The Sons of the Harpy are a militant group from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, serving as the main antagonists of Daenerys' storyline in Season 5. They are a group of Ghiscari from Meereen and Astapor who were originally the officers that command the Unsullied if the city is attacked. They are suspected of being noble Meereenese families who oppose Daenerys Targaryen and her occupation of their city, and wish to restore slavery in Meereen by removing Daenerys from rulership of the city.

Since Daenerys took Meereen, they started slaying Freedmen, Unsullied, and Shavepates. They mostly attack at night, and also attempt to poison Daenerys at some point. Noble Meereen families who are main suspects of being Sons of the Harpy are Loraq, Zhak, Pahl, Quazzar, Uhlez, Ghazeen, Hazkar, Dhazzak, Yherizan and Merreq. They are indirect allies of Yunkai.

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