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The Doctor's tenth regeneration.

Doctor and ebony

The Doctor and Ebony: best friends

Name: The Doctor

Race: Time Lord

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Traveling in time and space

Dislikes: His memories of Gallifrey

Biggest strength: The impressive ability to do a lot of bad*ss things that generally require superpowers, without superpowers.

Biggest weakness: His guilt

Occupation: Defender of time of space

Quote: "Allons-y!"

Played by: The Doctor has been played by many people. These include William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGaan, Christopher Eccelston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, and Peter Capaldi. The next Doctor will be Jodie Whittikar.

His theme

His theme song

Born of a legendary extra-terrestrial race, the Time Lords, the Doctor's real name remains unknown. He has dubbed himself "the doctor" because he "makes people feel better". Since his homeworld was attacked by the terrifying Daleks and his only option was to destroy them by
Every Doctor Who Opening (HD) (1963-2013)12:59

Every Doctor Who Opening (HD) (1963-2013)

Every theme of "Doctor Who" from 1963 to 2013

destroying Gallifrey, he feels terrible about it and has been running away through space and time.

With his beauty, charm, cleverness and wit, the Doctor is a natural ladies' man. But he refuses to take a life mate, not wanting to see someone wither away and die.

The Doctor never goes anywhere without his Sonic Screwdriver, which is an extension of TARDIS technology. It can be used for stopping a living plastic arm that has been controlled by the Nestene Consciousness, overriding control panels, mechanical tool for the TARDIS, making a cash machine give out extra credits, extending the communications range of a mobile phone, reversing a teleporter, blowing up a closed-circuit camera electronic probe, or just a good old-fashioned lock pick.

Due to the dangerous time the heroes are facing, the Doctor has added things to his Sonic Screwdriver he never thought he would have to: things that let him use it as a weapon.

The Protectors of the Multi-Universe

The Doctor is a friend and guardian of David, Abigail and Olivia. He has also been like a father to Abigail.


The Doctor, being a Time Lord, has had many faces, with a total of twelve (technically fourteen) at this point. Only a few have been involved in the many struggles of the Multi-Universe, however.

(insert other doctors here if necessary :) )

The Tenth Doctor

It should be noted that, though he called himself the Tenth, he was really the Eleventh and the Twelfth, on account of ignoring the War Doctor and creating a Meta-Crisis to keep his face.

This Doctor may have been a bit vain, due to his extreme reluctance to regenerate (he insisted that it would be just like dying) while almost all other Doctors treated the process of regeneration like no big deal.

The Eleventh Doctor

It should be noted that, though he called himself the Eleventh, he was in reality the Thirteenth Doctor.

This Doctor is a much more quirky, childish, and upbeat character compared to those that came before and after him. He also expressed much more compassion than other recent Doctors.

The Twelfth Doctor

Appearing externally older than his past few incarnations, this Doctor is rude, abrasive, and proud. He seems to have lost much respect for almost everything in the universe (and Multi-Universe). Menslady125, however, is very fond of him.

The Thirteenth Doctor

Powers and abilities

Regeneration 1 - allows the avoidance of death by taking on a new physical appearance

Regeneration 2 - allows the regeneration of a severed body part

Sonic Wave - sends out a wave of energy from the Sonic Screwdriver that can not only break tough locks, but damage an opponent

Sonic Scream - a stronger version of Sonic Wave that causes massive damage to an opponent

Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney. The Doctor has also found a way to channel it through his Sonic Screwdriver.


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