Slade (full name Slade Wilson, possibly known better as Deathstroke) is a criminal mastermind, mercenary, and assassin who is one of the initial main villains in LOTM, although in recent adventures he has been cast in an anti-hero role, aiding his foes and eventually reforming to oppose many villains, especially if they`re weirdos in purple suits and green hair. For the most part he doesn't exactly work with other villains, but unlike the Joker he has his reasons.

The only times he worked with other villains was when he worked against bigger threats than the villains and Slade.

Villain-wise, he is very successful since he got what he wanted, an empire ran by him and his associates. He is The4everrevival's favorite villain to write for in the series alongside Hunson Abadeer and Discord for how his character developed.

Who he really is unknown to all except Anti Cosmo, Celes Chere, Bender, and Skipper. However in Legends of Light and Darkness we finally learned who he is.

He is very skilled with weapons as well as fighting hand to hand. His most often used weapon is a bo staff like Robin, but he also has a fondness for using a Moonraker Laser Gun which he acquired in Aztec when fighting the League of Darkness.

Having vast and almost unlimited sources, this makes him quite a threat. Slade is someone who is very scientific, having created his own robots to resemble himself as well as mooks, designs a great deal of his own weaponry as welling as making his own chemical agents. Despite this, Slade only uses his robotic resembling mooks for his other activities and acts personally.

Slade also runs his own country in the Multi-Universe with himself as the president. With his main staff consisting of him, Anti Cosmo , Celes , Hades, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Sideshow Bob and Eddy of the V Team. He is also one of the only 5 members of Slade's Ensemble to have stayed since the beginning alongside Anti Cosmo, Hades, Mojo Jojo and HIM.

Greatest Strength: He is amazingly skilled at manipulation and making plans.

Greatest Weakness: One of his problems was underestimating the bond between heroes. He is at least trying to learn from his mistakes in his own way (that way being in that he reformed).

Evil Plans

1. Take over the Multi-Universe in The Beginning

2. Find Purgatory and steal the souls to maintain his position in the Multi-Universe (Slade Strikes Back)

Alignment: Evil (The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back), Neutral (The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Adventure), Anti Hero (Legends of Light and Darkness and beyond)

Height: 6'4 (making him much taller than Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Nina, Edd, and Anti Cosmo) and he and Bender are around the same height

Main Allies: Anti Cosmo, Bender, Black Star, Castiel, Skipper, Celes Chere,  Hades,  Eddy. Harry Wells

Worst Enemies: The Joker, Malefor, Rodrigo Borgia

Voiced by: Ron Perlman

Slade is possibly the Multi-Universe's most recurring villain though he is only an antagonist in The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back. While serves as an ally in the rest of the stories, helping the B Team led by Bender the 2nd command of his adversaries against their own threats.

His theme song


Slade is a tall grown man in his 40s clad in Black and Grey armor. As one notices he wears a orange, brown like mask on his face, and is missing his right eye due to an accident during his assassin/mercenary days before his criminal mastermind career.


Like most villains, he was a cunning sinister, sociopath who was interesting in accumulating power in the Multi-Universe and taking over it. He has no alliance to Megatron/Galvatron believing he was no use to his plans learning his lesson from the last time he made a deal with godly being and even dislikes the deception, said godly being Raven's father Trigon. No one knows his plans for the Multi-Universe, although the one thing that is known is that he wants to rule the Multi-Universe with his minions and wants the heroes to join him in this quest to do so. Being Highly Smart, Slade makes several plans and succeeds in them with Slade Strikes Back being a true example being Slade literally Struck Back.

Although ruthless, he respects a hero of determination, courage and strength such as his archenemy Dib and some of his friends such as Bender, Lizbeth and Skipper. He seems to also be a man of his word as he always keeps his part of a bargain when he makes a deal with anyone. While he is evil, he does have standards and will work with the heroes against anyone worse than him such as Joker, Megatron, the Master and Uka Uka. He believes the Disney Angels can lead the Multi-Universe into a new renaissance and wants them so he can have them work for him without worry. Unlike most villains Slade learns from his mistakes and doesn't do the same trick again. Examples include underestimating his younger foes, and not taking direct action in The Beginning and Then in Slade Strikes Back, he takes more direct action in the story, doesn't underestimate the heroes and succeeds in his plans though he doesn't take over the multi universe.

Slade while still being in a way the same person shows he is really quite the anti hero as if he notices a menacing presence such as Uka Uka or Malefor he instantly acts against them and proves to be very helpful to the heroes in these cases. He also dislikes the Deceptions and prefers the Autobots even when he was still a villain as it's better to have the universe in balance and not in destruction. Slade also has a low opinion on Megatron, considering him not to be a grand evil conquer but a petulant child with a conquer complex and daddy issues because Optimus was daddy's favorite.

Also in spite of this he does regard many of his team mates to be his friends in Anti Cosmo, Hades, Mojo, Sideshow Bob, Captain Hook and HIM. He also develops a mutual respect and partnership with Bender , Heloise and Skipper the more Slade allies himself with them against worst foes.


The Beginning

Slade appears as the main antagonist of the story with Anti Cosmo his second in command against Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Casper, Kyle, Wendy and eventually Django of The Dead. 

Slade Strikes Back

Slade served again as one of the main antagonists of the story with The Joker his former sub-coordinate who returned as the other main antagonist. Emperor X, The False Disney Stars and Bender all get in acting as a main villain role too with Slade co-operating with the latter.

