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JOKER'S SONG (Full song) by Miracle Of Sound

JOKER'S SONG (Full song) by Miracle Of Sound

"The Joker's Song by Miracle of Sound"

"Hello, Gotham! Joker`s back in town!" - the Joker (real name: Jack Napier)

His theme

His theme song

The Joker is a sadistic, monstrous, sociopathic excuse for a human being who serves as a dreaded enemy for many heroes and the personal arch-nemesis and father of Bender. He has cheated death three times. The Joker is probably the most recurring villain in the Multi-Universe series who is evil to the very end.

Heck in The 4everrevial series he may even be the main villain considering how much hell he caused everyone.

He is the also the bad guy who has the killed the most people, and by that we mean as an individual not in a group.

The Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill.

Biggest Strength: A tie between his ability to cheat death and his insanity which makes him very feared

Biggest Weakness: While he loves laughing, he hates being mocked and laughed at (Bender exploited this BIG TIME in Slade Strikes Back and The Great Time Travel Adventure)

Alignment: Evil

Main Allies: Peter Pan, Eobard Thawne, Chryastlis

Worst Enemies: Bender , Slade and Luan Loud

His goals

1. Cause evil and terror in people for fun and jokes

2. Traumatize and in all ways destroy kid heroes

3. Kill people for the sakes of making a joke


While he is not the most evil villain in the Multi-Universe, he is one of the worst and most uncaring villains ever. He is also the biggest complete monster in the entire Multi-Universe.He is a unpredictable sociopath who takes delight in causing misery in other heroes, he does whatever he likes with no remorse, no empathy and no second thoughts. He is feared by many heroes as they fear his wrath on them. Villains don't like him any more than heroes do and even they are afraid of this guy and don't wanna work with him with psychopathic nature and his tendency to troll them. This is especially apparent in Slade Strikes Back where just about everyone fears him or underestimates him as a silly clown from the M.O.D.A.B leader Dib to the Anime Emperor, Emperor X. Only Slade and Bender knew Joker's true threat and tried to warn the others, but no one listened to them and they also didn't fear him. This what drives up the two to team up against him.

While he has terrorized and tormented many heroes, a certain little girl named Lizbeth has the poor role of being his favorite target, and the person he has did the most harm and clearly she is the person who knows how irredeemably evil he is best at least parring Bender, who had dealt with Joker more than anyone and knows him better. To everyone's frustration, especially Dib and his friends, he never stays dead and always lives another day to pester and ruin other people's lives.

He is also a backstabber betraying and trying to kill all people who hire him such as Slade, Emperor X and Megatron, the latter time costing his life for a good 2 decades before he made his comeback. Joker loves cheating death so every time he can return he can cause more havoc and chaos although this doesn't surprise Bender who picks on certain clues whenever he does. While he is physically weak, he is extremely skilled and experienced, concocts poisons and create gadgets that regularly overcome super heroes  on a routine basis. Add in the fact that he would pretty much sell his soul for a box of cigars and massacre a kindergarten class on a whim, and you've got a guy whom almost every other DC super villain fears. He also came closer than villain save Darkseid to killing Superman.

While he antagonizes all heroes, villains and others, the Joker especially antagonizes and hates Bender, his arch-rival. Unlike everyone else, Megatron and others included, Joker treats Bender very seriously and knows when Bender is around it's no joke and he must watch his back since his foe has no reservations doing amoral things to him like killing him or brutalizing him up "Stewie beats up Brian" style. Joker is obsessed with him to the point of having a Tickle me Bender doll he sleeps with and a dartboard with his face in the middle. Most of Joker's cruel actions in Slade Strikes Back and The Great Time Travel Adventure were to get Bender's attention while not attacking the robot directly since you know he is a homo.

