Skipper is the leader of a commando group of penguins who have defended the Multi-Universe with their friends and allies from the forces of evil.

"Cute and Cuddly Boys."

His theme

His theme song

Skipper is one of the series main characters and protagonists, as well as being one of the two main protagonists of The B Team Storyline with Bender.

He made his debut as a side character in the story Slade Strikes Back where he assisted the Nicktoons and heroes against the
separate forces of Slade Wilson and Joker. After that he has went go to battle other villains like Uka Uka, Vilgax and the Master alongside

Skipper as a baby

other allies.Since then he has gotten larger roles in the series as a direct alley to Dib and his group in M.O.D.A.B, especially its 2nd in command Bender. This shows as Skipper is Bender's 2nd in command and partner in Bender's own Multi-Universal organization in all of his own spin-off/sequel adventures. He and Bender are also the most recurring heroes/characters in said spin-offs/adventures.

Like Bender, Django and Lizbeth he is one of most recurring members of M.O.D.A.B and the B Team. Having been absent only in The Beginning, it wasn't until The V Team Island Adventure where he got to be a major character.

Greatest Strength: His commando skills and leadership

Greatest Weakness: He hates needles (in fact Skipper goes to great lengths to avoid them)

Occupation (s): Leader of the Penguins, member of M.O.D.A.B, the B Team's 2nd in command, Bender's sidekick, Member of T.U.F.F, CEO of W.H.O.O.P, Vice Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard

Voiced by: Tom McGrath

Best Friends: Bender, Heloise, Kowalski, Private, Rico, King Julian (sometimes), Phineas Flynn, Isabella Garcia Shapiro, Twilight Sparkle, Jack Bauer, Alexander Fox Xanatos, Slade, Anti Cosmo , Starfire, Jorgen Von Strangle, Suede, Gohan, Makoto, Rick Sanchez, Lana Loud

Rivals: Negaduck, Wolf and the Red Squirrel

Worst Enemies: Discord (Formerly), Terrance Lewis, Captain Dubois, Hazama, the Joker ,Dr. Octavius Brine, Eobard Thawne

Other Friends: Private, Kowalski, Rico, Marlene, King Julian, Bender, Starfire, Jorgen Von Strangle, Django of the Dead, Marecline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, Finn, Agent 9, Axel, Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizebth, Edd, Darkwing, Gosalyn, Heloise, Luciaus, Dr. Blowhole, Doofenschimtz, Stewie, Oscar, the Disney Angels, Emperor X, Boomer, Nina Cortex, Scorpion, Noob, Hans, Negaduck and the V Team, (sometimes), Princess Bubblegum, Frida Suarez, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Gnowman, Snide, Spike, the P Team, Sagat, Luigi, Children of the Autobots, Stan Smith, Dr. House, Carmelita Fox, Flame Princess, Solid Snake, the Chief, Meowth, Mandark, the Shadowness, Princess Morbucks, Q, Brick, Butch, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Harley Quinn, Professor Pericles, Captain Picard, Worf, Riker, Falco Lombardi, Ahsoka Tano, Jerry, Sandy Cheeks, Kitty Katswell, Profion, Lucario, Big Boss, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Princess Candance, Alex, Asami Sato, Frost, Merlida, Sam, Clover, Jazz Pants, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargoon, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Master Chief, Cortana, Solidus Snake, Jill Valentine, Hellboy, Zuko, Jack Sparrow, Cammy, Obi-Wan, Chadbot, Tak, Jimmy Neutron, Katara, Danny Phantom, Raiden, Betty Barrett, the P Team, Demyx, Sally Acorn, Tuxedo Lovelace, Gabriel Haywood, Jake Miller, Applebloom, Sweetie Pie, Swolattoo, Protoman, X5, Sparkley, Noah Parker, Hugo Brass, Professor Calamitous, Hiccup, Astrid, Aang, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx , El Tigre, Mushu, Betty, Sherry Birkin, Megaman, Roll, Phantom R, the Arbiter, Wizardmon, Fox Xanatos, Balthazar Blake, Kera Young, Vanelope Von Sweetz, Angry Video Game Nerd, Stoick the Vast, Alie, Axl, Giro, Jack Frost, Zordon, Tooth, North, Sandman, Bunny, Celes Chere, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Nostalgia Chick, Orion, Gohan, Jack Bauer, Marie, R2-D2, C3PO, Shade, Suede, Will Vandom, Dr. Manhattan, Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Harpuia, Makoto, Scamp, Angel, Annette, Sabrina Spellman, Harvey Kingle, Salem, Silver, Green, Klonoa, Wreck-It-Ralph, Monodramon, Jesu Otaku, Hexadecimal, Nostalgia Critic, Flash Sentry, Irene Addler, Saul Goodman, Starscream, Kratos, the Striker Force, Discord, Black Star, Death The Kid, Tsabuki, Taki, Liz and Patty Thompson, Mr. Gold, Dr. Strange,  Alexander Fox  Xanatos, Android 16, Batman, Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blythe Baxter, Carl, Clover, Dan, Eska, Grey, Jessie, James, Mister Miracle, Mysterion, Norman, Sam, Sunil, Zoe, Tony Animeda and The Flash, Sora, Anna, Biyomon, Zick, Xigbar, Raizel, Stacy, Tombo, Kiki, Sam and Max, Chun Li, Jean Grey, Jaeris, Zhuge Liang, Suki, Starkiller, Cruger, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Yasha, Connor, Major Kirrahue, Buffy Summers, Dixie, Gonner, Knuckles the Echidna, Sarah, Lydia, Colress, Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Harrison Wells, Amanda Payne, Steven Universe, Connie, Attari, Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Garnet, Pearl, Amthest, Peridot, Lapis, Mallow, Uncle Grandpa, Mr.Gus. Pizza Steve, Lincolin Loud, Lynn Loud, Lola Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud, Lana Loud, Lucy Loud, Lisa Loud, Lori Loud, Leni Loud

Enemies: Uka Uka, Marecline's dad, Joker, Alt Doof, Darkwarrior Duck, Savio, Rhonda, Officer X, Taurus Bulba, Megatron, the Master, Jack of Blades, Skeletor, Hordak, Vilgax and his allegiance, the Dystopia League, Alec Trevalyn, Iron Queen and her syndicate, the Patriots, Alice, Officer X, the Red Squirrel, Vlad Bender, Pterano, Rinkus, Sierra, Kefka, the Horned King, Terrance Lewis, Dormammu, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, Valvatorez, Selvaria Bles, Charmcaster, Vlad Bender, Zak Monday, Black Knight, Umlaut, AntiSora, Chaos, Kefka, Umleat, BIG Cheese, Sigma, the Sigma Organization, Malefor, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Model W, Hazama, Relius Clover, Sari Sumdac, BlackGarurumon, the Children of BlackGarurumon, Mister Sinister, The Sinisters Of Evil, Haytham Kenway, the Templar Order, GBF and his squad, Anarky, the Terrorist Unit, Morpheus, Nox Decious, Emperor Dalek, Mecha Mario, Peter Pan, Jesse, Loki, Albert Wesker Gul Dukat, Eobard Thawne and his Syndicate, Dr.Alchemy, Scott the Network Head, Dennis (SpongeBob), Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult


Skipper is a hardened commando-type, and a capable leader of a team. He is highly paranoid and acts like a conspiracy theorist and makes conflicting stories of past events. Surprisingly, his paranoia is justified on occasion as he proved to be right on occasion. He believes that a friend is just an enemy who hasn't attacked you yet with a few exceptions. Thanks to his training in commando skills, he doesn't know how a penguin isn't supposed to act and acts unnatural for his species which makes many suspicious of him and his nature. Though Serious driven, he does know how to have fun like when he joined Frida, Bender, King Julian, Django, Jimmy, Jorgen and Marceline in being an music band and working mostly with Bender and Julian two very fun loving people who contrast Skipper's serious personality.