He causes problems for the crew once more though Joker causes his fair share. He is actually in jail but he fines ways out and acts as part of the Police force as Dane Lisslow to get parts of his plan into work while Anti Cosmo deals with the rest of it. Slade eventually is paroled thanks to his and Anti Cosmo's manipulations. Slade leaves and begins working on his plans to keep his ongoing power of his kingdom from being taken by going after Disney Magic. When The Joker returns and goes after The V Team, Slade knows Joker is causing trouble for them. At the funeral for the relatives, he finds Lizbeth and then afterwards he finds Bender and Slade convinces him to join up with him to defeat The Joker. At this point Slade and Bender start hunting down the False Disney Stars to find this magic for their own ends. The two hunted down and captured them and interrogated information out of them. They also had a hand in Emperor X as Slade had the idea to bring him against Joker and Bender begins to insult The Joker constantly, so Joker will send him after them and they can insure his co-operation.

After that when they found the Joker, they also were confronted by the mother of the false of the Disney stars who wanted them to bring Slade to her so she can take revenge on hibachi and the crew tried to capture him with the other heroes but they were not successful in their attempts due to Slade's mooks. Once they knocked her out unconsciousness, the group discusses how Slade escaped. After that, Bender waits for Slade and calls him on trying to attack Dib and the others, and threatens if Slade harms a hair on their head, he will murder Slade and bury him next to The Joker.Duff's unconscious body is found by Slade and Bender and bring her to the lab.

After more talk with the heroes, Slade goes on Bender's case for the fact that Dib nearly catching him, but Bender reminds Slade that part of the deal was that Slade isn't to harm or kill M.O.D.A.B  as the robot wants to help his friends but he must also keep them from killing Slade. Slade and Bender decide to stall to wait when Hillary wakes up with Slade going after her children and Bender going after The Joker. Slade then has his allies kidnap Boomer and Nina's friends and have them call Dib so he can back off and stay away from him. Dib tells the others with Lizbeth and Bubbles about this which has Bender go to him and confront him about the abduction. Slade states that he was exploiting a loop hole and that by doing this Dib won't be chasing them as a result. After this Slade attacks The Anime Empire Castle to steal power sources from Joker so X can have his true power back while Bender chases down The Emperor to ensure he isn't killed by Joker. After their success Hillary wakes up and the two decide to force information out of her. Hillary asks the duo what do they want with the magic, Bender wants it to defeat The Joker and prevent his plan while Slade wants it to keep his position secure to ensure his rivals don't usurp him and to insure Joker doesn't try anything against him. Hillary has her false stars help her try to kill Slade and Bender as the two refuse to stand down and she threatens to reveal their allegiance to the others. Slade has none of it and manages to crack her and he chooses to let her go. Duff refuses which signals Bender to use the dip with Slade which kills her forces the others to retreat.

Slade and Bender both successfully find the Disney Magic and use it as planned as having their friends do battle with each other. The Joker however discovered Bender and Slade's alliance and threatened them to stand down. Joker threatened Bender that he would tell Dib and the heroes about his deception and allying with Slade and Slade with the truth of his alliance and blackmailing Slade with his plan to infest the universe with his parasites infecting Slade's army. They refused and Slade believed they must have a back up plan, so Slade alerted Hades who served as his undercover agent in The Children of Megatron about Joker to have the deception kill Joker though they both believe that Joker may be still kicking after this but Joker drove them to this.

Afterwards Bender and Slade used the magic they took against The Joker to foil his plans to infect the multi universe. They succeeded in their plan against The Joker and used the stolen magic to do what they wanted, Slade to visit the real world as he and his army were exhausted after their fight with Joker's army he raised with X Parasites and Bender to stop the X Parasite invasion of Joker and taking the rest of Joker's allies to hell.

He became less evil in Slade Strikes Back where he was more well intention in his goals and secretly helped the heroes against Joker who once worked for him and then betrayed him to destroy the Multi-Universe He allied himself with Anti Cosmo, Bender and The Children of the Autobots against him . He returned in a smaller role in The V Team Island Adventure and The Great Time Travel Adventure as an anti heroic ally to the heroes against the double threats of Uka Uka and Marceline's dad. After TGSST he manages to find the B Team incidentally and invites to his wedding since he finally found love with a woman named Celes from the Final Fantasy universe and he introduces his new sub coordinates. As of Legends of Light and Darkness, Slade has met every main villain still alive except for Terrance Lewis though TGTTA 2 will change that.

Legends of Light and Darkness

He returns to his main character role after a long while with Anti Cosmo, Celes and his team. Slade joins forces with Bender and Hiccup against The League of Darkness. Slade serves as the deuteragonist to Bender's protagonist and Hiccup's triagonist.

The event that led to happening here was when the gang of Final Fantasy 6 battled Kefka and when he destroyed the world, the gang was all separated and he lost his memory and he was involved with Celes Chere. He was lost but he was saved by an anti fairy named Anti Cosmo and they became best friends. He and Anti Cosmo tried to find Celes but failed to though they did learn about Angewomon and the Children of the Autobots. The reveal of how Slade Wilson came to be was when he lost his memory from a terrible fall to the head as Anti Cosmo said that was a cooler name. Slade desired power and control so he went to Jump City and with the help of Anti Cosmo he interacted his plan against the Titans to find an apprentice to help them find Celes in the case of Slade dying from age or something like that