Unlike almost all people who know the clown, Joker himself admits he fears the robot but goes against him anyway feeling it's his destiny to be Bender's big enemy. Joker gets jealous if someone steals Bender's attention.or tries to take him down without him since the robot is his to handle and alone. Considering his enemies NO ONE knows just how obsessed Joker is with getting to the heroes ESPECIALLY Bender, Slade and Anti Cosmo. After Bender has Frost kill Joker Junior, it seems that Bender has just about destroyed the Joker legacy. If he knew Discord has the role now, he would try to destroy him.
The Joker

Death to the annoying trio of that Robot, The Masked Man and The Anti Fairy



The Numero Uno enemy of the Joker. Many heroes hate him, but no one more so than Bender who takes Joker very personally. While at first it wasn't established their relationship it was clearly shown in Slade Strikes Back and The Great Time Travel Adventure that these two are archenemies and rivals. Joker tries all kinds of stuff to get to him or piss him off only to fail. Joker takes Bender very seriously because he's so unique and yet the robot pisses him off because Bender back-sasses him and insults him unlike much of the other characters. Joker has been called by him a mother fucker, a fruit cake, a shit eater and other names while Joker calls him the robot or trash can. One of their most notable traits is that Joker is always into trouble when the robot gets hands on him and is on the receiving end of Family Guy violence or Peter Pan comedy.

Slade Strikes Back at their conflict be a primary focus as Joker was causing loads of trouble for the heroes and Bender was the only one willing to take a stand against him as Joker neutralized most of the others by killing them or blackmailing them like what he did to Scourge and Emperor X. After murdering the heroes' family, Bender deciding he needed to do something desperate as that would be allying with the lesser of two evils Slade. Slade like Bender wasn't too afraid of Joker and since Joker was attacking his allies, they decided to team up and defeat Joker without anyone noticing.

Joker is obsessed to the point that he personally intervenes when someone tries to get his foe he taught Inferno Scorpion that the hard way. Joker can NEVER get anything pass him such as how he comes back constantly, when it looked like he was dead for good, Bender got suspicious and knows Joker always escapes death no matter how gruesome it was. In The Great Time Travel Adventure he was proven right but not because he saw the clown, he knew because of the line "you ever dance with the devil in moonlight?" that line is something only he would say. Bender decided alongside Marceline he needed to go forever so the duo schemed against them and then they killed him for good.

The Joker actually did something so terrible to Bender that made him want Joker dead ever time he sees him in that he caused the death of his son and the destruction of his first family and made him so weary he was unwilling to get Dib involved against Discord who was quite like him at the time. Quite Dib and the others believes he died, the robot never does and always assumes he will return no matter what happens, the others dismiss him on his theories and then Joker does come back, though he has only done this twice to their knowledge


The 2nd person to earn Joker's mass enmity. Like Bender he knows her quite a bit as they were in a relationship together. It is very hinted that Joker's rivalry with Bender began with Marceline as both of them like Marceline and she preferred Bender over him. Marceline didn't meet Joker again until The Great Time Travel Adventure where she and Bender managed to guess his return beforehand and they knew Joker was out for both of them. The Joker forgot his relationship to Marceline and tried to kill her and Bender. He was humiliated by both of them constantly for his actions and when it was time to take him out, Marceline wanted to help Bender kill Joker and she got her wish. Joker in the end until his death has no idea that his employer was her father


One of his former employers, Joker and Slade even when they worked together didn't like each other as Joker was always annoying Slade with his antics and threatening his allies something only Slade does. When Joker returned he went against Slade like the heroes and terrorized them as well. Slade so annoyed with Joker decides to stop him like the heroes as he's the only one who should be the villain. This came to the point where, He, Bender joined forces to stop him in secret and even though Joker figured out they were aligned the two stood their ground and stopped him.  In Legends Of Light and Darkness Joker came back to terrorize Slade as Joker doesn't consider him a villain with a right to be a player in the game. Alongside Bender, Joker is trying to get revenge on Slade.


Harley Quinn


These two met when the Mortal Kombat and the DC universes were merging. Joker meets Scorpion in Gotham city and he was looking for a princess. After Joker makes some stupid joke Scorpion tries to leaves but Joker punched him with a boxing glove gun. Scorpion got pissed by that and beat Scorpion beat Joker in a fight to which after words he leaves. They meet once again in The Great Time Travel Adventure when Scorpion becomes one of Hunson Abadeer's minions. Hunson also had those two work together a lot but 99.9% of time they wanted the other dead. Hunson knowing both of them weren't going to stop, decided to sent Scorpion on his way so he could have him take out the Joker due to how sickening Abadeer found the clown.