Skipper is one of the best at hand-to-hand combat characters in the animal kingdom and for this serves as Bender's right hand bird and go to guy when he has problems, However this has led to arrogance has he overestimates his capabilities and due to this knows nothing of the word of surrendering.But then again Bender doesn't do so either. With the exception of needles, fear is not even in Skipper's dictionary of words and he fears no one no matter how evil or cruel much like his partners and best friends Bender and Heloise.

Skipper with his penguin commando back in his universe

A male chauvinist in regards to most girls apart from Marceline, Lizbeth, Isabella Garica Shaprio,  Marlene, Princess Celestia, Twilight and Heloise.

He's also rather racist as he believes penguins are better than all species although he overcomes this when he needs to. Skipper is very manly and often tries to not to be like a woman and cry, not surprisingly females get mad at him when he does. He feels humiliated if he does cry which Julian mocks when Skipper cried about the time he wasted with Julian.

Skipper, unlike most heroes, doesn't see problems with killing villains who cross the moral line by doing something that marks permanent evil and succeeds very often in doing so just like his partners

He is also highly loyal to his superiors such as Dib, Bender and the Chief working with them for better or for worse. His heroicness and toughness are reasons why he has been marked as a Descendant alongside his best friends Bender, Dib, Lizbeth, Boomer and Scorpion


Slade Strikes Back

He debuted here as a side alley with his penguins against the villains, as a side character who meets with other Nicktoons and helps them bring down Slade and Joker. Skipper at the end goes with Bender, Jimmy, Starfire, Jorgen, Boomer and Luciaus group to find Joker unknowingly setting the stage with his main friends and allies Bender, Starfire and Jorgen for the B Team who he would often be with in later adventures.

The V Team Island Adventure

From that point on he got a larger role in the series and serves as the deuteragonist to Bender. He joined Bender, Jorgen, Jimmy Neutron and Starfire when Tarus attacked their homeworld and then his frenemy Julian joined to his aggravations during a barbecue with the four. Skipper helped the group against many threats including his old rival Hans the Puffin and with the help of Bender and Jorgen he realized his love for Marlene. After Jimmy Neutron's death he served as Bender`s right hand bird as the gang when on their way getting more enemies and defending the Multi-Universe from Uka Uka, The Master and other villains. He went so far to help against Marceline`s dad when he showed himself. Skipper like Bender, Axel and Starfire joined forces with the V Team and Disney Angels against Uka Uka and the Master. Skipper mainly tagged with Bender and Negaduck when the V Team joined and he has looked back happily on the time much like the others. Alongside Bender, Starfire and Axel he became a possible member of Children of the Autobots.

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Once again he returned and alongside Bender and Marceline he saw her dad return with Alt Doof`s help. The three then rallied the others and fought against the new and old villains. Skipper kept close to Bender and helped him with everything he had in mind. Around the end he and Bender went to rescue Scorpion from his fate.He lost his penguin spat-loon to Joker who deep fried them after unknowingly Anton Chiegurth killed them shocking him and Julian, and Bender retaliated violently. Skipper is heartbroken by the loss of his commandos but with Bender and Julian's help he gets better but he'll never truly recover from his loss but he gets better through his friends especially the robot. Skipper is now serves as one of Dib and Bender's main allies now that he was a full member of the team as Bender's sidekick.

The Grand Summer Season Trek

This story is where he has his biggest role so far as one of the main male protagonists alongside Bender and Captain Knuckles while Heloise and Twilight Sparkle had the two girl ones

King Julian then invites him, Bender and his 6 other pals on his vacation. He believes that this vacation is what he needs. Skipper like Bender has suspicions about the vacation and they are proven right when they encounter the Super Zeroes, With Heloise the two meet Twilight Sparkle who begin explaining the new problem which him and the others take immediate action to. He alongside Bender and Heloise learn about the attack Vilgax has in store and with the others and they meet with Princess Celestia, Gnowman and reunite with their old friend Frida. Skipper after beating a round of Mario Party heads the underground arena to face Kaos while Bender and the others extort their secret plan. Skipper makes face with Kaos while Bender and King Julian pull off a rescue with Jorgen. After this Skipper's old foe Alec Trevalyn returns and is plotting against him,

Bender and Heloise for revenge for what happened in Denmark. Skipper is the first target of Trevalyn's revenge plan as Trevalyn brings back S.T.A.N.K and uses King Julian as a target to get Skipper for it. Skipper here decide to form a plan with Bender, Jorgen, Spike, Marceline, Shining Armor, Heloise and Django to get Julian out of his predicament. Skipper for once made a tear over how much time he wasted with Julian to save them, Bender, Heloise and Spike which earns Julian's teasing and laughter from Bender and Jorgen. Skipper alongside the others is arrested by Count Veger and breaks out of here by foiling Trevalyn's plot. Skipper meets Stan and alongside Bender, Julian, Heloise and Jorgen manages to break into Area 51 without suspicion.

He alongside Django and Stan end finding and working with Sari Sumdac as they avoid Porky and Darth Helmet. Skipper and Bender both begin having feeling towards Sari's origin with Bender making a rather accurate perception on her origin. Skipper alongside Bender and Jorgen reunite with Luigi and Meowth as the friends they haven't seen in a long time Then Skipper proves his loyalty again when he serves as Bender's main man in the Fire Grotto and helps him recruit Flame Princess after he enjoyed a lobster dinner with Bender, Jorgen and Julian. Skipper then goes on with Bender as his main alley in many of his wacky situations and even helped his obfuscating insanity act.

Alongside Bender he knows Q back from their LOTM season 1 where he helped them against Unicron and Master, and the whole story about Q becoming omnipotent again. Skipper then assists Bender, King Julian and Jorgen in snapping Brick and Butch out of Mind Control. With the team heading to Gotham, He alongside Bender, Jorgen and Django are going to see what happened in their absence they know one thing Batman isn't in Gotham. Skipper meets with Harley and learns the terrors of what Strange did to Heloise to the point where he shot him in the legs as he can relate to her. Next after Phineas and Isabella's encounters with Discord, He knew the voice that called to the team as the others were terrified when it came out of nowhere.

It is revealed to be Professor Pericles who Skipper knows well and forces himself to trust the parrot. Like always he tags with Bender and Heloise in the caves and then alongside Bender defeats the T.A.R.L.O.S that was used to attempt murder on Santa. Skipper then accompanies Bender, Heloise, Spike, Falco and Ahsoka to the past where he participates in Bender's grave digging plans. Like Bender, Heloise and co., he knew that the body was Profion. Skipper tags with Bender, Heloise, Blue Wonder, Twilight, Django, Profion and the P Team to rescue Finn and Sari they succeed and then give Strange a brutal beat-down.

Skipper then helps his friends as usual and then is one of the main players alongside Heloise, Bender, Profion and the Mane Cast in defeating Discord and sealing him back into stone.

Totally Mobian Spies

Alongside Bender, Django and the rest of the B Team he decides to help the girls against Iron Queen especially when he and Bender learn about Eddy being framed. Skipper and the others are pissed off when it's revealed Iron Queen is Heloise's mother and tried to have her killed and tortures. Like Bender and Heloise he decides to stop the evil b**ch with them. After much relaxation he and the two friends he considers his siblings get the team and head out to stop her. When they returned to the CIA, Bender, him, Heloise and Big Boss let a grand attack against Iron Queen's robots aka Goldeneye 007 style. After Skipper helped the attack he and the others went into the official vehicle of the B Team that can hold over 100 people in there.

Alongside Bender and Heloise he is caught by Fiona talking to Sly so the trio must now explain everything. Skipper learns that Edd figured it out so he plans with Bender, Heloise, King Julien, Finn, Meowth and Django how they should figure it out. Skipper like the others calls Stan on his interrogation and his accusing of Edd and Lara Su as terrorists. Skipper re-meets with Lizbeth, Edd, Brain and Pinky and is eager like Bender to have them on their adventure. Skipper alongside many members go looking for fellow Star Warrior Kirby and Kirby runs off in fear so they go after him. Skipper alongside Bender and co meet Tiff and Tuff to and ready to explain their reasons. When the team reaches King Dedede's castle he alongside Bender, Finn and Heloise manage to find who really killed Jake in Magic Man.