When Trigon was defeated, Slade and Anti Cosmo tried to take over the Multi-Universe so they could find Celes and save it from Megatron though the heroes stopped him, and he was uncomfortable with with the Joker who was part of the clown posse with Kefka (The man Anti Cosmo remembers caused all this). When Joker returned in Slade Strikes Back, like Bender and Anti Cosmo he saw Joker a bigger problem. As a result Slade, Anti Cosmo and Bender all joined forces with the Children of the Autobots against the Joker, and Slade told the robot about Angewomon and Optimus when proposing their deal, making the two responsible for how he works with them

He oversees and overhears Malefor's intent with the Multi-Universe somewhere in the universe. He contacts his allies and alerts them to the Purple Dragon and his forces. Anti Cosmo is told to see him specifically as they will need to get the help of an old trusted friend. Slade somehow manages to get to the Channel Awesome universe with Anti Cosmo in time to confirm more on the League of Darkness to Bender and the other heroes. Slade is the eleventh character to show up and he is dressed as the dread pirate Roberts. This confuses Bender and Anti Cosmo as they both wonder who he is. He states he's Slade, and alongside the other guys he is disgusted by Axel's gag crotch. Slade is called by Master Albert to learn about Model W, afterwards he instructs his scientists to work with Heloise on a Model W tracker.

Slade for the first time goes to Equestria with his allies and is a bit stunned to see its devastation, after getting some info from Megabyte and Bowser, he alongside the latter attack the armies that have attacked Equestria. Slade alongside Anti Cosmo and Celes follow Bender to the 2nd location, and he seems like a henpecked husband. He sneaks into an old warehouse and alongside Bender, Skipper,Heloise, Anti Cosmo and Celes disguises himself as a solider. They are eventually figured though Bender takes action and shoots Saddler's staff out of his hand. He ambushes Miles Quantrich when he talked to Dredd and battled him until Quantrich was knocked unconscious.

He then helps Anti Cosmo and Celes deal with Qunatrich's men and Saddler. He returns with the others and is surprised at the two strangers on his plane. Slade with the others arrive at Interpol where they meet Jack Bauer who joins the group and hands them a few words of consideration. He gets the info on What Jr will do and he has Bowser bring him the doom ship. He stalls Khan for Bender to get to the ship to stop Jr. It works but his ship is destroyed by Galactia Knight. When they use Bender's ship, Slade compliments him on the ship and joins Skipper in watching the interrogation on Tremlolo. Slade overhears Jack Bauer's comments on Fender and fakes amusement when HIM tells them that he prefers to mind fuck with the others.

He is next seen on Darkseid's ship where he refuses to bow to the god and conspires with Phantom R, Marie, Anti Cosmo, Celes and Hades a way to escape. He gets Bender up and the two captains attack Darkseid and his forces with Slade alongside his 2 top commanders giving back up to Orion and Hades. He reports back to Bender that Evil Manta has taken his Alpha Friends to safety. Mojo gives him news regarding Nerissa's message and Will. Khan impedes on the communications and tries to force him and Bender to surrender. These two leaders spit on his threat like the ones in charge that they are. He suggests an evasive tactic but he's perfectly with Heloise teleporting them away from the threat. Slade comes up with a plan to deal with Khan with help of Anti Cosmo, HIM and Megabyte. When Alie and Bender both suspect a trap with the latter saying to let them have their fun, before we have ours Slade is very much agreeing on this. Due to Anti Cosmo's magic, Slade and the others crawl through the vents though like Bender and Suede he has a tough time due to the being the largest of the 8 going through. Slade and Bender both decide to duel with Khan which Suede joins in to help them.

Slade arrives at Zordon's place where he meets Malefor and the three criminals. Slade shows no fear confronting him just like Bender does. Malefor warns the duo that they will be killed if they intervene against him. To make matters worse Joker returns which makes Slade worry though he is more angry that Joker is back. Slade decides he must tell his allies about him.

Slade in Act 5 will learn Bender's long coming back story before he met everyone alongside Anti Cosmo and Skipper.

Slade discusses with his comrades about the horror that plagues them that is the clown. He also makes it noteworthy to them through Heloise that Joker once worked for Slade and Anti Cosmo. When getting his pirate ship, he has Evil Manta help out the team since this is a place for someone like him. Slade then asks for Bender, Skipper and Anti Cosmo to help him in what looks like a time machine. He uses Bender`s time code which is a way around the time police and uses to make sure no one can find them. He made a forwards time machine, so one can`t change history or do something disgusting like sleeping with your grandmother. However the four arrive in the year 10000 accidentally. Slade and Anti Cosmo get in a disagreement due to what happened before Bender gets back with the info on Joker. Slade encourages Skipper, AC and Bender to keep on moving since the four must be able to find a backwards time machine. The four travel through many time periods to no avail, they almost get back in fifty million, but Bender out of anger for them skipping the good future screws it. Slade and the four land at the very end of the Multi-Universe itself which depresses Skipper. Slade agrees to watching the Multi-Universe end with a bang by drinking with Skipper, Bender and Anti Cosmo as they watch the Multi-Universe be destroyed. However a second one begins to form and this gives the four new hope. As they time travel to the present, Slade makes a stop and shoots Hitler, however Slade screws it up and they go around again. Slade tries to shoot Hitler again, but instead he hits Eleanor Roosevelt.