Hunson Abadeer

Joker's third employer, while Joker was second in command Abadeer didn't like him and only had him because he was a necessity to knowing how to get the heroes. Afterwards Joker began sickening him to the point where he decided to orchestrate his demise and have Bender, Marceline and possibly Scorpion kill him.


Joker's 4th employer and is Darkseid's right hand man who Darkseid brought back knowing his terror and ferocity would spook anyone that came up against him

Peter Pan

Peter's 1st main ally and one of the reasons if not the reason for his returns,

Eobard Thawne

The Joker's new boss, who dragged him out of the timeline before his death to avert his death and get to his destiny. Unusual for him, Joker is loyal to Thawne though they may just have mutual goals.


A New Co-worker of Joker in Thawne's Group. Unlike Eobard, Joker hates Deathstroke and came very close to exchanging blows before Thawne stopped them. Thawne knows this and even makes sure they have their own teams to prevent the arguments from geting too frequent.


His Old Rogue Gang

Other Heroes

Other Villains


The B Team Storyline

History before the series

Joker has lived over hundreds of years, terrorizing the Multi-Universe for fun and causing anguish for many universes to his delight. Joker lived in both Gotham City and New New York city. IN the latter he was in a relationship with MOM and through him she created a robot army to help her take over the world although that had a rebellious unit who Joker created to be his masterpiece and leader of the robot army. When this happened he denounced his "son." as a failed creation and tried to kill him. Little did he realize this would bite him in the ass, when he finally learned who his masterpiece truly was

Joker was mostly invincible causing problems left and right until he reached the Candy Kingdom and tried ways on Marceline the Vampire Queen. He also got jealous of her budding relationship with Bender and tried to sabotage it but it failed and caused him to undergo an accident

After this accident he blamed all his misery on Bender, and accused of him of stealing his Queen so he went off trying to terrorize and kill them for centuries for this reason. While doing so he caused many heroes' trauma by separating Dib from his real father, driving Ice King into insanity, scarring Dr. Blowhole and his most deplorable act, terrorizing Lizbeth for years for fun by killing her family, torturing her, raping her and putting her in self blame about what happened.

The Beginning

He made his debut appearance as one of Slade's main allies. But as noted even Slade and the others felt uncomfortable around him and hated him for the acts he committed. Joker here murdered Dib's adoptive parent, Bubbles' family, destroyed many universes, and tried to kill them too but he was foiled and sent to hell for his soul by the heroes. But Before that he ended his relationship with Harley by trying to murder her for her failure and then using her as the first victim of a doomsday device. Harley lost all her feelings for him and left him furious that he would do something so horrible against her. This time she learned her lesson.

Slade Strikes Back

The Joker however returned in Slade Strikes Back as one of the two ongoing main villains of the story alongside his former boss Slade, Emperor X who Joker enslaves through blackmail, The False Disney Stars and Bender who performs rather unethical choices to defeat Joker especially by making a deal with Slade and allowing the horsemen of the Apocalypse to reap souls so they can find where the souls go. Joker declared war on the universe have stricken fear into everyone parring Slade and Bender who both took none of his shit.

However, he was set to return as he began haunting from beyond the grave towards Lizbeth, first by appearing as Slade and then trying to make her suicidal with a mind rape of terrifying proportions, and then returned truly to torment the heroes. While he focused on all the heroes in the previous adventure, here he was mostly after Bender for revenge and Lizbeth secondary. Joker's return was only known by Bender, Emperor X, Ash Ketchum and LadyDevimon at first until Joker's plan to kill Oswald and attempted homicide on Mickey came to effect.

At Halloween Town, when everyone split up, Bender went directly to figure the clown's plans and figured them out. Joker served in the story as the true villain who did things behind the scenes unknown to many. Joker kidnapped X's wife and kid as a way of betraying X his employer. Emperor X swore to kill him but Joker blackmailed the emperor to join him. Joker had him hurt the empire he ruled over just to prove a point. When Bender insulted Joker on TV, Joker got pissed and sent X to deal with him. Unfortunately he set up X's face turn. The Joker attempted blackmailing Scourge into killing Oswald. He also killed many of other heroes' parents, raped Lizbeth, and mentally tortured with the fate of the Multi-Universe. Slade was also opposing him when he and Bender make a deal to stop him and they had to what they had to.