Alongside Heloise, Bender, Twilight and Finn he enacts well deserved revenge on Magic Man when they meet him. Skipper while bored gets into a puking contest with Bender, Finn and King Julian which was very messy. Alongside Bender Twilight and Cadence gave Skipper the command of the Royal Guard probably because he's the robot's main man. He will later learn who really murdered his boys and now will hunt him down and end his life slowly and painfully! Skipper learns of more murders when he meets the Pine Twins as he, Bender and the rest investigate and very soon he is going to learn about Anton from Julian. Before this he learns about the Pure and Chaos Heart Origin from Dipper with Bender, Heloise, Stan, Snake, Big Boss. As always Skipper follows Bender to beat Ghestis and Guilty Spark and in the process he is one of the few who doesn't fall for Guilty Spark's cuteness due to his own experience with it. Skipper then learns alongside Bender and Heloise some stuff from his old friend Carmelita.

Skipper is working on the candy project with Bender, Heloise, Finn, Twilight, Phineas and Isabella while talking with Eddy and Co. at Reaver Industries. It's explosive candy which Skipper planned with Bender since as a commando Skipper is paranoid. Skipper alongside Bender and Heloise very well known by their new alley Master Chief as his commander as talked much about the trio that heads the team. Once again he goes with Bender, Heloise and this time Asasmi and Master Chief possibly more to figure where they need to go next. Skipper like Bender figures out he is a descendant when they arrive and he isn't so surprised that he is the one of heroicness and toughness. Skipper meets Hiroshi Sato and unknown to him he calls Hiroshi out saying his wife would be ashamed and this gets hi in trouble but Bender saves his ass and then him and Heloise learn from Dooku some of his own plans.

Skipper seems troubled that the syndicate is targeting his home at his base as it's like someone is trying to destroy his life as well as Bender and Julian's as they live there too. Skipper participates in the racing game working with Bender, Julian and Django as one team was to be all boys. Skipper returns to his base at the zoo and he is mad at anyone who touches his men's stuff as it is his boys after all. He also talks with the others about their possible plans to stop this potential war as he with Bender and Julian are needing to protect the place they call home. Skipper goes with his friends next to go figure some plans and he believes that his gut feeling could tell them where to go. Skipper like his friends is encountered by Hiroshi and J.J. who Skipper pushes the buttons of. Skipper takes the others minus Asami and Bender and faces down the Mini Boss Army.

After all that, Skipper with his friends goes to see Pericles as he and the others are ready to make the antidote to cure the townsfolk. Like his "brother." and "sister" he is determined to make sure his plans work and get worried when Lizbeth can blow his cover.He goes with Bender, Julian, Django, Asami and Sandy to the toy factory as his next part. Once again Skipper gets annoyed with Julian's stupidity and has to save him again and he meets Tak and Chadbot. Like Bender, Django and Julian he wonders how Jimmy Neutron could be alive even if he is a clone. Skipper like Bender and Julian tell Asami about their relationship with Jimmy Neutron and then the 10 of them all continue going against Calamitous. Skipper then assists in the Calamitous war in his own mech. Skipper collaborates with his friends and takes back Calamitous' stolen lab. Skipper is successful in taking back Fairy World with the help of his friends.

Skipper then alongside Bender and Heloise reveal their manipulating of Pete and the group thrice. Skipper then tags with Bender, Asami and Phineas in extorting information out of Sally. Skipper like his friends learns the truth of Sally and is a little creeped out alongside Sly about Edd getting dangerous. Skipper is ready to stop Iron Queen and her syndicate with Bender and the rest. He will fight with Bender in whether fight they're going to do. Skipper like Bender was keeping a secret from the team and he is called out by Lizbeth which frightens him. Skipper gets into contact with his allies and he and Bender promise Sally Mobius back and then they enter Iron Queen`s lab through Big Boss and The Alpha Team defeating the Patriots.

Skipper then decides to help Bender and Eddy with finding Jerry although he and Bender both know all isn't well. Skipper and Bender suspect correctly for a true villain and after the reveal he works with Bender, Phineas and Isabella to stop him. Skipper then with the three stop Terrance and through that the girls save Jerry. Then he plays along with Bender to expose Terrance's secret crimes to Carmelita. Skipper reveals his and Bender`s plan to take back Mobius was to have the rest of the V Team help them and then have Eddy reunite with them

Post Totally Mobian Spies

Skipper prepares for Halloween alongside his friends Bender, Heloise and King Julian. Then he goes with Bender and the rest and reunites with Marlene and becomes a father to a baby penguin son. Skipper then goes with Bender, Finn, Heloise,Twilight, King Julian and Jimmy Neutron to the Candy Kingdom where they get involved with her re-aging. Skipper then went snows comes goes to help Bender and his pals with their Xmas plans. Skipper helps Bender, Stan, Isabella and Phineas Christmas shop and then he goes after Julian with Bender well they learn he's getting the tree. They find him and call him out on his recklessness. Skipper like Bender learns of a letter that alerts him. The two decide to go alone, but Astrid and Hiccup follow them and it revealed that he and Bender were going to abduct Santa and bring him to their party. Skipper is shocked to learn Lewis is back but like Bender, Hiccup and Astrid he takes it calmly. Skipper tells Heloise about Discord's return and make observations, afterwards he and Bender leave to save Santa. They try to save Christmas, but they screw up with excessive violence and forgetting things to do. Skipper and Bender try to seek off but Lizbeth catches them and calls them on what they did, Skipper is more fearful than Bender in the situation yet he does tell her why He and Bender did what they did. Skipper and the others get back after having a war with Robot Santa on Christmas Eve, Skipper then tells everyone about the LOTM site and reveals their creator who states the main characters and big flaw exposition

Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil

Skipper is set to be in this story alongside Bender and Heloise as guest stars. He and her learn about CarnEvil from Demyx and his leader Bender's role in it. Skipper then sets out with Heloise to help his best friend, Gabriel and Tuxedo. Skipper and Heloise find Bender and help him, Gabriel and Tuxedo against Doranumu and his forces. Skipper gets turned in a toy penguin by magic although with Bender, King Julian, Django, Finn, Sari, Marceline, Tuxedo and Gabriel's help he gets back to normal.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Skipper returns here to face his arch-foe Discord again with Bender and Heloise. He also must deal with Sigma too as well. Skipper is to be one of the main characters and heroes in the story and the side of the story he will be in. He is also dealing with Terrance and Hannibal like Bender.

When chaos begins happening at the home of M.O.D.A.B, Skipper goes with Bender, Heloise and Finn to inform the princess and they meet Twilight Sparkle again. They have an encounter with Discord and Skipper calls him out on his treatment of his previous teammates. Skipper then ponders to himself about what to do with telling Dib and the others about Discord. He tells King Julian and Django about Discord's return and like Bender he is unsure about telling the others about him since he feels that they shouldn't make it so easy for them. At the trial he learns of Whooping Crane's relationship to Lizbeth. After the trial, he gains suspicions after talking with Isabella.

After a fight with Dib and Bubbles, he break ties on with them especially when Bubbles and Dib angrily point out his undying loyalty to a criminal. Skipper goes with Bender and the others to stage their meeting and afterwards, he with Bender, Heloise and Twilight begin debating who to bring with them. They make their decisions and Skipper helps Bender and Heloise keep their reason for not telling Dib secret. Skipper and Bender both call Discord on his shit when he calls the team and learn of Sigma's existence. Skipper then meets the daughter of his and Bender's old ally Ikari Young and he transfers their message to her.

