The Master-0

The Master is the main antagonist of the infamous 1969 movie, Manos: The Hands of Fate. The leader of an undead cult that worships the god Manos, the Master likes to dress in large black robes with red hands on them. The Master's main servant is Torgo, who lives at the Valley Lodge and watches the place while the Master is away. According to Torgo the Master is not dead the way we know it, but is with his people always. The Master also had a Devil Dog to stand guard while he and his wives slept.

Sometime before 1966, the Master began worshiping Manos. He proceeded to kidnap women with the help of his satyr like assistant Torgo and making them his wives. Never satisfied with just one wife, the Master continued collecting women to act as his wives.

The Miracle Elite Storyline


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