The Master

The Master

Name: The Master

Race: Time Lord

Group: Enemies

Likes: Power

Dislikes: The Doctor

Biggest strength: His cleverness

Biggest weakness: He's not been able to see through tricks

Occupation: Megatron's minion; member of Marceline's dad's Empire

Quote: "Think you're smart, hm? Well, I'm smarter!"

Played by: John Simm

His theme

Like the Doctor, the Master is a Time Lord and easy on the eyes. But there the similarity ends. Unlike the Doctor who is kind and gentle, the Master is selfish and malevolent.

As a boy, the Master was allowed to look into the time vortex of Gallifrey. It was then that he began hearing a strange drumming sound. He not only heard a strange tune, but was driven to madness as well. Since that day, he has become a dangerous enemy of the Doctor.

At one time, the Master became human, but regained his memories. He stole the TARDIS, traveled back in time, and became Prime Minister of England. It was at this time that he gathered a group of aliens who seemed friendly, but aimed to destroy the Earth. This plan would have succeeded had it not been for the Doctor's friend, Martha Jones, who gathered up allies to foil the Master's plan. His failure to win ended in death.

Now that Megatron has revived him, the Master is definitely out for revenge on the Doctor...and capturing the Angels of Disney seems like a step in the right direction. He also was revealed to be in league with Marceline's father as he supplied the demonic creature with the Daleks and fed him info about the heroes which he would later use to be victorious in his plan later on.


Regeneration - allows the avoidance of death by taking on a new physical appearance

Sonic Laser - the Master uses his Sonic Screwdriver to fire laser beams

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