Skipper then helps in getting the first ring with his many friends. By the looks of it Skipper and his friends are returning to the Grotto for mission #2. Skipper then calls up Celestia and after learning of Dib knowing, he states this is all going accordingly. Skipper then meets Vanelope and Sigma and turns down Sigma's attempt to recruit him. Skipper then learns about the Nerd with his pals and helps Bender get him out. Skipper gives Bender and the Nerd a hand in their plan to bring down the Spiderbot. He then talks with Celestia among his friends about what happened. Skipper then gets clues on his 4th ring from a unknown source and alongside Bender and Heloise he figures it out. He is pissed with Mildew and decides to destroy him with Bender and the others. Skipper then ambushes him with Bender. He tries to get info out of Mildew, but he refuses and spits at Skipper, so Skipper and Bender get the others to kill him. Skipper then meets Alie, Axl and Giro and hears Axl's story. Afterwards he helps Heloise, Bender, Isabella and Phineas defeat Lewis' airship. Skipper tells the team about his and Bender's adventure where they aided Tuxedo Lovelace against Dornamuu and they learned Hunson Abadeer was one of the main forces behind their adventure which has them as well as Heloise's mistrust Abadeer helping them.

Skipper is separated from the girls through Pitch's actions and with the guys he finds them after going through the snow for a set amount of time. Skipper then helps Bender, Heloise and Twilight and taking down Discord in the final battle as the four have had enough of him. Like Bender and Axel he doesn't take the revelation of loosing his other leader well, the three drown their sorrows and other stuff

Eventually his very good friend Heloise tries to find a way to make him, Bender and Axel feel better. With help from Phineas and Isabella she finds a way, through a cross country road trip for the summer which leads to..

Legends of Light and Darkness

His story here starts in Orlando, Florida in the real world with Bender, Phineas, Isabella, Heloise and Axel who came back to their hotel room after a fun day. They plan where to head for tomorrow deciding on a water park when the Nerd calls them up and the other four main members appear making their U.S. cross country vacation party grow to 10. However they are encountered by Bunny who is still mad at Jack for something he did. But it's about something as he has the yetis stuff him and the other 9 into a sack through a portal.

Skipper is brought to the pole and apparently his poorly thought out action of stealing the sled with Bender wasn't forgotten. He goes with Bender to see Zordon and learns very well the reason they're there. Skipper sneaks off when they arrive to get a head start with Bender, When Jack accidentally hits Nostalgia Chick he pulls back. The Chick joins the team, as well as Slade and Anti Cosmo. He is the fourth character to show and he dresses as King Arthur. He considers Camelot the best movie which of course earns Anti Cosmo calling him a prat. In addition, he joins in laughing at Axl and gets disgusted alongside the others at Axel's gag crotch.

He, like the others, arrives in Equestria and sees what has been done, as a result he alongside Bender, Slade and Bowser face off against a large army composing of Qualtrich's soldiers, Shen's wolf warriors and Team Rocket members. After that, they are encountered by Khan. Skipper alongside Bender chooses Isabella to go after the first fragment of Model A. Skipper informs Isabella about Model W and also wonders who could be the man powering Model W. When news of the second piece hits his non existent ears, He goes off to get it with Bender and Heloise. He sneaks into an old warehouse and alongside Bender, Heloise, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes disguises herself as a solider. They are eventually figured though Bender takes action and shoots Saddler's staff out of his hand. Bender, Skipper and Heloise find the 2nd fragment only for Dredd, Bowser Jr. and Fender to show attempting to arrest them. Skipper has none of this shit and steals Dredd's car driving into the mall where is chased by the trio, as they ultimately get away. He crashes the car into the ship with the others when Celes ask where they are. Skipper goes back to Interpol where Dredd took over and turned it into a dictator like system.

He distracts the guards and meets Jack Beauer who Axl got acquainted with. Skipper follows Bender and Heloise to Jr.`s doom ship and works to get the prisoners out of Jr`s ship. Skipper follows Jack Bauer to the interrogation where he helps in getting info out of Fender through vicious means. He and Isabella then come to see the other 3 working and Skipper is not exactly liking that Bender and Heloise are trying to experiment with trans-humanism. Skipper though does give them the benefit of the doubt when they explain it to them. He is seen with Bender and he tells Bauer and Orion about his best friend's luneness which he tells them works well. When arriving at the Dairy Planet, he fights with Wolf and Coyote alongside Bender. Skipper works with the others on their attack on Apokolips and lures off the first part of Darkseid's army with Bender, Phineas and Isabella. After Hades takes him down, he points out that Darkseid is not a god but merely a errand boy for Malefor. Skipper is seen in the communication where he tells Bender of Axel and Jack Frost getting better from what happened.

Skipper is with the others when Gohan contacts them and warns them about Giovanni and Ozai coming after the team. Skipper and Heloise overhear but not everything regarding Axel and Bender's conversation regarding Dib and his death. While he doesn't admit it, he can't get over it either like the other three. Skipper also brings the team up to attention regarding that he, Bender, Heloise, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Axel are getting threatened in letters written in blood. Skipper is seen with the others making their plans apparent and obviously he tags with Bender. Skipper crawls through the vents to be smart in sneaking in though Phineas uses something to make it simpler. Skipper, Anti Cosmo, Phineas and Isabella go to the button room to get the rest through for their respective assignments. Mitch appears while they try to do just that, Skipper and Isabella decide to deal with him. Skipper meets Will Vandom and learns of Darkseid's forming his own group.

Skipper calls Bender and Heloise over to see something regarding Zordon. The three learn he was killed by Malefor and they decide to confront him. He also figures out that Malefor wanted them to come as a result of his plan. After Malefor makes his threat to the teams, Skipper tells Bender he has no fear of this and he won't be intimidated by threats. He learns about Joker's return and regarding dilemmas, he considers Joker has Brain Damage.

In Act 5 Skipper will learn alongside Slade and Anti Cosmo about the LONG time awaited back story of Bender before he met Dib. Skipper informs his friends about the brain-damaged, purple suited maniac and his actions. While Skipper acknowledges many are more powerful, evil and more intelligent, they take Joker more personally because he has caused more psychological damage/torture than those villains. Skipper is called down alongside Bender and Anti Cosmo to help Slade in his time travel plan. Slade reveals it's forward travel in which someone can't do something disgusting like having sex with his own grandmother, which Skipper possibly did. Due to an accidental mistake Skipper lands in the future of 10000. Skipper comes back with info on The Joker's return and true death and it is confirmed that Bender indeed did kill him for good when he returned in 2042. Skipper being in New York, he parodies Charles Heston in Planet of the Apes before sighing sadly that he and Bender will probably never see the others again. However Slade isn't giving up he encourages Skipper to keep on as the four try to find a backwards time machine. Skipper and the three continue trying to find a time machine to go backwards and they just about. Bender screws it out of anger that they didn't stay in his good future. Skipper and the three then are at the very end of the Multi-Universe, this depresses him and Bender goes have him. Skipper and Bender both make to the former base of M.O.D.A.B and are shocked to see what they found. The two return to the ship after a talk and they watch the Multi-Universe explode with a six pack. When they finally get to back, Skipper learns about Bender's heartbreaking past before meeting Dib.

Skipper and Slade find Saix and Carnage and clash fists and blades with them. The two do well when Horvath appears and tries to kill Slade and Skipper. Anti Cosmo and Bender crash in saving the two and take Skipper on Bender's rental ship. When Joker chases the others with his laser, Skipper recalls the Slade Strikes Back encounter when he and Bender were chased by it. After he ejects himself, he kills Ursula with the others after her duel with Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and Suede. Skipper introduces his new friends to the rest of the team and learns Model W's identity. It's Dr. Weil, which gets him and Bender concerned due to his partnership with Discord.

Skipper asks Nerd what he intends to do with Critic as Bison as he is anxious to know what's going on. Unlike Bender, he is rather unsure that Marceline is going to help or not as she always helps Bender. He comes up with a plan to help the team, which revolves around them not splitting up but by working side to side all the way through. This is an idea that the others agree on though Anti Cosmo questioning it a bit. Astrid, Hiccup and Zuko call them and Skipper warns them about Dr. Weil and that Discord could come back. Weil himself shows up on Hiccup and Skipper threatens Weil like Bender. Skipper receives a map from animals which he detects is from dogs due to his way of being an animal. On Manhattan's mission, Skipper with Bender and Heloise helps him with anything he needs.  He learns from Harupia about Cyberspace and oversees Jack Bauer go overboard on his torture of Bowser Jr. Skipper goes off on his mission with Bender, Heloise, Jack Bauer, Slade and Anti Cosmo who fight Wolf and the Pack again. He teams with Jack Bauer to do the job while Bender and Heloise do the job on their side of the job.