His plans all failed because of that "meddling bot" and alone that "meddling bot." But Joker could only escape karma for so long as any time he came contact into his rival, he got his ass kicked hard and made a fool out of. Joker lost his temper and decided to pull his plan out by abducting Lizbeth and forcing the heroes to come after him. His plan nearly worked but Bender foiled him and killed him again (like he did in the first story). Joker almost succeeded in his plans but he was stopped by Bender and Slade.

Joker returned as a ghost to get the Disney Angels but Bender once again arrived to foil him and got him in big trouble with Megatron who gobbled up his soul. The Disney Angels, allies, Dib and his friends believed Joker couldn't cheat death anymore. But as usual, Bender had second reservations knowing his arch-enemy VERY well.

The V Team Island Adventure/Cape Vengeful

He did not appear in this story, but he was mentioned a lot from Scourge and sometimes the others. If he was in this story Bender would go through his promise to rip his balls off, followed by both him and Scorpion ripping his arms of and then beating him to death with them before he can do any of his plans.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Bender was proven right about his theory from LOTM when Joker made another return 2 decades in the future to smite Lizbeth and her future self at graduation. Bender was not surprised unlike the others as he figured out Joker's return days before he showed himself. He had help from Marceline as both of them needed to get the clown.

Joker continued his terror on the Multi-Universe working for Marceline's dad as his right hand man alongside Darkwarrior Duck causing trouble for Bender and MD's alley Inferno Scorpion. Here it was revealed he caused misfortune in Ice King's past as well , Scorpion also had a past with him and Marceline had a hatred of him to rival Bender's. Joker was now out for total revenge against Bender and Marceline for what he believes they did to them, but it's not just them he tormenting Lizbeth too with the feeling that the messy future is her fault. Joker plans to end his revenge when he rids himself of that trash can and vampire. He this time is the secondary main antagonist after Marceline's dad as once again causes serious trouble to the heroes with vicious mind games. He came very close but was defeated and killed presumably for good by Bender and Marceline. He apparently made a son through rape and now he is deciding to use the son to act as revenge on his archenemy and to prove the Joker legacy can NEVER die he will make sure his legacy WILL not end due to all his fun. But Bender and anyone who has an intense hatred of Joker seeks to destroy his "legacy" from this Multi-Universe. The robot does this to make sure no one ever deals with his annoying, psychotic, cruel and just plain petty archenemy EVER again

Legends of Light and Darkness

The Joker however was only gone for so long as he returned from the dead which scared Axel and Slade's team. When Heloise calls him on supposed to be in Purgatory, Joker has no idea what she's talking about which makes Skipper and Slade think he has brain damage. Bender threatens him that he killed three times and he will do it again, while Joker only recalls 2 times. The Joker was revealed to be working for Darkseid as he was resurrected and they made a deal. Joker helps Darkseid crush Bender, Hiccup, Slade and the League of Darkness and Darkseid will spare his universe his wrath.

The Joker was revealed to have truly died when he made his return in The Great Time Travel Adventure. But since that was in the future not the present, it still meant he could come back before 2042 as that was when the heroes time traveled to. Bender and Skipper found this out by taking advantage of time traveling and using it to learn about this. It seems the corn mark of his plan as came in as he calls Darkseid and confirms this as he decides to use time travel to his own advantage.

Though he only time travels once, he finds his plan.He takes the graves of Dib and Bender's son and tortures Bender with their deaths and then he tries to force Bender to commit suicide. Skipper and Anti Cosmo stop this and Bender gets right back up ready to attack and get revenge on The Joker. The Joker gets mad saying that he and Darkseid had him and that he was just going to get what he wanted. Joker wants another go, but Darkseid refuses since it's impossible now. Joker though does head out and help the villains against Malefor's forces. This is where Caroll gives him his assignment to murder the Justice League. The Joker is successful in murdering the justice league apart from Batman and Flash. Bender out of anger confronts him and brutalizes him due to Joker's actions which forces him to get Nerissa so he can flee for the satellite.

