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Main Members over the time: Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Django, King Julian, Phineas, Isabella, Axel, Twilight, Jack Bauer and Suede

The B Team (other name the B Crew) is a team of characters dedicated to guarding the Multi-Universe.

The leader is Bender who is 2nd in command of M.O.D.A.B. He formed the team with his 2nd in command Skipper, his smart guy Jimmy Neutron, his general Jorgen and his girlfriend Starfire.

He gets the team together whenever he is on an adventure without Dib the leader. Though in The Great Time Travel Adventure he and many of his friends helped Lizbeth and the others stop Hunson Abadeer.

Ever since the team has been formed, many have joined. Out of the 5 characters who formed the team, only Bender and Skipper have stayed on the B team for each adventure they have had.

Main Allies: Slade's Ensemble

Allies: M.O.D.A.B, the V Team, the P Team, the W.H.O.O.P Agency, the T.U.F.F agency, the CIA, Starfleet, Sato Enterprises, FOXHOUND, Reaver Industries, the Children of the Autobots, the Alpha Team, the Scorpion Squad, the Lovelace Family, Berk, the V Crusaders, the Guardians, the Multi-Universal Resistance, the Striker Force, the Fantastic Four, the Star Alliance, the Miracle Elite, the Omega League, the Bodyguard Unit, the Hunter Force, Team Free Will, Atlas Corporation, Talon Laboratories,Team RWBY,Task Force 141, Team Arrow, Team Flash, The Legends

Enemies: Vilgax's allegiance, Iron Queen's Syndicate, Uka Uka, Marceline's dad's Empire, the Patriots, the Dystopia League, the Children of Megatron, the Sigma Organization, the Inferno Clan, the Outcasts, the League of Darkness, Uka Uka's forces, Joker's forces, the Darkseven, Hazama and Relius, the Z Force, the Sinisters of Evil, the Children of BlackGarurumon, the Templar Order, the Terrorist Unit, Morpheus, True Templar Order, Cesare Borgia's Forces, The Darkness Syndicate, Dark Lord, Sector 32, Loki and Wesker's Alliance, The Red Lotus,The Viking Alliance, Thugs 4 Less, The Legion of Past, Present and Future Evil, Dr.Alchemy, THe Network Head
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Intro (PS2 Widescreen)

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Intro (PS2 Widescreen)

If this team had a theme it would be this one


1.Do not dishonor the team. The group has given you a great opportunity to work for them and to make friends that will last for all of your life.

2. Do not disobey orders from Bender or his main commanders. If you're unsure about his plans, speak up before they are executed.

3. Do not betray the team or you will be put on their wanted sign and you will be captured, punished, and/or killed for your actions.

4. Work together. No efforts are done alone unless you're fairly sure it is possible.

5. Don't act on emotions or feelings. Act on your head and be unpredictable

6. Don't get pissed if you don't succeed. All losses are in ways victories as they are like learning experiences that better us.

7. Don't act against or abuse any members of the group, especially the 3 heads of the team.

8. While the group believes that villains need to be killed, Skipper and Bender believe you should ONLY actively go to kill an antagonist if they crossed the moral line by doing something truly irredeemable. If they have good intentions or don't cross the line, it would be a greater honor to let them live.

Current Members

Bender  (leader) (Both current and past)

Skipper (2nd in command with Heloise)

Phineas (3rd in command with Isabella)

Isabella  (3rd in command with Phineas

Starfire (Acted as leader to rescue Bender at the beginning of TGTTA 2)

Jorgen Von Strangle


Jimmy Neutron

Twilight Sparkle




Rick Sanchez

Jake The Dog

Amanda Payne

Steven Universe




Star Butterfly

Marco Diaz

Ford Pines







Lincoln Loud

Uncle Grandpa


Pizza Steve


Members who have went missing


Jack Bauer

Members away on duties





Jean Grey


Zhuge Liang





Major Kirrahe

Buffy Summers



Knuckles the Echidna


Bart Simpson

Colonel Stars and Stripes


Jack Mitchell

XJ9/ Jenny Wakeman




Agent 9

Marlene (on maternal care as well)


Princess Morbucks

Brick (at home with Boomer)

Butch (at home with Boomer)

Kitty Katswell



Princess Candence



The Brain



Rainbow Dash

Meta Knight

Jack O Lanturn


Big Boss

Sandy Cheeks

Ahoska Tano

Falco Lombardi


Solid Snake


Hugo Brass





Jorgen Von Strangle

Django of the Dead (4th in command)

Finn the Human (adviser of adventuring)

