief moment. Ratchet switched on the back seats, to which both Ron and Clank sat in the back, leaving Kim to sit in the front with Ratchet. They played the small device to discover that Tachyon was looking for something known as the "Lombax Secret", to which he believed was on board a space station within the Nundac Asteroid Belt. With the first clue at hand, the group made their way for the asteroid belt.

Arriving at the space station, they received intel from Wade that the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer had been stolen and was taken to someplace within the Polaris Galaxy. With that in mind and knowing that the entire Universe could be put in great danger, the group were to keep their eye out on anything that may point them to where it could be. A little in, they met with the Smuggler who dropped them out of his ship after he took them to Stratus City. He was offering to help them out with finding a way in if he would get a few things for them, to which they conceded. After taking care of that, he told them a secret way in. So, they took that path and found their way in. They were soon attacked by numerous security functions that were set off by 2 mysterious figures named Cronk and Zephyr.

They fought their way through until they reached a locked room where they found the 2 figures, 2 robots, that tried to kill them and then also met a young girl, who wanted to toss the group out of the airlock until she found out that one of their members, Ratchet, was a Lombax. From there, she and her 2 robots lowered their defenses and decided to exchange intel. She told them that the reason why Tachyon thought that she had the Lombax Secret because her father, a famous explorer named Max Apogee, found a Lombax Artifact but it was stolen from them by pirates. Her father left many years ago to go after them but he never returned. They then received another transmission from Wade, informing them that he had received a reading similar to Lombax Technology on a planet named Ardolis. From that, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr left for the planet. A little afterwards, Wade informed the group that the planet was a pirate base, which terrorized Ron, making him regret his decision of leaving Earth.

They arrived Ardolis and fought through the pirate base until they found the artifact that they were looking for. They couldn't grab it as the arrival of Cap'n Slag and his second mate, Rusty Pete, forcing the group to hide. However, Cap'n Slag could smell Ratchet, which almost blew their cover but then Talwyn arrived with a smoke bomb. From the confusion that she had caused, the group was able to escape while Talwyn went for the artifact. The group fought through as the pirates were enraged for the theft. The group met Talwyn and her robots at the radio tower. There, Ratchet was able to activate the artifact by simply touching it. The artifact displayed a holographic image of a planet named Rykon V. Talwyn and her robots departed from the planet before Ratchet and his friends did.

The group flew through space and encountered the space pirates when they were flying through the Rakar Star Cluster. They managed to fight off the pirates and made their way to Rykon V. There, they did a Halo jump, much to Ron's dread and fought along side Cronk and Zephyr for the first time. They rushed through the area tooth and nail until they found a bunker. They found that it was empty but an old holo-projector revealed that the Lombax Secret was a helmet-like device known as the Dimensionator. The film pointed them to the planet Sargasso, so the group decided to make their way there.

When they arrived on Sargasso, they received word from Wade that the Solana Galaxy was in an uproar ever since Tachyon's attack on Metropolis and Kim' parents have tried to calm the galaxy's civilians down. Both Kim and Ratchet felt distraught about the whole incident but they had to move on. They made their way through the jungles of the planet and reached a Lombax Research Facility. Once they entered it, they found a quirky plumber that they may have met before in the past. He mentioned to them that the weapon supposedly doesn't exist but what they were looking for does, which confused Ron. After the plumber left in a bizarre fashion, Clank began to suspect that the Lombaxes didn't vaporize the Cragmites but rather had them relocated. They were then contacted by Qwark, who told the group to return to the arena as he had more intel for the group.

Returning to the arena, they fought in several more challenges and had Qwark present them with some intel regarding a massive supercomputer named IRIS. It would help lead them to where the Dimensionator could be but it was in the custody of the space pirates on the Kreeli Comet. The group were about to make their way to the comment, but then Qwark stopped them and begged them to take him along, much to their surprise. After some encouragement from the group, he decided to leave and go on his own exploits.

A little before they left, Kim and Ratchet spent some time lamenting over what's been happened and then reassured each other before they almost kissed, which was what Ron hoped they would do. However, they held back and continued on, much to his dismay, from there, he vowed to make sure that they do get back together even if he has to make them, himself.

When arriving on the Kreeli Comet, they had to face numerous pirates to get to the IRIS supercomputer. However, upon reaching it, they found that it was broken, so Clank crawled into its crawlspace to find a way to fix it. He was aided by the Zoni who showed him a vision of Talwyn being held at the Zordoom Prison.

He reunited with his friends as the supercomputer started working. From IRIS, they found out that the Dimensionator was not a weapon, but rather a device used to open portals to other dimensions, to which the Lombaxes used it to banish the Cragmites into another dimension during the Great War. They also found out that Tachyon used to have been raised by the Lombaxes after they found him frozen in an egg on the very comet that they're on, but turned on them after finding out about what happened to his race. IRIS mentioned to them that the Dimensionator was transferred to Kerchu City by Max Apogee before shutting down due to its power cells' very low functioning capacity. Ratchet wanted to head to Kerchu City to find the Dimensionator but then Clank mentioned that the Zoni told him that Talwyn is being held on Zordoom Prison. Ratchet didn't believe him but Kim and Ron were willing to give him a chance, much to Ratchet's dismay.