Joker pilots the satellite to use on M.O.D.A.B as revenge on Bender. When Bender, Skipper, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Stan, Wendy and Manhattan fly to get back to the others. They chase Silas and learn some of Joker's actions, Bender tries to tell Carmelita that Joker is responsible for Sly's disappearance when Joker points he rattled him before he had fun. Joker fires the laser at the seven attempting to escape and he destroys several parts of M.O.D.A.B's hideout town and kills 10000 people with it. He is with Darksied and Nerissa where they discuss a top secret plan called Operation Seid.

He kidnaps Scamp and the dogs away from Malefor as a part of Darkseid`s true plan regarding the Multi-Universe. The Joker and Darkseid reveal that Operation Seid is to use the Morticoccus Virus to infect the Multi-Universe and kill every being that isn't metal or superhuman as they have some weird immunity. Joker arranges his own plans to find Bender by using Scamp and the dogs' escape. When Solomon points out his obsession and they get into an argument. Joker finds the dogs and attacks Rico and Fender with his gas, before he uses morticoous Slade's team shows up on Joker. Jack and Will too alongside a reformed Dingo and newcomer Makoto who capture Joker. Joker is interrogated by Bender and Marceline, but he refuses to tell them anything on Morticcus and as a result is tortured badly by Bender. Joker being mad about this complains to the villains, he and Rugal then infect Irene with something and transforms her into a monster.

Joker finds Slade's caves and waits in ambush to leash the monster with Truth as he boasts about the Morticous Virus and its deadliness. Joker unleashes the mutated Addler in the castle to do what he and Truth want. Joker then flees off as Nightmare Rarity's forces come after The Joker. The Joker sets her on Bender and his friends, Joker heck taunts Bender on Morticcous which sets Bender off. The Joker and Nerissa are briefed by Darkseid about the battle with everyone. The Joker then makes his move and gets into a confrontation with Marceline and Bender. Unlike the others time, Joker nearly kills him but Bender stops him and decides to let him live.When Joker acts ungrateful, Bender goes back on his word and tries to kill him with Marceline and Discord's help, Bender kills Joker and makes him suffer a fate worse than death or anything regarding Megatron.

The Joker is revealed to be behind the Jack White Act as part of a taking you with me revenge scheme and he also was responsible for Bender's son dying and his actions led to Dib and Bubbles' death and other stuff, it led Bender to lie to his friends out of knowing what Discord would was as much evil as Joker would do if he did.find out. So he also led to Paul McDagett carrying out his act. Joker and Pan also are acquainted and work together and are the final bosses of Isle Tour with the former merging with Niburu and was erased out of exitence with the entity.


The Joker is recruited by Eobard into his past villain syndicate and serves as one of the main villains of the syndicate being very familiar with the heroes. Unlike in Isle Tour, This is a younger Joker who works with Issac's group as he was older in Isle Tour.

The Joker was brought of out of his timeline by Thawne to work for him. The Joker was behind all the captures of all the prisoners he captured on the Buccaneer. He was also who captured Bender, Jorgen and Skipper who eventually escape and he tries to kill them and Phineas and Isabella while trying to crash the ship. The Joker escapes capture from them, He tells Thawne of his failure, though Eobard writes it off as they needed to test his abilities. The Joker nearly comes to blows with Deathstroke though Thawne stops them and Eobard has Joker personally go with him to attack Slade. Joker does just that and attacks Black Curveo before getting into Slade and Anti Cosmo's office with Thawne not behind, The two steal something from Slade and then leave. It turns that Thawne and him were seeking the chromoskimmer to use as part of their plans as they have their discussion with their fellow top team members Deathstroke and Toffee as the former went recuriting their minions.

The Joker is placed in charge of the returning villains to Asura and Borgia's displeasure. He convinces them to stay to Thawne's request as they al have common enemies in both Bender and Slade as their death and defeat will of great pleasure for them all. Ra's Al Ghul and Gus both quest this too while others are more eager to have Joker lead them. 

