Children of the autobots

The Children of the Autobots, the last defense against Megatron and his followers' evil

The Children of the Autobots are a group of surviving heroes that have banded together to stay alive and help each other during the terrible war that is going on.

Allies: The Anime Empire, the HailFire Empire, M.O.D.A.B, the B Team

Enemies: The Children of Megatron

The Eight Tenants of the Children of the Autobots

1. Do not dishonor the Autobots. They risk their lives for you, and have done a wonderful thing to take you as one of their own.

2. Do not disobey the Autobots. If you are not sure about an order, speak with Optimus Prime or another high-ranking Autobot about it.

3. Do not harm, steal from, abuse, or kill another Child of the Autobots in any way.

4. When working with other Children of the Autobots, work as part of the team. United we stand, divided we fall.

5. Do not vandalize, steal from, or inflict any sort of trouble on the Temple of the Autobots.

6. Do not punish the innocent. Never jump to conclusions before you have all the facts.

7. Fighting must be used as a last resort. We are not executioners.

8. You are not the judge. A villain must be brought before Optimus Prime, who will take the villain to the members of the High Council of Cybertron. They will decide the proper punishment. An extremely dangerous enemy may be an exception but even dangerous enemies have turned good before. Inquire of Optimus Prime or another high-ranking Autobot if you are unsure of what to do.


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