Skipper is seen as part of the party to travel to Cyberspace to find what they need to know. When Phineas and Makoto question how literal Bender is. Skipper answers that he thinks big and that he and the others like it that way. Skipper helps Bender try to find what he's looking for and the duo succeed, but not before hearing that their enemy Hunson Abadeer was once a good guy and a paragon for heroes.  He comes back with the information and asks how Scamp and the dogs are too. Skipper watching Bender go to torture Joker, he asks Phineas if boomboxes still exist and advises Jack Bauer to watch a real interrogation.

Skipper figures out the last of Models is Z and when Scamp asks about how they will connect to the six, Skipper shows confidence in Heloise figuring out being a total genius and all. At Slade's castle Skipper learns from Sideshow Bob that Ciel is the creator of the Biometals which surprises him a bit. Skipper assures Marceline that Hunson is capable of being trusted. He learns from Makoto about Evil Mickey Mouse and taking the kingdom of Disney. When the heroes see Logan escape, Skipper sees a pizza truck and gets the others over as they give chase to Charles.Skipper gives a detect that Logan went to the Alpha Team radar. Skipper tells the team he wants Addler alive and sends off Nostalgia Critic for his mission. Skipper and Bender learn Slade's past, real name, and how he met Anti Cosmo. Skipper is one of the six picked to be Model Z's partner alongside Bender, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella and Suede.

Skipper is ready to fight for his own beliefs for one last time with the heroes. Skipper though, hears Bender's revelation and agrees with him and Suede in that the villains need to die, though Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd and the others have a problem with Bender killing villains. Skipper wishes Shade good luck with Goth. Skipper is one of the five beamed down to help the others get in, he asks Heloise if she's in, he perfectly understands Heloise's anger at Penelope and she joins. Skipper and Bender then face Wolf and Coyote with them killing the latter. Skipper and Heloise take charge of finding who disabled the transporter and act as the ones in charge deciding who to fight with Malefor. He becomes the 12 heroes of the B Team to fight Malefor and they fight him and Khan in a tedious battle alongside Hiccup and Slade's team. Skipper and the heroes kill Malefor, after that learning Hazama is the actual mastermind. Being shocked at Sari`s betrayal he asks why she did it. Skipper ponders with Bender about the fate of him, Bender and the others and agrees with his philosophy of wanting to rest.

Like Collette, Bender, Twilight and Discord, Skipper knows that Patch is planning to revive Aang. He warns him to be careful. Skipper battle with Hazama with his friends and doesn't trust Discord despite his claim he changed. Skipper and Bender both try to find Axel after what happened only to realize he passed on, which they tell the others on. Skipper and Bender contemplate everything that is happened for them all with Skipper having his own realization. The Universe its self is expanding and that others must have their shot. Skipper also comments that Bender and Him are the two who tried the hardest of their friends and thinks what will happen when they get too old. Skipper and Bender share the thought of maybe having their children take up the mantle if they want as well. Skipper and the team then all set sail on a cruise.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

After 15 years he's been in marriage with Marlene like Bender with Starfire. Like Bender, Phineas, Isabella and Heloise he misses the old days and wishes to able to relive again. Fortunately when something goes haywire, this gives Skipper and the team the opportunity to relive it.

Skipper searches for a magical device to bring Kowalski, Private and Rico back, though he wants to use it for Dib for Bender deep down which he and Bauer know. Apart from his and Bender's allies he joins forces with Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Death The Kid, the Multi-Universal Resistance, The Alpha Team and The Miracle Elite as well as new comers Sora, Mr. Gold and Princess Anna.

Skipper and Bender oversee Starfire leave for a retreat while they take care of their kid Stardash. The two find out about Heloise and her newest invention for de-aging and to help he and Bender provoke Jorgen who they see as old into chasing them. They also see Phineas and Isabella who came over and learn that Jimmy was kidnapped though the kidnapper remains anonymous. Skipper and the team deager is a success and they sent one to Boomer and Lizbeth for themselves and try it on Phineas and Isabella. Suede and Jack Bauer show up and get him and the others on the case.

Skipper notices that Heloise is carrying the deager to use on the others to meet Saul and Mr. Gold. He also sees Slade and Anti Cosmo who didn't include their own team which Skipper notes is a good idea on his part and notices a mutation in Isabella. Skipper and the rest arrive on the island and meet Dr.Strange and he decides to stay to see Isabella's diagnosis, he and Liz call up Dr. House to give his own hand while Anti Cosmo and Bender go see the other team that arrived. Skipper hears about the mermaid changing story again and shares with Isabella as that could be the reason. Skipper also asks Mr.Gold and Sora if they're coming too and they do while questioning Stardash's safety despite Manhattan's reassurance. Skipper takes the hover vehicle with the rest with Heloise driving it considering she made it. Skipper then tells the crew that the island was once a mountain but all the disasters and the rise of magma made it into a volcano. They overhear Predaking attacking the base calling him a godly robot. Skipper also recalls Bender's bad experience with The Airplane security with his friends. Skipper tags with Bender, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Zick, Sora, Mr.Gold and Discord  They find their ways can be through flying or boats, Skipper goes on the former with Bender, Sora, Mr. Gold and Suede through Biyomon while singing Moving Right Along. Skipper with Heloise, Bender, Phineas and Isabella call up Dr. Strange and tell them what happened with the base.

Skipper and his friends fight their way to the mountain which White Wolf rigged to try and blow strangers. Predaking makes an ambush on them accusing his best friend of destroying the brethren he considers like family. Skipper also tells Phineas, Isabella and Heloise during the encounter that he, Bender, Starscream, Slade and Anti Cosmo all did something a long time ago by stealing weaponry of the enemy and replicated it. Jean Grey manages to use her powers to stop it from causing problems letting them escape. Skipper tells Picard about the encounter and the ludicrousness of the situation when they are contracted by Kid. Skipper and co are trapped in a force field by Brainiac and Frollo who try to eliminate them, Skipper sees a flyer jet and helps his friends destroy the force field after that they hold White Wolf hostage before deciding to off her when she refuses to listen to them.

Skipper returns to the shattered base with their piece and Discord mentions how it will help them reach to their destination and Skipper is glad that the subplot about the star won't be forgotten. Skipper reminds Isabella that they can help master her mutant abilities with help from Eska before going to see Gold in his pawnshop.

Skipper meets with several of his friends and discusses the star Phineas and Isabella talked about in that he wants to bring back his commando crew but may want Bender's friend to come back too. Slade though states Skipper should do his crew as unlike Dib, getting them back would be difficult since their bodies were put in the future and cremated so taking the hardier way would be more worth it. He also refuses and states magic is terrible at resurrection as it always brings back people wrong. Skipper and Bender overlook the whole quest to their own isle and then a problems when they begin accelerating at speeds unknown which has them hold on carefully. Skipper and Heloise both suggest Dr.Strange to get his own on Aleu's disappearance when he and Bender have a talk. Skipper arrives the isle and they wonder where Kid and Makoto still are before entering the forest with long term weaponry which Picard notices before they are attacked by ogres. Skipper and Bender break a world record for most drinks drunken in a hour before joining Phineas in song and escaping the train when Rasputin's demons attack. Skipper meets Jaeris and Zhuge and agrees to go with them to a temple. Skipper and co make their way to the temple when Predaking tries to kill them again. Skipper tries the doomsday weapons again but Predaking unfortunately adapted which gives the 7 some hard times. Though they are saved by Isabella's quick thinking and Jesu Otaku taking advantage of a distraction Skipper reaches the temple with co and explains that the Sea Temple, has shown to be to go counterclockwise over the Multi-Universe and when they  find Kid and Makoto who explain Ares framed them tells Jesu Otaku that Bender was put in the same situation.He and his friends leave the temple to find GBF trying to take their Apple of Eden. So all 10 of them take them and get them. When Jesse shows up and gets them all out of the situation aware of both Bender and Slade, he also has the Valentine bros, Harkon and Jerry attack the 10 which they do brush off if with difficulty. Afterwards they meet with their friends and they go to the hospital where he wonders about Jesse and Gold’s sweet heart Belle can help by taking him and his friends to the Storybrooke Library.

