Name: Starscream

Race: Cybertronian deity

Group: Allies of the Children of the Autobots

Likes: He used to love power, but now loves freedom

Dislikes: Being used as someone's pawn

Biggest strength: His love for Alexis

Biggest weakness: Has had a bunch of weaknesses in the past but he's working them out.

Occupation: Autobot

Quote: "I believed my destiny was here I stand ready to lead my children to victory."

Voiced by: Michael Dobson

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's Story)

Once second-in-command to Megatron, Starscream was always seeking a way to overthrow Megatron and take leadership of the Decepticons. Of course, he always failed, but that didn't stop him.

Then one day, he overheard Megatron talking with Thrust, and it was then that Starscream realized that Megatron had only been using him for his own personal gain. This angered Starscream greatly, and he vowed that he would destroy Megatron. In hopes of having a better chance to do so, he went to the Autobots. He was not quite on their side, though...just his own side.

Optimus, however, believed that Starscream could become like the Autobots, standing for peace and freedom. This was also believed by a young human girl, Alexis, who was a friend of the Autobots. When no one else seemed to trust him, Alexis did. When Starscream brought back a rock from Mars, Alexis made him a chamois to clean his Mini-Cons as a thank-you present.

Now the chamois is all that Starscream has left of Alexis, whom he has grown to love dearly. At present, Starscream has become an Autobot who is ever willing to aid his new children should they need his help...and also hopes that along the way he will find Alexis.

Even though he's a good guy now, Starscream still has a lot to make up for. But some people might not be able to forgive some of his more darker acts.

New Team Ironhide/Mervamon and Ponydramon

In this storyline, Starscream was still evil and a member of Team Megatron Prime, but left the Decepticons, joined Team Ironhide and brought two new friends for them: Sailor Omega and Sailor World.


Star Saber - Starscream uses the Star Saber, a sword formed by three Mini-Cons: Sonar, Jetstorm and Runway

Wing Blade - Starscream uses one of his wings as a sword bathed in red energy

Starlight Snare - similar to Angewomon's Heaven's Charge, Starscream uses this power to ensnare opponents

Star Barrier - summons a shield of star energy

Star Barrier Reflection - a stronger version of Star Barrier that can deflect enemy attacks and throw them back at the enemy

Meteor Swarm - summons a great shower of meteors

Healing Star - summons a bright star of divine healing power that Starscream tells to heal wounds of one or more allies

Powerlink - Starscream links up with his Mini-Con, Swindle

Null Laser Cannon - with the help of Swindle, Starscream uses two shoulder-mounted cannons to fire beams of incredibly strong energy

Armada gallery

Prime Gallery

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