When they do get back Slade overhears Bender's heartbreaking past and tries to help him let go of Dib since he's never going to be Bender's real son. Slade and the others arrive at the town where Malefor and Darkseid's forces fight. They confront The Joker and Bender deals with him himself while the three do what they can. Slade and Skipper fight Carnage and Saix, they seem to have an advantage until Horvath intervenes and tries to kill them. Anti Cosmo and Bender crash in with Manhattan, Stan and Wendy who Slade joins. Shortly Joker tries to kill the seven with a satellite laser and they manage to get away. Slade ejects and with Bender, Anti Cosmo, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Suede and Isabella kills Ursula. Slade sees Isabella come back and overhears the news regarding Channel Awesome. When Axel and Slade's allies figure out who Model W is Dr. Weil, Bender and Orion explain to Slade who Weil is as he's a old enemy of Bender, Dib, Lizbeth and Knuckles and their teams. Slade is one of the only four characters who has seen the end of the Multi-Universe and the creation of another one which was possible through a forwards time machine.

Slade explains that Joker is known by his whole team as a result  of Joker being an ex member of his plans. Since they must know the traitors of the team. Slade manages to locate the four fractions that Giovanni and Ozai have placed around the map and he takes his time to explain who is the problem in each area. Slade and Bender tell Phineas that they don't think Katara turned evil but more that Dr. Weil is exerting control over her. He reminds the villains not to attack the dogs, while he trusts them.

He has Jack and Will keep an eye on them just in case. Slade calls Jack Bauer out on his vicious torture of Bowser Jr. When Junior makes his intent to side with them, Slade welcomes Junior into his ensemble and then heads off with Bender, Anti Cosmo, Jack Bauer, Skipper and Heloise. Slade and Anti Cosmo find the 2nd Model X Fragment and get into a confrontation with Giovanni and Ozai. The criminals are chased off by Nostalgia Critic when Slade makes mention of a bat credit card. He and the team try to get out of Jackaland Hyena what Malefor intends to do with Equestria. Though they refuse to answer which prompts Hades to melt them in molten lava. Slade, while waiting for Hiccup, comments on his unusualness. Slade comments that it's time for the final trail before the Malefor war and asks Annette if she was who set the message to them, Annette states no to Slade as she didn't. He learns the Model Zs are in his castle which gets the others to go to his castle in the Cartoon Wasteland while welcoming Junior and Ventress to his team. Slade's allies Sideshow Bob and Ocelot welcome him back to his castle where him and Bender work with Hunson against Dr. Weil.

Slade is ready to go down to the caverns of his castle with Bender and Hiccup. Slade sent his allies to go after and destroy the Destroyer while he, Anti Cosmo, Celes and Hades help the team. Once reaching the fork in the road, Slade takes his own way while the other two do their own. The four take their own path while where Slade learned about the Destroyer and sent to the allies of his. He compares himself to Bruce Wayne, as they go around. Slade suspects Weil and Discord are spying on them. Slade learns of the perpetrator attacking his castle and unbeknownst to him it's Obodiah Stane as the four set off to get Stane. Slade investigates the area and gets his Model Z and an confrontation with Obodiah Stane. Slade then reveals to Bender and Skipper who he truly is and his back story that led to the events before hand. Slade is one of the three chosen partners of Model X

Slade leads the team to Destination 1 where Shade, Stan, Wendy, Hiccup and Astrid take their missions. Slade then heads off on his own mission while Bender opens the way for the team. Slade and his team find and take out the Destroyer while Phineas and Isabella take Mitch who threatened them. Bender and Slade both then get Dredd arrested by saving Manhattan and Scamp from the self destructing ship. Slade then sets off to fight Malefor and Khan with Bender before he mourns for Luthor's death as he sacrifices himself to stop Darkseid. Slade helps Hiccup and Bender fight the duo of Darkness before winning. Slade and the team kill Malefor and Captain H arrives, Slade and Bender don`t trust him specifically as he reveals himself as Hazama. Slade gets shocked as well when it`s revealed that Bender`s friend Sari betrayed the heroes and was responsible for quite a few of their problems. Slade alongside HIM, Dr.Doom, Ocelot, Bowser, Hades, Mojo, Anti Cosmo and Celes fight Hazama with Bender And The B Team as well As Discord. Slade swears Hazma is to go down and is surprised to see Megabyte stay to continue stopping Hazama.

Slade and Anti Cosmo help in prepare the weddings, as Bender is trying to find Axel, though Slade doubts it he is alive. At the wedding, Slade decides on a new group name for them though they all plan to retire after this. Slade meets Celestia and announces their plans to retire, and he isn't sure to trust Discord due to what Discord has did to Bender and Hiccup. He also believes the Autobots are able to forgive him for what he has done.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate


LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Slade returns again with Anti Cosmo to join forces with Bender, Blue, Zick and Dr.Strange against the Sinisters of Evil and the Children of BlackGarurumon. Slade also sees Discord on the mission and like Death and Blue he doesn't trust Discord due to his actions as Slade helped Bender keep an eye on him during Totally Mobian Spies with his ensemble

Slade may also join forces with Black Star alongside Bender, Dr. Strange, Kratos, Zick and Blue and help him deal with the Templar Order for the second half of Black Pool. Though Anti Cosmo and Him keep their role in Isle Tour and help Bender and Zick.

He and Anti Cosmo were contacted by Saul who meet again with Bender and his friends as well Death The Kid. Slade tells the crew that his team was attacked by a Sinister of Evil member Michael Myers and BlackGreymon who his team escaped and forced them to flee. The two went alone not to put their team at risk also because they are the most acquainted. He also tells Heloise that Myers' group was responsible for Jimmy's kidnapping. He also backs up Kid and his partners in not trusting Discord when he gets annoying that they don't trust him. Slade like Stardash is surprised that Batman is alive. He meets Dr.Strange and asks the doctor why he needs him, Bender and the rest. Slade calls Gohan out on violating the bro code with Aang after the former lets something slip. He meets Batman again and explains to the bat about Dib's death and Discord's role who he reminds he's tolerating because Dr. Strange and Bender asked him too.