Skipper takes note to supernatural situations, cults and White Chapel. He and Twilight read White Chapel’s history and learn that Jesse's plans were very much long term. Skipper, Bender and Phineas then find a ghost who they detract for Sunil only to learn it was Casper and Wendy though unintentionally. They turn out to be on the chase with SOPA agents after them which they do escape and get shot down soon after in where they meet Kratos.Skipper and co go through the burdened island before getting Mexican beer with Bender, Death the Kid and Discord and meeting Cruger. Skipper and the team arrive at the amusement park where Nightcrawler comments looks haunted which Discord points out because LOD used disco balls and Skipper states that Strange took one of them out. When the others come back and state Blue took a turn to the dark side and Phineas believes Aleu had something to do with it, he points that love does crazy things.Skipper and Bender head off to find the second disco ball where Cruger tells them where it is and tells Casper about what happened with Isabella and they told her to help anyway she can. Skipper and the others destroy the second disco ball, get caught and then thanks to Suki escape.

Skipper and company all rush to the prison where the bastard killed their friends with set up executions and Isabella tells them about the protocol she learned.Skipper suggests to split up again but go in 2 which Stan tells him that Kid and co already went off on their own making it 3. Their direction is go with the main characters. Skipper, Suede, Bender and Jack all discuss that they won't let their personal feelings for Dib or the Penguins get in the way of their friendship or mission when Mr. Gold brings up Slade, Anti Cosmo and Discord. Skipper meets up with Buffy, learns of Niburu and the truth behind the Jack White Act who was really Bender's archenemy. Skipper leaves there and ends up getting directions from Jesse though the heroes can't really trust him. Skipper joins with Bender, Heloise, Suede and Jack to find the next pieces and this leads to them getting caught by BlackGarurumon. Skipper escapes with the team as they eliminate the rest of their competition. The whole team gets back with the others and Skipper sees that they have a curse to deal with as Suede and Jack guess that Elsa and Anna were used in it. The teams led by Skipper, Katara, and Tony attack Sinister's castle while they're distracted so Strange and Bender can enter the castle and get Sinister in which they all fight many members of the Sinisters of Evil. Skipper and the team head off to Neverland where they caught by a knowingly Peter Pan, who tells them of his history and plan where Skipper listens and learns about Harley Quinn being a legacy character as there were more than one Harley Quinn. This is before Discord and Isabella save them.

Skipper and the team arrive at the Courage Kingdom and they begin planning their next move starting with intterograting Hook though he has no idea on what they're asking. Skipper tags with the rest of the B Team to investigate though the Children of BlackGarurumon decide to lock them in the pyramids forever as they are higher up on the threat than Blue. They end up meeting the zombie teens and join forces with them to find the Azoth and the Lucifricator as the voice Jean Grey is hearing tells them they need to find it. Bender and the others find the Aztec where Bender, Skipper, Phineas and Isabella decide to go do it though Heloise wants to come along and they allow Suede, Jack Heloise and Kid help. They find Sari who reveals that she never had intentions to kill them and wants to stop them from stopping them. They though get thrown even further into the pyramids by Albert Wesker who stills need them for his and Loki's plan. Skipper in the deeper parts of the pyramids see something lines of a different language detailing to past events which gets them in trouble with their enemy before they go after Dukat. Skipper and the crew learned Pan flooded the universe and are nearly killed by Pan though he is stopped by some smoke by a very much alive Jesse. Jesse teams up with the good guys as a result.Skipper  checks in the hospital with the others and he, Bender and Suede with Jesse check on Jack who was interrogating Buford on Dukat's plans. Skipper  joins up with the rest of the heroes and  destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.

Mr. Gold senses some kind of magic and gets Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Gohan, Twilight, Castiel, Casper, Kid and Makoto over there and tells them it's resurrection magic which does bring people back temporarily but the price is the come back wrong and/or lose their memories and they must be recovered. As they all discuss, Peter Pan enters the room and toys with them in that he will find Maka, Lizbeth, Boomer, Knuckles and Crona take  them to Neverland and torture them until they arrive and then kill them in front of them. That can be anywhere, with the waters of Neverland all over,  Pan can be all powerful anywhere, Bender calls Pan on not doing it immediately who admits he's just fucking with them while insulting and taunting Mr. Gold. Skipper arrives in Springfield and gets to Bart, Black Star and Colonel Star and Stripes as they all head to the Simpsons Household and begin planning what to do though Marceline figures them out and they all begin talking with her after him, Heloise, Bender, Suede and Jesse were attacked by Jack Whiteists. Skipper returns to the Simpsons' house hold and afterwards joins up with Bender, Suede, Stardash, Black Star, Suki, Connor, Bart, Gohan, Jaeris, Knuckles, Sarah, Wendy, Sora to stop an dolphin and Alien Invasion not before going to the Kwie E Mart and meeting with Garak. They learn Sari is behind it and she explains herself to a surprisingly understanding Skipper, Bender, Suede, and Gohan where the latter decides to kill her to satsify her. Skipper, Suede, Isabella and Bender with Wendy all tend to the grave which has Lizbeth, Boomer, Nina, Hunson and Clemont all find them and they explain the invasion is why they're there, while Skipper, Suede and Bender all promised Sari not to tell anyone about what happened. He returns to the ship where to his surprise Starfire and eventually Dib and the others find him.

Nightfall Alternate Timeline

Skipper, being at the helm of the B-Team space station in this story, appears briefly in a few chapters, first welcoming Sonic to the station, and then later squaring off with Jack Noir as the latter sets off a plot to destroy the station with everyone on it. He manages to alert the ship to the danger and delay Jack from destroying the place for a while, but his fate remains unknown, as Jack set off the Red Miles shortly afterward.

Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Suede, Jack Bauer, Makoto, Gohan, Sora, Connor, Discord, Dixie, Bart, Gonner, Stardash and Colonel Star and Stripes all go wandering in their cavern. With a ocarina in hands which they need to use to open their door and find out the chosen one regarding the niburu which Isabella plays to the tune of the Lugia Song. Skipper helps the team fight BlackGarurumon and his forces and participates in the deaths of Darth Nihilus, Du Bois, Cronus, BlackGarurumon and the Niburu before everyone parts to their own path.


Skipper with his friends Bender, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Gohan, Suede, Jack Bauer, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Discord, Death the Kid, Mr. Gold, Sora, Princess Anna, Makoto, Zick and maybe others help Black Star and his team in 4 acts against Haytham Kenway and the Templar Order.

Future Warfare

Skipper with his friends return as a result of a transaction coming from the future that they get as well as Slade's Ensemble and they end up time traveling answering to it where they and Cas end up joining forces against a new threat as a way to prevent themselves from doing this in their near future.


Skipper returns with the rest of the heroes to serve as one of the main characters with his friends Skipper, Phineas, Isabella, Jimmy Neutron, Lydia, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Discord as well as Django, Finn, Julian, Marceline and Jorgen all returning to help. Skipper's past self will also be a main character as well in the story though like Bender and Starfire he can only get into contact with him at certain times. This Time his enemy is Eobard Thawne and his syndicate. Skipper also serves as one of the 3 main protagonists of the finale.