The Joker joins Thawne and the Legion to 2010, which The Joker remembers when he worked with Slade and his ensemble. Thawne as a result puts Joker to go after Slade because of his assocation, angering him as he wants to go after Bender though Deathstroke and Thawne explain why. The Joker and his rogues alongside Toffee go after Slade and his and his associates attack the castle and is driven off. But he finds himself stealing something for Darkwarrior Duck.  The Joker kidnaped The Teen TItans and has them in his own lab with Dr.Weil and Machete where the trio use the power of the latter's magic to put his greatest joke to live. The Joker meets back up with his 3 main allies to talk about what they have achieved, he and Deathstroke get in more arguments as a result of Joker thinking short term to Deathstroke being more long term. The Joker reveals to the three what he did to the Teen TItans which pisses off Deathstroke. Joker continues his rampage when he recruits FANG and they go killing secret agents to capture Bender, Using the Teen Titans Go, Joker finds the Waverider and joins Thawne in heading there. With the help of Darkwarrior and Thawne, Joker invades successfully and with The Teen Titans Go he attacks Bender, Marceline and Mick Rory and has his henchmen Fang kill Morty. Bender comes close to killing him here as well until Thawne saves him from being killed. Frustrated with his failure he murders Deathstroke's kid and scolds him for not trying to kill the heroes. The Joker decides to hire an hitman to kill Bender and Skipper referring to him as "A Vicious Cold Blooded Predator". It also turns out he was in an alliance with The Queen of the Changlings as well to conquer and enslave Equestria.  

The Joker brings in Uka Uka, Zelena and Machete to go help Chrysatlis, while he, Darkwarrior and Tarus go to help Thawne and Toffee find Disney Magic. He has his other allies get in contact with old ones as he has his own intentions to restart his old plan and also kepts his own contact with Chrysatlis about their mission. The Joker learns that past M.O.D.A.B is working against The Queen and tries to have them killed. They get to the Disney well and Joker fights Bender who is angry with him for what he did to the Titans. Joker once again nealy gets killed by Bender here, only escaping because NOS-4A2 saves him on time. 

Phineas, Isabella, Julian, Django and Marceline all wake up from the bomb and they are right in front of Bender, Skipper and other past selves of the heroes. Joker has his eyes on them and informs Thawne and Toffee how to best approach them and Thawne has his own approach to have FANG, Darkwarrior and Eggman Nega go after them. Machete, Joker and Chrystalis prepare to nuke the island using the Psycho Power Bison has, Toffee suggests to be patient and wait for Eggman Nega and co to fail since they don't want to bomb their allies though he does say yet. Begrudgingly Joker agrees with Toffee.

The Joker orders the island blown up and with the combined forces of Bison, Chrysatlis and Machete it is done. Marceline manages to save the team and the past selves with Joker going after them and Past Bender with the other past selves fight Joker to keep him stalled with Chrysatlis helping Joker letting the five get away.

Joker prepared his own great maze and that they had to get out. Hades calls Joker a coward for making a trap rather than fight Slade's team.

The Joker mocks Hades and tells Hades that even though they are devils, He and HIM can't get out without costing the team their chacnes. Bowser and Harry Wells don't trust and Bowser tries to use his fire breath to make a hole to escape when he is pushed back in. The Joker then Tells Bowser that he doesn't lie and Wells calls him dreadful for that comment.

All Six go through the cave doing a lot of back tracking and projective firing as a result. On top of more vine hopping and more robot zapping. Joker notes that this might have been not thought through, Tofee and Deathstroke both call him on this, but the latter does note that keeping them busy important.

