Snide is a weasel like mechantic who once worked for King K Kool.

The B Team Storyline

He started out working for Vilgax. But he was betrayed by King K Rool and also left Vilgax after the alien was getting too annoying. He moved his operations to Dk Island where he decides to help The B Team by asking them to look for blueprints to Porky's and Vilgac's alliance weapons so he can use them to destroy them and he will offer them Power Sources, and Locations as a honorary member of the B Team

Allies: The Donkey Kong Family, Bender, Skipper, Django of the Dead, Marceline, King Julian, Jorgen Von Strangle, Ice King, Heloise, Twlight Sparkle, Spike, Frida Suarez, Shining Armor

Enemies: King K Rool, Vilgax and his Alliegance

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