Skipper is not part of Starfire's crew at the beginning, as he is out to rescue Bender and Jorgen Von Strangle from Eobard Thawne as he captured them before the beginning. He himself is captured, but he find Bender and Jorgen and they escape themselves until running into The Joker and then they are saved by Discord, Phineas and Isabella who bring them back to Starfire. They arrive at the boiler room and discuss what to do about Thawne, when Rick and Morty crash on in and make them selves present. Alongside Bender, Skipper convinces Rick to work with them if they keep him safe. The trio get drunk together and discuss what has both him and Bender depressed in a way before Julian joins them and gets drunk with them in some fun they sorely need. Skipper gets back to Slade and Anti Cosmo alongside Bender, Lydia and Starfire and discusses their plans against Thawne.

Skipper waits for Rick to be done, though King Julian won't let him and starts annoying him with popping sounds, he asks Julian to not be himself for 5 minutes though that's too hard for a dumb marpsual. He then cools off with water as he it looked like he was going to kill Julian. Skipper arrives in the time line and joins Bender, Starfire, Jorgen, Marceline, Phineas and Isabella to find Bender's past self. The Six find his past self and they recurit Bender's Past Self to work alongside him. Skipper sets out to camp with Bender and the others where Deathstroke attacks the team and Skipper joins Bender and Jorgen to fight Deathstroke. The three fight Deathstroke to a stalemate while the others remove flypaper and take look out. After their encounter with Deathstroke, Skipper alongside Bender, Bender's past self and Starfire talks with Discord, Rick and Twilight about what transpired on their ends. Skipper takes command for a while of The B Team after Bender's arrest at the hands of Dr.Alchemy and goes after the teleporting stone as they have Time Wraiths after the team through time travel. He manages to kill both Porky Minch and secure the stone during the face off though Mike just gave him the stone and Skipper learns what was trying to kill them before finding Rick, Bender and Marceline. He and Bender have a private talk where they discuss how to find Disney Magic which Rip told Bender to consider. They go with finding Axel in Slade Strikes Back and getting his help.

Bender and Skipper both go off on their own to find their magic source which gets them into quite some trouble starting with a defective clone and King Shark attacking them. While the duo is successful, they lose their car. They find in it the Thug Tug and get in more trouble before they manage to weasel their way out through being beaten senseless. After retreving it, they are chased by Time Wraiths and they lose them, but they are sent flying and end up dealing with Blackout again this time with Tar Pit who really put the two on the tail while they'll do win. The Atom Smasher and Nimbus show up to outnumber them 4 to 2, Only for Mick and Amaya to sent be on Rip's Orders to help them eventually the 4 win but before Bender and Skipper can get back to them. Dennis finally catches up with them stating that Dennis was sent to kill Bender and Skipper while engaging in banter a bit, before trapping the two  with a made trap and then Dennis gets his spiked up shoes to squash their insides while cackling like crazy when a boot his Dennis.

It Turns that it was Atari who rescued Bender and Skipper and tells the two to come with him. Skipper gets Mick and Amaya and they travel with Attauri. It turns out Phineas and Isabella went after them and found Attari, Star and Marco in Virtucon. All of them are trying to find Axel in Virtucon/Vegas, so they all join forces and split up in two teams with Bender, Skipper, Star and Marco in one and Mick, Phineas, Amaya and Isabella in the other with Attauri as mission control. Deciding to go gambling to get some relaxation, Bender goes with Skipper, Star and Marco where they run into Number 2 who is gambling after playing some poker with him. The 4 are chased by Tiger Claw, and Malcolm Merlyn who Deathstroke sent after them while he makes his way to Bender and co to stall. Bender and Skipper fight Tiger Claw while Star and Marco take on Malcolm. While they outnumber Tigerclaw, they fight him to a stalemate and eventually when they strike him down, Tigerclaw marvels at their skill despite how unusual they are proving Deathstroke right. Bender, Skipper and Star get Marco out of the way who was taken down by Malcolm. While they keep an eye on Marco, Bender tells Mick, Amaya, Phineas and Isabella to find Axel while they lay low only for Deathstroke to appear right there on  The four,

Shocked at how Deathstroke found them, Bender engages in more discussion with Deathstroke, where Deathstroke tries to get the group's stuff for the amulet, Star and Skipper keep it out of his hands by using trickery while getting away.

They manage to find it But Thawne, Joker, Toffee, Darkwarrior Duck and Tarus Bulba who also have been looking for it found at the time. Thankfully Slade and his team find them and a brawl commences Skipper,Slade, Wally West and Anti Cosmo go after Thawne fighting hand to hand and with weapons which goes lopsided due to Thawne's speed and not getting a good track on him Though the trio do get some hits in thanks to Wally,

Bender, Skipper, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Phineas, Isabella, Harry Wells, Star, Marco, Mick, Attauri, Amaya, Celes, Hades and Tombstone all meet back up in Slade's old lair and Bender wants to learn about the disney magic. Skipper and him do some research when they bump into Lydia, they ask her what the hell is she doing. When they learn she's hiding from Deathstroke and trying to discover Disney Magic they all look together when Dennis arrives yet again intent on killing them plus Lydia. The three run from him only for Dennis to trap them on The Jolly Roger forcing the trio to work together to outwit and fight Dennis which results in him getting eaten by the crocodile. Bruised he returns and they all work to encrypt the code, but learn it will take the help of a Netherlander to encrypt it

Bender recovers and see that Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy are still with him  gets communication from Phineas, Twilight, Discord and Anatauri about their strandness. They decide to make due with what they have. Jimmy holds up the amulet and knows that they are on the Netherlands path, when Jorgen asks how he knows that, Jimmy points out that back when they traveled here, Axel did tell the crew that Scorpion came from the Netherlands and considering how the multiverse changed up, It's the most considerable thing to do. While Jorgen and Jimmy are basically discussing this, Bender, Starfire and Skipper basically went ahead without them having them ask to wait up

Scorpion reads the amulet and translates that it leads to an ancient relic of the past with massive effect. This surprises them, and that's when Deathstroke and his allies show up as Scudsworth and Welton report this to Deathstroke. Bender, Skipper, Scorpion, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy are feel surrounded by the group. This is when Deathstroke shows up with the intention to acquiring the amulet which all they refuse to give to him with Scorpion ready to clash with Deathstroke. Deathstorke unflinchly sends his henchman after them to over whelm them when he gets Bender and Skipper to both face him

Skipper and Bender are give blades by Scorpion and charge at Deathstroke who clash them 2 on 1 and like Tigerclaw it's very even matched and dangerous as both are doing so over lava. Deathstroke defiantly isn't holding down while Bender and Skipper are using their team work to keep up with his swift speed. Eventually, Bender gets his own blade and knocks Deathstroke off his feet and Skipper then chops Deathstroke on the chest and Deathstroke throws Skipper at Bender. The two get back up and Bender decides to screw it and blast Deathstroke with a gun, Skipper then uses the stall to attack him, nearly knocking him into the lava. Skipper and Bender then both pin Deathstroke down which impresses him and admits they're now 1-1 and tells the team to get them later

Scorpion joins the 5 on pretenses of wanting to find what the amulet was reffering and head to a graveyard and through digging they find what it happens to be. The Spear of Destiny which Scorpion refers them to when Dr.Alchemy shows with all Earth 2 Metahumans and all attack the group. Scorpion, Bender, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen and Jimmy all manage to defeat them, Skipper and Bender are both tazered in place by Scott who arrives, wanting to take matters in his hand and then Dr.Alchemy leaves with him. Alchemy leaves more metahumans for the other 4 to fight..  Bender and Skipper are brought to their cell and they wonder who managed to find and it's revealed it was Dennis to their fear.

Skipper and Bender find Rick there and become friends with Oliver Queen and Team Arrow who work on a way to get out of prison. Him and Bender are espically careful since Dennis is still trying to kill them and nearly does the 3rd time where Starfire saves him and Bender. After a long fight with the Legion, with the legion winning they use the spear of destiny which takes out the B Team except him, Bender, Rick, Lydia, Twilight, Marcus and The Loud Family since he and Bender found the old utopia rings to protect them from the spear effects. It turns out Deathstroke helped them find the rings before the two fought him and Deathstroke wants a truce to defeat Thawne and take the universe back which Skipper agrees.