Slade tells Suede and the rest that BlackGarurumon and Mister Sinister both have allies in the area and since unlike Blue and Strange, they don't have any true opposition. Slade makes notice that their mountain is more of a volcano and warns the others about it and isn't surprising about Bender changing his metal due to the airport security.

Slade and others arrive in a volcano base looking for a tablet and he informs the crew he made precautions which Gohan has done too. When crossing the hot magma, Slade has the others brace themselves as Sinisters of Evil member is sensed by Dr.Manhattan. Slade and the others find what they have been looking for until Macbeth steals which has him, Gohan, Anti Cosmo and Jack Bauer chasing him down. Slade and Kid get Bender back on the ship and tell him about his daughter's potential with her power. Slade is present with the others during White Wolf's capture and when they begin talking about Twilight and Sunset, he tells them to just do something instead of comparing sizes.

Slade asks Anna what she saw, and he finds out her sister is involved and being controlled by Garret Bobby Furgerson before taking a visit to Gold's pawnshop. Slade overhears Bender's issue regarding who to bring back between Dib, and the penguins. Slade suggests the latter since it would be more worth it if he did the harder thing. When Kid and Makoto agree to investigate for Bender, he and Anti Cosmo suggest to have Chun-Li investigate as she's a detective, Anti Cosmo, Suede and Slade all manage to deduct Aleu was kidnapped by Mike Myers. Slade then meets Jaeris and Zhuge after escaping a blown train and goes with them to a temple which could help them find the sea temple.Slade and Anti Cosmo make their way to the temple with Jaeris and Zhuge only for Predaking to show up again and make an attempt on their lives, they try to find a way but magic won't affect Predaking except on his chest which is what they use when Jaeris distracts it.Slade and Anti Cosmo both reach the temple where Zhuge and Jaeris explain about the movement before meeting Kid and Makoto who explain they found nothing else.

Slade and his friends leave the temple to find GBF trying to take their Apple of Eden. So all 10 of them take them and get them. When Jesse shows up and gets them all out of the situation aware of both Bender and Slade, he also has the Valentine bros, Harkon and Jerry attack the 10 which they do brush off if with difficulty. Afterwards they meet with their friends and Isabella collapses which everyone goes to the hospital. Afterwards Slade learns about the condition regarding Isabella being complete in mutantism.

Slade and Anti Cosmo trap the ghost haunting Sunil to let Skipper, Bender and Phineas find him. To their surprise it’s Casper who for some reason isn’t trying to hurt or get the others on Slade and Anti Cosmo. Being surprised they ask how or who send them. Slade and Bender decide to escape under Strange's request when the whole league is called in for arrest, before they are shot down by Soran which they do escape. Slade and Bender though meet Kratos who offers to help. After that, he and the others are walking through a burdened land rather tired and meet up with Cruger who Slade and Anti Cosmo mistake for an antromorphic dog.

Slade calls up Strange and Samson who inform of the new friends. Once Slade comes back they plan their move with Slade believing that Kid should go searching for the missing parts. He joins with Bender to find the second disco ball where he explains to a confused Casper and Wendy about what happened with Phineas's girlfriend Isabella. Slade and the team go after the second disco ball and end up caught by Anarky and his allies, Slade of courses sarcastically says Joy when they decide one execution which lucky Discord and the others prevent and Slade notices the Digimon hasn't given up

Slade and co all rush to the prison where the bastard killed their friends with set up executions and Isabella tells them about the protocol she learned.After the plan is put in place, Slade goes with Bender, Skipper, Anti Cosmo, Heloise, Phineas, Suede, Jack Bauer, Gohan, Twilight Sparkle, Sora, Casper, Wendy, Discord and Mr.Gold to a different graveyard which has a purpose to the pieces of their treasure while Bender and Skipper are trying to discuss who to bring back from the dead with the star they can access with the pieces and going to find more of the cure. Slade and Anti Cosmo do work on Jack White Act when they see Discord watching Porn and get a boner, they tell him to turn it off when Gold comes in and snarks that this is what they do. Slade meets with the team and Buffy who helps out the main characters with Jack White and the Niburu. They learn to their horror that Jack White was The Joker. Slade and the crew meet Jesse and he gives them directions and a warning which Slade gets suspicious. Sora and Slade get suspicious in that getting the piece parts as nothing truly was standing between them and they were right when the Children of BlackGarurumon ambush them.Slade  and the others escape from jail and watch as Bender with Discord systemically eliminated much of BlackGarurumon's group with poisoned tequila. Slade gets back to the team and he with Anti Cosmo know that Sinister is here and Twilight is mapping out a route with Heloise. Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord and Mr. Gold all insure Bender and Strange enter the castle when Predaking shows up and offers to spare their lives if they tell him where the robot due to the poisoning, Slade refuses as does the other three and Predaking begins chasing them, However Discord and the Striker Force put it down, netted, sedated and cuffed while Discord and Mr. Gold get back to the safety zone. The four of them and the Striker Force also run into Belle and Hook who shoots Belle in the back with a bullet that eliminates one's memory. Gold furious about this tries to burn Hook alive with it, Discord however throws a car at him. Slade joins the team in going to Neverland as Rose has to inform them of what's ahead and they get caught by Pan who knows of Lizbeth and Boomer though thanks to Discord and Isabella they are saved and learn more on Joker through the many Harley Quinns over the year.

