Friendship Rainbow Kingdom glowing radiantly S4E26
Episode 5: The Hunt is Finally Afoot.

(Freeze enters the interrogation room.)

Freeze: Dad. Captain.

Mustang: Glad you could make it.

Freeze: Who do we have?

Lasky: I want to introduce you to Dr. Pierre Danios. Adagio Dazzle has given us the location of this man.

Freeze: A KVA Doctor?

Adagio: THE KVA Doctor. Well, I'll leave you to your work.

Lasky: Not without me.

(Adagio and Lasky leave. Freeze approaches Danios.)

Freeze: So, Dr. Pierre Danios of the KVA. Looks like Adagio told us that you've been doing work with our dear former Chairman Malcom Hargrove. Where is he and what do you do for him?

Danois: So this is what you think of me? You think I'm a rat. (Looks at Freeze) FUCK YOU!

(Freeze slams Danois' head on the table.)

Freeze: Man, you're tougher than I thought. Now tell me where Hargrove is, and we can guarantee your safety.

Danois: You might as well kill me after this. I'm already dead.

(Danois pulls up Hargrove's location and what he's been creating. Later, Mustang, Freeze, and Lasky meet with Twilight, Fire Lord Izumi, and Princess Celestia at the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.)

Celestia: Gentlemen, what do we know?

Mustang: A lot more than what we used to. Hargrove has been manufacturing DNA Bombs, which are biological WMDs, which contains Manticore. He seemed to have got a hold of the last remaining container after we dealt with Atlas at the end of the Zombie outbreak approximately ten years ago.

Lasky: He used this to destroy an entire colony last night.

Izumi: Where is he?

Freeze: A mining platform. We used to operate it until Charon Industries stole all of our money.

(Later back on Infinity...)

Harper: Well, this is it. We take Hargrove down tonight.

Kimball: Finally. 50 years of hunting him down is coming to an end.

Freeze: And if we fail..... Hargrove launches 5 DNA bombs at Equestria, and the rest of the Multi-Universe will be next.

Mustang: We WILL NOT have another chance at this!!

Wash: So what's the plan?

Mustang: All Order forces banded together and attack the remaining Space Pirates at their only base: the old mining platform we lost nearly 25 years ago.

Freeze: Alright. All loaded up! Let's move!

(Mustang stops Freeze before he boards the pelican.)

Mustang: This is it, son.

Freeze: It'll be over tonight.

(Both board the pelican. Infinity exits slipspace and launches an attack on the Staff of Charon.)

Roland: Infinity clear of slipspace, Captain Lasky.

Lasky: All forces, you are clear to engage!

Sunset: Good luck everyone!

(All of the Pelicans arrive at the Rig and attack the Space Pirates.)


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