Spencer Damon
Dr. Spencer Damon is a character from Digimon Data Squad.

He is voiced by Jeff Nimoy.

Dr. Damon is a digital researcher and a member of the exploration team that Richard Sampson, Homer Yushima, Kevin and Michelle Crier, and Akihiro Kurata were members of, as well as the father of Marcus Damon.He was the creator of the Data Link Digivice and Digivice Burst concepts. 

His body was stollen by King Drasil during his time in the Digital World and was like that for 10 years until Marcus had to sacrafice him in an attempt to defeat King Drasil. After Marcus repaired the Space Continuum, separating the two worlds, King Drasil resurrected Dr. Damon as a gift to him and his friends.

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