Slade and co reach the Courage Kingdom where he and the other villains throw Predaking and Theodora in the interrogation, with the former, Slade shows the truth about what happened and Predaking is enraged that BlackGarurumon did this and joins Slade to get revenge on him. Slade also decides to work with Cruger on their next mission. Cruger, Slade, Anti Cosmo and the team learn that BlackGarurumon's allies are there and from Slade's ally Jonas Hodges that they are relocating their base and that must find their next piece of the treasure in the pyramid using inconvenient means. Slade, Anti Cosmo and the Striker Force lead on the pyramid to find their piece which has Starkiller fight the trio of Hans, Jack Welker, Philip Bauer while Slade and Anti Cosmo fight Blue who shows up by coincidence.</span>Slade joins up with the rest of the heroes and  destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.

Mr.Gold senses some kind of magic and gets Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Gohan, Twilight, Castiel, Casper, Kid and Makoto over there and tells them it's ressurection magic which does bring people back temporarily but the price is the come back wrong and/or lose their memories and they must be recovered. As they all discuss Peter Pan enters the room and toys with them in that he will find Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Knuckles and Crona take  them to Neverland and torture them until they arrive and then kill them in front of them. That can be anywhere, with the waters of Neverland all over,  Pan can be all powerful anywhere, Bender calls Pan on not doing it immediately who admits he's just fucking with them while insulting and taunting Mr.Gold. Slade arrives in Springfield and gets to Bart, Black Star and Colonel Star and Stripes as they all head to the Simpsons Household and begin planning what to do though Marceline figures them out and they all begin talking with her. Slade and Anti Comso work with the villains to kill Ultraman where they succeed after singing War with Cas, Bender and Black Star. Slade and Anti Cosmo return to the ship and this is where Dib comes in And Darkwing tries to attack as he believes they're still evil though Skipper and Bender defend him.

Slade with all the other villains Hook, Anti Cosmo, Jesse, Russell, Mr.Gold, Anarky and Theodora go through their own trial of honesty in that are they keeping things from each other. Anti Cosmo and Slade as well as Jesse and Russell are both tested on their relationship and it turns out that they really are friends which appeases the door. Slade decides for him and Black Star to chase the triumvirate of the Neo Umbrella Corporation. Slade works on and fights many villains such as Frank Damico, Albert Wesker, Shinzon, BlackGarurumon and the Niburu. Though their work is done, he stays by the B Team and Team Free Will.


Slade and Bender join up with Black Star and his friends against the Templar Order in 4 acts of the former story. Slade also informs his allies about the case and gets them to Black Star to help them when he, Bender and the rest aren't there available.

Slade also meets Black Star after hearing much about him from Bender, the B Team and Discord. He also was the one who informed Knuckles about Discord in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny.

Future Warfare

Slade and members of his team return as a result of them getting a future signal from the future, where he alerts Bender to this when he calls and the two figure out it's the future and they decide to head to the future to figure out what's going on and prevent it from happening to them.


Slade returns with the rest of the heroes to serve as one of the main characters with Anti Cosmo, Hades, Celes and his ensemble alongside Bender and the B Team. Slade's past self will also be a main character as well. Both Slade and Bender find themselves facing an old adversary they faced before in Eobard Thawne.

Ever since their last adventure, Slade has worked with Anti Cosmo to improve the captial city of his world and they just finished their greatest contraption of entertaiment. Both of them run the businesses with Hades as the face, After opening Slade and Anti Cosmo go up to the office to accept a shipment only for Hades to show up on the two reveaiing the news he got from Mojo Jojo and Sideshow Bob. This is where he finds The Joker and Thawne and is attacked by them both. Thawne steals something from Slade and runs off with Slade taking hand on Thawne, which the rest of the group agreeing and joins with Harry Wells as Harrison came to find Slade after tracking Thawne. Slade sends a video message to Bender but it's Lydia and Phineas who catch it and He decides to call him later though not without giving them what Harry told him. Slade holds a meeting with his ensemble, revealing that Thawne stole his chormoskimmer that he obtained in his and Bender's battle with the Red Lotus, though thankfully he hid the other one he claimed in case someone tried to steal it. Their meeting is cut when Slade gets a call from Bender, Skipper, Starfire and Lydia who he gets in contact and discuss their battle plan against Thawne, though he does warn Lydia of her journal like Twlight did.

Slade and his Ensemble with the The Flying Dutchman's ship and his chromoskimmer travel back to 2010 to go after Thawne, with him, Anti Cosmo and Hades heading to his old lair to find The V Team to help them. The three make it to his old lair with Slade and Anti Cosmo heading into the secret enterance where their past selves find them and don't believe the two until they mention The Joker. The Joker attacks Slade's old lair with his henchmen where Slade, Anti Cosmo and Hades defend the lair with the help of Past Slade and Anti Cosmo and The V Team. Afterwards, Slade takes Eddy, Negaduck, Scrouge and Dr.Nefarious with him to help his ensemble. He takes his team and himself back to their on their moving base on Hades's flying chariot where they sense their minions facing a robot army by Alchemy. They get back and he goes with Anti Cosmo and Harry who Alchemy tries to arrest though Slade does realize Alchemy is something of unusality as he was attacked first before he escaped. Slade Reveals to his team, that Bender used to work for him before The Beginning, and Past Slade is surprised that his how and his Bender's Relationship progressed from Bender working for him, to opposing him, to once again working together against The Joker to becoming eventual partners. Slade finds himself attacked and arrested by The Legion led by Darkwarrior and Toffee. He was sent to Multiversal Hell where Joker heckles him with Slade threatening him. Slade is joined by Ventress who Darhk knocked out in a fight between Slade and The Legion. Hades and Crowley in addition help Slade escape and he boards Rip Hunter's Waverider and finds Bender also on board. The two captains become acquainted with Rip Hunter and then find themselves fighting The Joker and Thawne who invaded their ship, which they manage to repel off at a cost. Slade is returned to Rip, where he and his ensemble make their next move without realizing Deathstroke earlier has his eye on them while they plans to avoid the monsters that are chasing him and Bender in time wraiths.