The Joker has his eye on The Legends and he brings in Terrance Lewis, FANG, and The Teen Titans to work with him in keeping them at bay Rip points that the crew must be careful as considering that The Legion did find them with ease and shot them. The others listen and this is when explosives are felt and it turns this is from The Joker and Terrnace Lewis who are both throwing bombs out of a parachute trying to shoot them out of course. Ray drives carefully trying to avoid all the bombs while The other 3 try to see who's throwing bombs and Rip takes his binoculars and sees the two and tells Mick to start trying to fire at them. Mick taking out his fire gun sets to set the balloon on fire, Joker and Lewis both do their own best to avoid the shots with Joker and Terrance Lewis deciding to have Cyborg fire his cannon at them which blows out their tires and then they instruct some of the other Teen Titans to chase down the team

With their tires blown, Mick takes the three to a dumpster which disgusts Ray a bit with Mick telling boy scout to suck it up as they go through there. Rip finds a pilot's seat there and takes it for himself with Ray and Sara managing to find the tires which they take to the crash site and put back on. Uka Uka and Brother Blood spy on this and tell Joker this, Where The Joker and Terrance Lewis don't look too flinched and they say they still have some options with Uka Uka seeing that Robin, Raven and Starfire all on the way themselves as Brother Blood instructed them to follow the 4. The Legends discuss next to get the radar, with them agreeing that it will help find the rest of the team and Sara snarks that it's not like they can find in a dumpster like the previous item. The Teen Titans hear this and report this to The Joker, Terrance Lewis and FANG. Interesting Joker in keeping track of the heroes he orders Uka Uka to find the radar and rig it to their advantage. Uka Uka thinks Joker is nuts to assume it can be done, Terrance Lewis and Cyborg both offer to help do that.

FANG and Joker show up and yell at the Titans for getting drunk and Robin tries to kiss up To Joker, which FANG does not approve and tells Robin to stop or he will the victim of a toxic death. Joker tells the titans that this won't be tolerated and threatens them. Cyborg however gets it easy as Joker is told by Cyborg that he tried to stop them, and that someone is actually being sane.

The Joker fights Sara Lance and of course he is sucking as a fighter as he has no skill. After getting  a bloody nose, Joker decides to pull his tricks by using smoke clouds with his gadgets to kick Sara around and then throws pies in her face. Sara tries to find Joker, until she closes her eyes and then she focuses and smacks Joker across the face knocking him cold. After the smoke clears, Brother Blood is knocked cold thanks to Rip and Mick who came on time and got Ray saved during the time the smoke was in effect.

With Joker and Toffee gone, Deathstroke makes his observation on the Uni Kitty force. Remembering what Joker said and he decides to go after the Unikitty squad and also having been giving the info on Dawnbeth to him, he does a bit research on the teen.

The Joker hears of his allies being locked up and Dennis betraying him. He is angry that Deathstroke proved him right and Joker launches an attack on the Galactic Federation to get them out. The Joker and Thawne then try to steal the spear part the heroes got, but this reveals them to the Vanishing Point. The Joker fights the heroes and escapes after a bit with The Teen Titans Go, though he loses them at the end when Toffee kills them as they know too much. The Joker also is present with Thawne when they attack and kill Scott and Dr.Alchemy for intruding on their work.

The Joker is who thinks about replicating the amulet which gets Thawne, Toffee and his team interesting. The Joker has his copy ready and learns that Deathstroke is chasing it down, Joker tattles on him to Thawne to get back at his taunting of Dennis turning on them. The Joker unleashes more deadly plans by piggy backing on the villains in the past and ravishing the multiverse as a result. The Joker however is foiled every time by Bender and Luan Loud who utterly humiliate him and Luan scares the crap with him with her love of April 's Fools Day and then torturing him with Hotel Hell. While Bender beats the shit out of him

The Joker makes a plan afterwards to have Amanda brainwashed and give them the spear, Thawne agrees and does just that. The Joker then takes the fight with The B Team and Slade's Ensemble and wins when Nasesala betrays them, though Nasesala did this to save Slade from getting killed by the spear. When Amanda gets the spear, Joker grabs a hold with Toffee, Deathstroke and Thawne.