King Julian (5th in command)

Stan Smith

Oggy and Jack

Sari Sumdac (former member before turning evil)

Professor Pericles

Pinkie Pie



Asami Sato

Mabel Pines


Master Chief

Jimmy Neutron

Atomic Betty Barrett


Princess Bubblegum

Flame Princess


The Arbiter

Angry Video Game Nerd



Phantom R

Nostalgia Chick



The Nostalgia Critic




Flash Sentry

Stan Marsh

Wendy Testaburger

Dr. Manhattan

Captain Jean Luke Picard

Deceased Members

Sub-zero (Marceline's dad stole his soul)

Smoke (vice versa)

Kowalski, Private and Rico (deep-fried by Joker)

Mort and Maurice (same as above)

Jake (sacrificed himself)

Jiminy Cricket (killed by Sora under Discord's mind rape)

Shining Armor (killed by Veger)

Sherry Birkin (killed by Discord and Dr. Weil)

Ice King (killed by Sektor)

Axel (sacrificed himself)

Aang (killed by the traitor)

Balthazar Blake (sacrificed himself)

Will Vandom (killed by massacre)

Jack Frost (killed by massacre)

Dipper Pines


Morty Smith (Killed by Fang)

We salute our fallen comrades.

Temporary Members

Lucius Heinous VII


Nina Cortex

Dr. Doofenschimtz

The Cockroaches

Stewie Griffin

Dr. Blowhole

Oscar the Grouch

Harley Quinn

Wolf O'Donnell

Leon Powalski

Panther Caruso


David Talon 

Upcoming Members

Knox (Also with the Sentinel Task Force)

The Alpha Team

The Alpha Team is a team of heroes led by Blue currently that serves under Bender and the B Team. They help him with whatever job he needs done. They made their debut in The Grand Summer Season Trek teaming up with Bender and Captain Knuckles against Vilgax and then some of the members appeared in Totally Mobian Spies to help Bender and Eddy against Iron Queen. Their true leader is revealed as Protoman

Protoman (leader)

Blue (went out to find the Children of The Autobots)

Bartok (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Sora (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Donald (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Goofy (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Magneto (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Jill Valentine (helping Bender and the B Team)

R2-D2 (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

C-3PO (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Jack Sparrow (helping Bender and the B Team)

Aleu (went out to find the Children of the Autobots)

Hiccup (with Bender)

Astrid (with Bender)

Toothless (back in Berk)

Batso the Bat (went to find the Children of the Autobots)

Torch (went to find the Children of the Autobots)

Blade (went to find the Children of the Autobots)

Cammy White (back in England)

Derek (went to find the Children of the Autobots)

Gilbert (went to find the Children of the Autobots)

Hellboy (helping Bender and The B Team)

Gru (with Bender)

Katara (with Bender)

Zuko (helping Bender and the B Team)

Leslie (same as Blue and the others)

Mushu (same as Blue and the others)

Obi-Wan (helping Bender and the B Team)

Petey (same as Blue and the others)

Scowl the Owl (same as Blue and the others)

Shiny (same as Blue and the others)

Terra (KH) (same as Blue and the others)

Danny Phantom




Hermann Fegelein

Balthazar Blake


Jake Muller

Sabrina Spellman

Harvey Kingle







Jesu Otaku

Honorary Members



Dr. Gregory House

Carmelita Fox


The Shadowness

Blue Wonder

The Sly Cooper Gang


Captain Picard






King Dedede


Roy Campbell

Team appearances

The V Team Island Adventure

Bender first found and formed the team when he got on an adventure. He, Starfire, Jorgen, Jimmy Neutron and Skipper formed the team after they all reunited and the 5 had other friends and allies joining their team and all that to defeat Uka Uka allied with the V Team against him. Bender eventually made ranks for the team so he can have the team be ranked on authority. He formed many recruits into the team and managed to start his plan of creating an organization

In between it though, Bender and his right hand Skipper knew that wanted to make the organization well known so they got to work on the bases, weapons, badges etc. They though didn't want anyone to know the people in charge until after new members joined. So the two approached their plans to Bender and Skipper's boss at T.U.F.F. The chief and he liked the ideas and enough to fund their plans. Through much luck Bender and Skipper build a organization and then they contacted their other friends apart from the ones with them to build organizations in each of their universes so there would always be a connection where they are problems.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

When an emergency happened again, Bender, Starfire, Skipper, Django and Jorgen contacted the other members Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Axel, Agent 9, Scorpion, Subzero, Smoke and Roxas to find him and the others to help him and Dib against Darkwarrior and Marceline's dad. However the latter 3 characters died through Marceline's dad and Joker. Bender decided to recruit Heloise as a full member of the team to replace them. During the adventure Bender build a mass fortune in the billions or trillions by using time travel to make stable time loops in the Multi-Universe that won't mess up history. One time when Bender and Skipper time traveled, They used their connections to the Master of Time to contact other self made men with sealed instructions and a medieval coin to a which was worth $100,000,000 in the future. Centuries later, The first set of instructions and the coin were given to a young Heloise would be the 3rd big partner of the organization in the near future so that she can invest the value of the coin into The B Team's future enterprise. The second set of instructions was given to Bender and Skipper days before Scourge and Fiona's wedding telling them when They should plan the time-traveling expedition to fund and create their organization. In a way, the destiny and creation of the B Team was predetermined by the 3 of them.

The Grand Summer Season Trek

Bender forms the team again with his 8 pals as they go another journey and allying themselves with the P Team. He also gets many new allies although a few have already been revealed and meets more enemies. They manage to stop Vilgax and Discord who was the real mastermind and now they earned themselves some relaxation The Team finishes with almost if not 40 members in the team. He also gets help from some people he recruited to serve and help him as his allies. And during vacation he made more allies knowing soon or later a new journey was ahead of them

Totally Mobian Spies

Bender and the B Team are returning, But not everyone returns as some members will be absent as new members will join the team. They set to stop Iron Queen where everyone especially Heloise (Iron Queen's daughter) wants her down. They meet new allies and ally up with the V Team once again to do it. When they rescued their newest ally Atomic Betty, she revealed that Bender and his team is very well known and out of all the hero teams ranks 2nd in most effective team only after the big defenders themselves "the Children of the Autobots". They are a group that Bender, Skipper and the rest help in defending the Multi-Universe and they are secretly helping them with their goals and plans. They are currently working on plans to save Angewomon and Myotismon from the evil clutches of Galvatron.

Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil

Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Django, King Julian, Marceline and Sari all guest starred in this story and became allies to Tuxedo Lovelace and Gabriel Heywood against Dornamuu, Kefka and CarnEvil

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Bender, Skipper, Heloise and many members of the team return here to fight Discord once more, and also they are to be dealing with Sigma and his organization. They will have their own side of the story as after Bender cut ties with Dib considering something terrible happens.

It is revealed that NO villain teams scare them and that "fear" or any word associated with it is NOT in their dictionaries...meaning that the group is fearless

Legends of Light and Darkness

Afterwards, We see the return of Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Axel, Phineas, Isabella, AVGN, Axl, Alie, Jack Frost, Hiccup, Astrid, Zuko, Jack Sparrow, Hellboy, Aleu, Aang, Katara, Balthazar and Obi Wan as they tackle the League of Darkness with Slade and his friends joining forces with them

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Until now, they all retire though Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas and Isabella all begin to miss the old days, they get their opportunity again when Suede and Jack Bauer come get them. Joining them is Slade and Anti Cosmo once more, Death The Kid, Dr.Strange and the Multi-Universal Resistance, the Alpha Team once more, Zick and some of his friends and Discord himself. Who face with a great deal of villain fractions here and below.


This story with Black Star happens at the same time and the B Team and the other groups join up and help them deal with the Templar Order

The B Team and Slade's Ensemble will help in Act 2, Act 3, Act 4 and Act 6 of LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

The Alpha Team and Striker Force for Act 3, Act 5 and Act 6

Dr. Strange and the Multi-Universal Resistance for Act 2, Act 4 and Act 5

The B Team, Slade's Ensembles, and Team Free Will helps Black Star against Rodrigo, Cesare, Ganondorf, and Dark Lord in the second half.

Future Warfare

The B Team, Slade's Ensemble and Team Free Will will be in Future Warfare, which takes place nearly 60 years later, and will need to team up with Atlas Corporation to defend both the Multi-Universe and themselves against Zaheer and the Red Lotus.

The B Team and Slade's Ensemble both come from the present to the future while Castiel is more in the future though his allies are youthful as they were in heaven. Slade's Team and Bender's Team both get something from the future which they investigate and with Mr.Gold's knowledge of time travel and Isabella's convincing them to take action. The Two Teams do just that and meet the future hero teams, Slade and Bender's Team are warned by the future hero teams about their existence here as their future selves do exist and a paradox will be created so they need to knock their future selves unconsicousness. Bender and Discord sets to go after his and his friends's future selves while Slade decides to summon Castiel to help


Bender, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen, Jimmy Neutron, Finn, King Julian, Django and Marceline return as the orginial 9 of their team with Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Lydia and Discord joining for the ride working against a legion of Doom who wants them dead. Slade and Anti Cosmo with their ensemble return too to help them as they're on the hit list as well.


Ashley's Song featuring The B Team

Ashley's Song featuring The B Team

1. Ashley's Song

Starring Heloise, Bender, Skipper, King Julian, Jorgen, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Django, Twilight Sparkle, Frida Suarez, Spike, Shining Armor, Sagat, Stan Smith and Bubblegum

2. Prince Ali

Starring Bender, Skipper, King Julian, Finn, Heloise, Jorgen, Marceline, Ice King, Django, Twilight, Frida, Spike, Shining Armor, Sagat, Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Stan Smith and Sari

Prince Ali featuring the B team

Prince Ali featuring the B team

3. I wanna be a boy

Starring King Julian, Bender, Starfire, Skipper, Jorgen, Django, Axel, Marceline, Finn, Ice King, Heloise

Guest Starring Flapjack and Cap Knuckles

Wanna be a boy featuring King Julian

Wanna be a boy featuring King Julian

B Team Music Video 4 Party in Agrabah (200th video)

B Team Music Video 4 Party in Agrabah (200th video)

4. There's a Party in Agrabah

Starring Django, Spike, Discord, Bender, Skipper, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, King Julian, Shining Armor, Sagat, Jorgen, Ice King, Twilight Sparkle, Frida, Sari, Marceline, Stan Smith, Flame Princess, Lemon Tab, Alec Trevalyn, Reaver, Red Guy, Count Veger, Porky Minch, Obodiah Stane, Vega and Hopper

5. At The Opera Tonight

Starring Heloise, Isabella, Skipper, Twilight Sparkle, Bender, Jorgen Von Strangle, Django and King Julien

The B Team music video - At The Opera Tonight

The B Team music video - At The Opera Tonight

6. A Guy Like you

Starring Bender, Skipper, Heloise and Cap Knuckles

A Guy Like You Starring Bender,Skipper,Heloise,and Knuckles

A Guy Like You Starring Bender,Skipper,Heloise,and Knuckles

7. The Phantom of the Opera

Starring Heloise as Christine and the Shadowness as the Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of Opera Starring Heloise and The Shadowness

The Phantom of Opera Starring Heloise and The Shadowness

8.The Brony Song sung by The B Team
The B team sings the Brony song

The B team sings the Brony song

9. The Grand Design

Featuring Bender, The Joker, Asami Sato, Skipper, Heloise, Lizbeth, King Julian, Finn, Django of the Dead, Master Chief, Cortana, Meowth, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Phineas, Isabella, House, Big Boss, Stan Smith, Professor Pericles, Falco, Snake, Pinky, The Brain, Sandy, Sari Sumdac, Meta Knight, Mandark, Solidius Snake, Frost, Asoka, Q
The Grand Design featuring The B Team

The Grand Design featuring The B Team

10. Anti Heroes Mix and Mingle

Starring Heloise, Bender, Skipper, King Julian, Django of the Dead, and Moe, Captain Knuckles, Grim, Billy, Zordak, Brak and Jake Spidermonkey of the P Team

Anti Heroes Mix and Mingle Starring Heloise,Moe And B And P Team

Anti Heroes Mix and Mingle Starring Heloise,Moe And B And P Team

11. Snow and Heat Miser

Starring Bender, Skipper, Lizbeth, Heloise, Finn, Django, Captain Knuckles and the Soul Eater Gang
The B Team Vs Knuckles New Forces(I forgot about Kratos oh well)

The B Team Vs Knuckles New Forces(I forgot about Kratos oh well)

12. Christmas Rules

Starring Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Finn, Django, King Julian, Twilight, Dipper, Noah Parker, Stan, Jack Sparrow, Hiccup, Marceline, Ice King and their friends  
Christmas Rules featuring The B Team CMV

Christmas Rules featuring The B Team CMV

13. All I Want for Christmas This Year

Starring Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Starfire, Finn, Django, Captain Knuckles, the Soul Eater Gang, Death the Kid, Discord, Queen Narissa, Captain Falcon, Gnowman, Berserk, Zeus and others
The B and P Team All I Really wanted for Christmas

The B and P Team All I Really wanted for Christmas

The Brony song 2 at the Gala with the B team

The Brony song 2 at the Gala with the B team

14. At the Gala (Brony Version)

Starring Bender, Princess Bubblegum, Lizbeth, Mabel, King Julian, Finn and others