Slade makes plans with the team to go after Both Joker's group and finds the scared magic. He does this with the assumption that The Joker is trying to unleash his plan from Slade Strikes Back. He takes the main members with him to keep the Time Wraiths on him specifically. He gets into contact with Bender and Rip where the latter decides to travel with Sara and Wally to help him and the group. They make some traveling and close enough to their destination, Reverb and the other members of Deathstroke's team attack them and try to keep imbolized to prevent Bender from meeting him under Deathstroke's orders deciding to not take chances. Reverb tells his team to go after Slade directly having decided to get the leader. The entire group gets into a struggle under Reverb's order until Rip has a idea where he tells Wally to use his speed to wear out Hades's temporary sealing which allows Slade and his group to take the upper hand on Reverb and then Wally throws them all back into a portal.

Finally reaching out Slade's past self lair. Celes calls out the past selves for not helping and Harry tries needling the two for answers while Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades and The Legends watch them do this. After enough torture, Slade and Anti Cosmo reveal to their future selves that are trying to alter their timeline so they have more control over the multiverse. Despite this, Their past selves decide to get them touch with their partner they made feeling that they should help against Thawne who is a bigger threat. The Past Slade and Anti Cosmo lead them to New York where they find Slade's past self partner Tombstone who is suspicious of this group arriving.

The Two scientists show up with the police and try to have Slade arrested for breaking in, Tombstone advocates and beats both of the scientists though Deathstroke and Azarel trap him and try to cripple Tombstone's empire for themselves by exposing him to the police. Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades, Harry and Celes and their past selves go through Tombstone's profile on Disney to see if he himself has any knowledge on Disney Magic.

Tombstone does manage to get Deathstroke to flee after using his great strength to overcome him. Though he does get the police to arrest Azarel and is not pleased with Slade for sneaking in his files. Slade reveals that in spite of tacking the scientists they got away with Deathstroke.

Slade brings Tombstone to his lair and reveals what he was intending to do in the timeline. Anti Cosmo, Slade, Celes and Hades agree to keep their past selves reminding what they need to do and not get themselves killed by Thawne. This leads them into a face down with Thawne's gang with Bender's help which leads to both sides getting what they wanted, where Slade brings the team back to his lair and works with the team to find how to best use the amulet as it has ancient writing on it none of them can translate not even Rip can do this with his ship's help though after Bender, Lydia and Skipper return from their encounter with Dennis they believe they must go see Scorpion in the past to help out.

Slade, Leonard, Celes and Lisa are all out cold having took quiet the hit from Uka Uka's attack and an pink blob like creature looks down hungry on them, and sets his antennae to turn them into chocolate until The Flying Dutchman tells him not to eat them as he will rain hell on him if he does. Slade finally recovers from the blow and recognizes him as Majin Buu which surprises his team. Slade mentions that he learned about the Dragonball Universe from Gohan and his interactions from The Disney Angels which allowed to know about Buu. Slade asks Majin Buu what is he doing, here in the past since it makes no sense. Majin Buu explains that he was taken out of his current timeline due to a break in time and it was through some Patrick Bateman like lizard

Remembering that Toffee has NOS-4A2 and Mandarin on his team, Slade and Leonard deduct that it is possible that they can find where the three by taking a notice of the drained machinery. Lisa and Leonard trade off some banter about how they should do this when Alchemy and his metahuman gang show up again and some of the metahumans recognize The Snarts from Central City and It turns into a brawl between them and The Dutchman. Slade and Celes have managed to find the most likely place that NOS-4A2 would reside plan to make their way until they see Dr.Alchemy and join the fray themselves

Dr.Alchemy has beaten down Slade and the others and plans to destory them when Majin Buu decides to interevene and gives them all an deserved beatdown and Alchemy lost his mask which he manages to recover before Slade got to see it. But Buu tells Slade that The voddoo Doctor Thing lost his mask and has lighter blonde hair, Slade asks about the shape of Alchemy, Snart takes it as an innuedo but did notice something unique about the body look and how it was distinct filled and fit. Lisa then calls Leonard on paying attention not to the face where he purs back with sometimes getting the look is better.

Thawne then speeds in once again and brings an attack on Slade and the rest. Toffee uses this to make his getaway as he informs Thawne, that he better not get carried away since The Time Wraiths are still after him. Thawne recongizes this and after a bit flees. Slade and Celes both begin to recongize that Eobard is out of their hands as he knows too much about them but the reverse is also true. This is when Leonard and Lisa have an idea to go to Central City to find Barry Allen who would know.