The Joker is revealed that he took over Gotham and had many of the heroes turned intro trophies for himself to look in pride over who he won against. He ponders why Bender and Luan aren't there. The Joker then leads the villains against Deathstroke when it's revealed he betrayed them, and engineers an attack on the Loud House wanting revenge on Luan and Bender for fucking him up with the legion. Luan and Bender rig Luan's room with Every deadly trap He used on Batman on him. Dealing with him with his own petard, When Thawne attacks everyone the second time. The Joker prepares to destroy the heroes with a Biology themed superweapon with The Dip he got at Slade Strikes Back and intends to kill Gus, Mike and Ra's Al Ghul for their betrayal. Bender, Marceline, Luna and Luan all go after him and Joker taunts him he will kill the trophies of his friends if they take one more step. The Joker however doesn't the power or rock which Luna and Marceline use to send him back from the detonator and they take the trophies, while Luan and Bender take on Joker and defeat him. The Joker escapes and with Toffee keeps the heroes + Deathstrokes's team in place for the three to kill. Unfortunately this is when Toffee emerges with his true intentions with NOS-4A2, Mandarin, Rodney and the seemingly dead Marie to kill Thawne, then they unleash their triangular master who Joker tries to flatter to work with, but his face is rearranged and begging for mercy when Toffee takes out a Dip Bomb and places in Joker's mouth, murdering him.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate


Legends of the Multi-Universe: Armageddon

The Joker debuted as a supporting antagonist in this story. He was a supporting antagonist in Booster Tower's Arc and the Main Antagonist in The Clowns Arc.


Joker is definitely one of the most evil human villains, but he is also the one who gets the most humiliating and hilarious comeuppances courtesy of Bender.

He does not align himself with anyone for true loyalty as he doesn't care about Slade, Megatron or Hunson Abadeer's plans. This didn't apply with Darkseid or Peter Pan, however.

He is the cause of many a misfortune to heroes, making him very feared and talked about

One thing that makes one of the most evil villains is that he has no reasons for the things he does. It's all about the fun he has terrorizing others, murdering people and psychotically harming others. Bender is the exception as Joker does things for revenge on him, to get his attention or some other excuse.

May be gay, because of his tendency to murder his girlfriends and obsessions with Bender that border on the sexual

He is the only villain so far to have successfully escaped death of soul consumption as somehow he returned in The Great Time Travel Adventure with all memories intact. Then again for such a monster,why would he have a soul he probably soul it to the devil for Zubans.

The whole rivalry between him and Bender is shockingly dark when it's revealed that Bender and Joker are related as creation and creator.

His replacement arguably is Discord nowadays. The two will meet in Legends of Light of Darkness and they will try to get rid of each other since they both obsessively want to defeat their nemesis but want to do it themselves.

Only Bender, Marceline, Skipper, Axel, Brick, Butch,Heloise, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Slade's team knew about his return in Legends Of Light and Darkness.

The Joker knows the truth about Bubbles' sisters death as well as Liz's parents death he taunts the robot about it on occasion. though one wonders why he chooses to taunt Bender and not them.

Like Bender who has a cousin related to him in the form of HK-47, Vaas Montenegro is a cousin of the Joker.  

The Joker is the only villain associated with Dib, Bender, and the rest who won't be met by Knuckles, Death the Kid or anyone in the P Team

The Joker has thought in the first and last story of a sub series and is the only villain to fight on the evil side both times. As his archenemy Bender, and former employers Slade and Anti Cosmo the other three who have this credential fought on the good side in the latter.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Peter Pan, Darkwarrior Duck, Alt Doof, Eggman Nega, Lockdown, Taurus Bulba, No Heart, Chuckles, Savio, Noid, Professor Hinkle, Me-Mow, Future V Team, Alec Trevalyn, Eddy's brother, Chameleon, Tighten, Barkis Bittern, Evil Stewie, Buzz Buzzard, Foop, Dick Hardley, Darkseid, the Darkseven, the Lost Boys, Eobard Thawne, Toffee

Enemies: Bender (archenemy), Slade Wilson (secondary archenemy and arch-rival) Marceline, Lizbeth, Dib and his friends, Eddy and the V Team, Anti Cosmo, Hades, Megatron, Emperor X, the Disney Angels, Ice King, Hans the Puffin, Scorpion, Noob, the B Team, the Alpha Team, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Discord, Hunson Abadeer, Deathstroke

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Joker is the chief of pranks.


Talking about Prison featuring Joker, Bender, Spike and Quackerjack

Talking about Prison featuring Joker, Bender, Spike and Quackerjack