The Darkwarrior Resistance is a group of characters lead
Jani-Ca Freedom Fighters Silver

The Reistance minus Liz, Captain Melon Head, Apollo Felicia Cyborg Subzero and Cyborg Smoke

by Lara Su's future self Jani Ca against Darkwarrior Duck, the supposed antagonist of theirs. It is unknown when the resistance was formed.


Jani Ca: The future Lara Su, for some reason she formed the team to fight Darkwarrior and The Future V Team

Liz: Lizbeth's future self and Jani Ca's right hand girl. She was the first person to join the team, and she is used this war to hide the inner pain of feeling responsible for her friends turned bad

Demo: Probably the 3rd command of the team, He looks Bean from the future with the difference of a eye patch and sanity. He is the only member team besides the above two and Felicia to still be alive

Blockbuster: The Mentor of Scourge's kids and the big guy unfortunately he was kidnapped by Marceline's dad and was taken via soul stealing

Apollo: Scourge's son and apparently a chip off the old block. He wanted to help serve the team until Joker abducted him, broke his legs and murdered him.

Felicia: Scourge's daughter and the sister of Apollo

Payback Fox: Fiona of the future, She joined the team to save her honey bun. But she was kidnapped too and was soul swiped by Marceline's dad

Captain Melonhead: An alternate Gourd, who like his friends tried to beat Darkwarrior but he was killed when Marceline's dad stole his soul

Sally: A rabbit fighter and Demo's girlfriend, Like the others she wanted to take down Darkwarrior, but she was taken by Marceline's dad. But it's unknown if she was killed or survived

Cyborg's Subzero and Smoke: The future Subzero and Smoke are member's of the resistance but they were betrayed by the Scorpion of their time and nearly died. The other member's turn future Subzero and Smoke into cyborg's in order to save them. But their past self's soul's were taken by MD and because of that the future one's died as well.

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