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Taurus Bulba is a criminal mastermind bull/machine villain who hails from the Darkwing Duck Universe as Darkwing's most dangerous enemy and one the central villains of the series working for Uka Uka and later Marceline's dad.

He is voiced by Tim Curry


Taurus Bulba is a dark and menacing villain, and one the most malicious villains ever to appear only barring The Joker, Marceline's dad, Galvatron and Jack of Blades. He has killed many people most notably Gosalyn's grandfather, and he told people it was an "accident", when he meant to do it. He willingly hurts children and women and to a degree prefers the former as opposed to men due to the way he antagonizes Gosalyn. Both Darkwing Duck and Bender have gained his hatred as they have defeated him and made him into machine twice over. He's out for revenge on both of them since. He is also highly clever and strong as he sees jail as a minor inconvenience and beats the crap out of Darkwing on quite basis


The V Team Island Adventure

He debuted here, after some problems as a machine/bull. Uka Uka offered him a opportunity to defeat Darkwing duck and a organic body if he joined him in his plans. He accepted and worked as one of his boss's highest henchmen. Taurus antagonized and attacked the heroes and V Team and Bender encountered the bull and faced him down on many occasions proving just like Darkwing he could best the mad bull. He returned in the end to face Jorgen and Hades with Brother Blood, but they were defeated and killed

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Or was he? Alt Doofenschimtz brought Taurus back as a cyborg and gave him a chance for revenge by joining Marceline's dad in his plans. He accepted and once more became a high ranked villain in his empire


Tarus Bulba is recurited by Eobard alongside his allies Brother Blood, Eggman Nega and Uka Uka to go into the past villain syndicate with The Joker being his boss of the group. Once again being an associate to Him, Darkwarrior and Eggman Nega. He gives the file Joker found on Bender and Slade to Darkwarrior on Sektor's order. Tarus joins Toffee, Darkwarrior, Thawne and Joker in going after the Disney Well using his connection to Disney and teams up with Darkwarrior to fight their own opponents once they found Bender and co.  

Tarus harnesses Disney magic for himself to use to take out Hunson Abadeer and Alt Doof and undermines the two with Joker and Darkwarrior. He nearly kills them and others, though he ultimately meets his end at the hands of The Legends.  

Allies: Marceline's dad, Uka Uka, Alternate Doofenschimtz, No Heart, Eggman Nega, the Joker (reluctantly)

Enemies: Darkwing Duck, Bender, Gosalyn, Jorgen, Hades, the V Team, Skipper, Starfire, The B Team, Slade, Slade's Ensemble