Anti Cosmo

Slade's best friend and 2nd in command. The two have known each other for a long time ever since he lost his memory. Regardless of who's side they're working with they always help each other whether they fight Dib (a hero) or the Joker and Darkseid (villains)

Outside Lizbeth and Boomer, and Bender with Skipper they have one of the closest friendships in the Multi-Universe despite the two being married to other woman. Slade and Anti Cosmo never are seen without each other and fight together as being a second in command is more than being the most trusted. Though they do have their disagreements at times.


After Anti Cosmo, his most common ally despite their early history. Slade and Bender were once enemies but only for one story, As every other story they worked together against the other villains. Slade was also the one who informed him about Angewomon and Emperor X since the two wanted Joker defeated and knew exactly who to go for aid. While Dib is in charge of M.O.D.A.B, it's ultimately him who Slade plays off mostly. Slade has helped Bender many times against Uka Uka, Hunson Abadeer, the Children of Megatron, Malefor, Darkseid, Dr. Weil and Terumi. Any bad blood between the two is no more as Slade changes in Legends of Light and Darkness, helps Bender deal with Dib being gone and invites him to his wedding after fighting Discord.

Bender also seems to hold him in high regard since he always recruits Slade if he can get a hold on him. He also seems to trust Slade with his adventure against Vilgax, since he told him before he told Dib. 

Black Star


Celes Chere



A New character Slade meets in Legends in Light and Darkness. Before hand He has heard about Discord through Bender during his wedding to Celes who told him about Knuckles, him and Vilgax`s allegiance. Before He left for Totally Mobian Spies, he and Skipper made a deal with Slade and Anti Cosmo for in exchange for keeping Eddy alive they`ll spy on Discord`s ally Stane to see what he was up to regarding Discord

Slade and the crew found out about the Dystopia League`s forming and then Discord`s return which he spied on and found Discord`s location so he had Bender, Skipper and Heloise follow him when he made a meeting with the former members of Vilgax`s allegiance. After that, They all feel he`s up to something and Slade warns Bender about getting the others involved though he does make Knuckles an exception and tips The P Team off about Discord.

Slade finally meets him and they end up working together against Terumi and Relius and they do this once more in Blackpool and LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour though he and Anti Cosmo are rather distrustful towards Discord.

Eddy and the V Team


Hunson Abadeer



The B Team

The Joker

A former ally of Slade's of the first story until Joker betrayed him in Slade Strikes Back. Slade figured out his return when he made his appearance known to the V Team. After Joker forced funerals on the heroes, Bender ran into him and the two decided they need to work together to bring him down and they needed to lie to the others on both sides to make sure they succeed in stopping him. Anti Cosmo, Slade and Bender all worked to bring him down and no one suspected the three until The Joker made the connection and threatened to blackmail the trio. Refusing to back down they decided to go for broke and just kill the bastard. in Legends of Light and Darkness, Joker came back wanting revenge and Lizbeth was off his list and the two of them were now so he tried to kill them, but he failed again.

Uka Uka

His Allies

Sub Zero

The P Team

Rodrigo Borgia

Allies and enemies

Allies: Anti Cosmo, Hades, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Megabyte, Thailog, Evil Manta, Cat R. Waul, Warrior Monkey, Sideshow Bob, the V Team, his new allies, Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Axl, Alie, Axel, AVGN, Jack Frost, Nostalgia Chick, Celes Chere, Orion, Gohan, Jack Bauer, Marie, R2-D2, C-3PO, Shade, Phantom R, Suede, Will Vandom, Dr. Insano, Dr. Manhattan, Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Bowser Jr., Harpuia, Makoto Nanaya, Scamp, Angel, Annette, Sabrina Spellman, Harvey Kingle, Salem, Silver, Green, Klonoa, Wreck-It-Ralph, Monodramon, Hexadecimal, Jesu Otaku, Nostalgia Critic, Hiccup, Astrid, Zuko, Obi-Wan, Jack Sparrow, Aleu, Hellboy, Marceline, Ventress, Irene Addler, Black Star, Tsubaki, Taki, Death the Kid, Saul Goodman, Mr. Gold, Dr. Strange, Liz and Patty Thompson, Alexander Fox Xanatos, Android 16, Batman, Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blythe Baxter, Carl Clover, Dan, Eska, Grey, Jessie, James, Mister Miracle, Mysterion, Norman, Sam, Sunil, Zoe, Tony Animeda and The Flash, Sora, Anna, Biyomon, Picard,  Blue, Protoman, Magneto,  Ozymandias, Jean Grey, Jaeris, Zhuge Liang, Suki, Starkiller, Cruger, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Yasha, Major Kirrahue, Connor, Buffy Summers, Rip Hunter, Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, Mick Rory, Wally West, Amaya, Nate Heywood, Captain Cold, Lisa Snart, Tombstone

Unsure: Discord, Blue, the Miracle Elite,

Enemies: Dib and some of his friends (sometimes), the Joker, the Master, Megatron, Uka Uka, Marceline's dad, Brother Blood, Taurus Bulba, Alternate Doofenschimtz, Terra, Trigon, Darkwarrior Duck, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Model W, Dr. Weil, Hazama, Relis Clover, Sari Sumdac, BlackGarurumon the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, the Sinisters Of Evil, Haytham Kenway, the Templar Order, Anarky, GBF and his squad, Rodrigo Borgia, and his True Templar Orders, Peter Pan,Phony Disney Characters and their mother, Zaheer, The Viking Alliance, Kuivra, KVA, The New Ozai Society, Father's Alliance, Eobard Thawne and his Legion, Dr. Alchemy, Scott, Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult