Tired of being discriminated because you're a hero or a villain? Here at the Cosmic Empire, we don't care about who you are, but how you can contribute to our organization.

If you would like to be a part of my rp story, subscribe to me and PM me who you want to be. You can either choose from this list (recommended) or suggest your own. Please note that I use a phone to access YouTube, so I am unable to post videos very often. Whenever I get access to a computer, I'll be sure to start making some!

Members of the Cosmic Empire:

  1. Johnathan Tangelo (me)
  2. Eris the Goddess of Chaos (menslady125)
  3. Phantom Fienox (me)
  4. Astra Fienox (MyHeartofJade1)
  5. Ja'nyde (MyHeartofJade1)
  6. John Yamato (lastswordfighter)
  7. Gabriel Voltaire (lastswordfighter)
  8. Dr. Ethan Lectric (me)
  9. Kerri Lectric (me)
  10. Riley Lectric (me)
  11. Chase Young (TheIkariSama)
  12. Ikari Young (TheIkariSama)
  13. Kera Young (TheIkariSama)
  14. The Skeleton King (open)
  15. Larxene (open)
  16. Emperor X (MarioMan2010)
  17. Ladydevimon (MarioMan2010)
  18. Luna X (MarioMan2010)
  19. Maggie X (MarioMan2010)
  20. Alpha X (Marioman2010)
  21. Lillian X (me)
  22. Anthony X (MarioMan2010)
  23. Alexia X (me)
  24. Rosy the Rascal (open)
  25. Rattlesnake Jake (The4everreival)
  26. Cynthia Tangelo (me)
  27. Oogie Boogie (open)
  28. Lock (open)
  29. Shock (open)
  30. Barrel (open)
  31. King Boo (sonofjafarreturns)
  32. Ghostfreak (open)
  33. Pumpkinator (open)
  34. Master Xehanort (lastswordfighter)
  35. General Grievous (22kingdomheartsfan)
  36. The Gentleman Ghost (open)
  37. The Titans (open)
  38. Father (open)
  39. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane (open)
  40. The Shadow Blot (MarioMan2010)
  41. Wilfro Furnox (TranquilKingFurnox)
  42. Julia Furnox (TranquilKingFurnox)
  43. Damon Furnox (TranquilKingFurnox)
  44. Ariana Furnox (TranquilKingFurnox)
  45. Astir Fienox (TranquilKingFurnox)
  46. Dia Fienox (TheIkariSama)
  47. Yami Bakura (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  48. Gabriel Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  49. Rainbow Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  50. Amy Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  51. Emily Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  52. Jenny Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  53. Rebecca Haywood (gokugtsupersaiyan)
  54. Killer Frost (MyHeartofJade1)
  55. Serenity Wheeler (TheIkariSama)
  56. Princess Luna (open)
  57. Devil Horn (UberUberLeet95)
  58. Deadpool (joiningthedarkside)
  59. Mystique (joiningthedarkside)
  60. Cad Bane (joiningthedarkside)
  61. Chibi Arceus (MarioMan2010)
  62. Chibi Palkia (me)
  63. Chibi Dialga (MarioMan2010)
  64. Dark Chibi (Weavile461)
  65. Dark Lord Sauron (lastswordfighter)
  66. Mr. Freeze (open)
  67. Glacia Freeze (GlaciaFreeze1991)
  68. Skullsatamon (open)
  69. Kotake (open)
  70. Koume (open)
  71. Twinrova (open)
  72. Tactimon (open)
  73. Vlad Plasmius (lastswordfighter)
  74. Mumm-Ra the ever-living (open)
  75. The Scarecrow (open)
  76. Count Bleck (open)
  77. Airachnid (TheMegatron1992)
  78. Nightmare (open)
  1. Metal Scourge (open)
  2. Eclipse Lumos (me)
  3. Eclipse Chronos (me)
  4. Eclipse Paleas (me)
  5. Ceru of Darkness (MissLenaAnarchy)
  6. Killer Croc (AsylumCroc)
  7. Maestro Forte (open)
  8. The Dollmaker (MrBrawler12)
  9. Mad Jack (MadJackDK64)
  10. Etna (shadowforcerules)
  11. Poison Ivy (open)
  12. Blight (open)
  13. Rouge the Bat (open)
  14. Naga (open)
  15. Chilli Billi (open)
  16. Chilly Willy (open)
  17. Frigisaurus (me)
  18. Ignosaurus (MarioMan2010)
  19. Saladasaur (open)
  20. Golbez (open)
  21. Sephiroth (open)

Phantom's Enemies:

  1. Eclipse Chaos (me)
  2. Eclipse Steelix (me)
  3. Eclipse Pyros (me)
  4. Eclipse Hydros (me)
  5. Eclipse Chiller (me)
  6. Eclipse Terra (me)
  7. Eclipse Stratos (me)
  8. Eclipse Snare (me)
  9. Eclipse Voltros (me)
  10. Freezaro (me)
  11. Cobra King (me)
  12. Omega (me)
  13. Dyron Fienox (MyHeartofJade1)
  14. Cecliate (Jorge199429)


Johnathan Tangelo
Jonathon tangelo yell

Johnathan Tangelo

Home Planet: Hailfire

Current Residence: Hailfire Castle

Age: 100 thousand years

Eye Color: green

Appearance: 20 year old man, spiky purple hair, kind smile

Abilities: spellcasting, warping,immortality, Hailfire Dragon transformation

Weapons: Sword of Redemption

Wife: Eris the Goddess of Chaos

Son: Ethan Lectric

Daughter-in-law: Kerri Lectric

Grandson (son's side): Riley Lectric

Eldest Daughter: Lillian X

Son-in-law: Alpha X

Grandson (daughter's side): Anthony X

Granddaughter: Alexia X

Youngest Daughter: Cynthia Tangelo

Second-in-command: the Skeleton King

Phantom Fienox
Phantom Fienox 2

Phantom Fienox

Home Planet: unknown

Current Residence: The Fienox beach house

Age: unknown

Eye Color: red

Appearance: dark skeleton, black robes, exposed skull

Abilities: warping, cyber transformation, Darkrai mech, Shadow Phantom

transformation, spell casting, immortality

Weapons: skeletal staff, blades of darkness, the Cosmic Sword

Father: Astir Fienox

Mother: Dia Fienox

Sister: Kerri Lectric

Brother-in-Law: Ethan Lectric

Nephew: Riley Lectric

Uncle (father's side): Wilfro Furnox

Aunt (father's side): Julia Furnox

Cousin (father's side): Damon Furnox

Uncle (mother's side): Chase Young

Aunt (mother's side): Ikari Young

Cousin (mother's side): Kera Young

Wife: Astra Fienox

Son: Dyron Fienox

Second-in-command: Tactimon

Apprentice: Metal Scourge