Skipper and his friends are nearly killed by Toffee and Bill Cipher but is saved by Alternate Doof, Bruce and Selina and they all escape. Skipper begins thinking how to defeat him and the cult through his friends suggest to hide out in a base and Alt Doof, Lydia and Slade suggest some locations though Bill Cipher already ravaged them. Bender and Skipper call out Lydia for not telling them from Bill Cipher and that she should have mentoned this though he admits he may have been harsh on her.  When Hunson tells them that Mewni might be a good choice as does Deathstroke who remembers his attack on there.

Bender makes a plan to have him, Skipper, Twilight, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Deathstroke and his followers, Shadow, Luan Loud, Luna Loud, Lynn Loud and Lola Loud, Hunson, Alt Doof and Discord go to Mewni and get help from Moon, Once they arrive, He and them defend Deathstroke's team and they have sided with them and Toffee is a concern.

They are told that they might need to find some way to destory Toffee. Thar and the other point out that he regenerates his wounds too fast for them to kill. Discord and Twilight suggest to use the full capacity of the Mewni Kingdom's Wand which Deathstroke still has and as he kept it for his group to use. Despite this Bender tells Luan and Skipper he is unsure of this being a true success

This is when An attack on Mewni is made and the whole team groups together to defend the kingdom with Bender goes personally after Joker's old followers while trying to gun for Marie out of revenge for betraying them and Skipper helps him do just that which causes some complications as Bender does get a lot of people killed and does get a lot done, but when he and the others get back to Moon, Toffee has already killed her and destroyed the magic commission. They mourn for Star's mother and Bender is bothered by how ahead both Bill Cipher and Toffee are in regards to them. He points out the spear won't do anything to the two since Bill is too Powerful upon to be killed by it, and Toffee might just plan this. Upon this is when Toffee calls the team and threatens them to give him the spear or he will lose Starfire and Marceline and gives Lydia the ultimatum over this.

Bender, Skipper, Marcus and Lydia all about this in secret and prepare to make the way to counter The two. Bender and Skipper decide to fight Toffee so Lydia can find Bill, When Lydia and Marcus question this, He explains that Toffee can take a lot but so can they and that him and Bender will stall Toffee. He does admit Toffee may know this,

When the Cult of Cipher engages in a showdown with the resisistance Deathstroke uses the time to get the castle for him, Skipper and Deathstroke to confront Toffee. Toffee aproaches the three and engages in a very long battle with Toffee where The trio use magic cuffs to prevent Toffee's magic from being too powerful on them. It works for a while since Toffee catches this and then smacks the cuffs out of their hands and Toffee prepares to use a magic saber on them which the three fight him hand to hand

Toffee manages to defeat them and bury all three of them, while he goes to find and kill Lydia for the spear knowing she has it, He manages to eventually get himself out and goes with Skipper and Deathstroke to chase Toffee. Bill Cipher however tries to intercept the three so he can have Toffee get Lydia who is on the run with Marcus from him.  Deathstroke manages to get Toffee from attacking Lydia and Marcus and they fight Toffee once again

Skipper eventually uses a super weapon in conjunction with Bender and Deathstroke to harm Toffee severly turning into a goo person of his self and Toffee meances them and tells them that they don't make the plans and that he is the only one who does this, when he is smashed by pillars by Heloise, Slade and Anti Cosmo who Heloise tells that Toffee is turned out to be dead. Bender, Skipper and the others  then go looking for Marcus and Lydia.

Bender, Skipper and Deathstroke eventually find Lydia and Marcus who have Ford Pines with them and they manage to hold off Cipher's friends but are caught by Bill who has been fighting long with the two. Bill threatens to kill him and his friends if Lydia doesn't give him the spear, Ford makes a deal with Bill Cipher to save Lydia, Marcus, Bender and the others by letting Bill possess him. Bill Cipher enters Ford's mind to possess all the info on the Spear of Destiny and then this is when Bender and Skipper place Lydia and Marcus in Ford's mind too.

When the two defeat Bill, Ford nearly loses his mind but Bender and the others restore his memory. So Bender, Skipper, Lydia, Marcus, Ford Pines and Deathstroke all begin trying to figure out how to change the multiverse and he decides that Lydia should use it and she eventually does. Bender and the others all remember their adventures and their friends are now alive, though Bender decides to just go with all his friends to Aruba and take things easy


As a hardened commando there are not many people he has close friendships. But there are a fair few people he considers not just an ally, but a friend, and then there are his enemies


Bender is probably the character who is Skipper's BFF due to the amount of time he spent with Bender enclipsing even his time with Ringtail. Bender is also Skipper's partner except in The Great Time Travel Adventure where Marceline was this and in Slade Strikes Back where they didn't really meet yet. He is the most recurring partner in his team.

Skipper served under Bender in his debuting adventure but they didn't interact much and only met for Joker's defeat. Skipper returned in the next adventure and became one of Bender's best friends and eventually became his main ally and personal sidekick in the B Team. While Jimmy was more or less his main ally early on following his death Skipper took the role more directly and did what he could to help Bender. Skipper was included in all of Bender's wacky ways of amusement such as a steak eating competition with Him, Jimmy, Jorgen, Scorpion, Axel, King Julian and Ice King, a fighting dog chase with Bender, Julian and Ice King and a barfing contest with Bender, Scorpion and Axel.

Skipper is undyingly loyal to the robot and sees him as the best leader he can have. Even after the adventure he still followed Bender and when Bender faked his death, Skipper helped him cover it and joined T.U.F.F who also helped him. Skipper then married Marlene as did Bender with Starfire after Jack of Blades' defeat. Skipper and Bender were still close as hell and Marceline took them to see her dad return. Skipper once again serves as Bender's main ally alongside Marceline as the trio took matters of stopping a certain amount of situations in their hands such as Bender avenging his troupe's death.

Skipper tends to know exactly what Bender is up to and is usually the only person who knows Bender's real plans. He helps Bender with his test on Bubblegum and her loyalty, but Heloise and Django also knew but he was fine with that deviation since they all needed to do it. Skipper and him are the opposite in alignment with Skipper as law and Bender as chaos but they get along amazingly well and have similar reactions to things. Skipper is 2nd in seniority as he has stayed on the B Team ever since he joined in The V Team Island Adventure while Starfire and Jorgen have both left for some reasons.

Skipper and Bender are in a way heterosexual life partners although Frost questions the heterosexual part thinking Skipper is gay for Bender and vice versa. If Bender is involved in anything, Skipper isn't far behind and is ready to help Bender at all costs. They also share Terrance Lewis and Hannibal Bean as rivals.

He is really his best friend in later stories especially by Legends of Light and Darkness with Heloise, Phineas and Isabella, Slade and Anti Cosmo not far behind in this. Both of them seem to look out for each other a lot despite Skipper being really lawful and Bender being really chaotic.

King Julian

Skipper is eternally annoyed with Julian and his insane antics. When King Julian debuted in The V Team Island Adventure he was beyond annoyed but he eventually grew to see Julian as an ally and friend albeit an selfish one. Skipper and Julian have spent a great deal of time together to the point where both Dr. Blowhole and his penguins see them as BFFs.

Skipper of course denies this despite evidence claiming the contrary. Ever since The V Team Island Adventure he has to deal with the crazy idiotic lemur and wonders how Bender doesn't get mad at him as much as Skipper does. Julian however has grown into a good friend for Skipper and like Bender has been with him ever since Julian joined the B Team. He still gets annoyed by him but not as much as he used to. Julian gives names to Skipper like silly penguin, frowny penguin while Skipper calls him Ringtail. There are even occasions where Skipper would just want to kill him like Jorgen, although knowing Skipper he probably wouldn't go through with it. And despite Skipper hating Julian's stupdity there have been instances where he has actually found JUlian's crazy and stupid antics pretty funny.


Skipper and Starfire are generally friends and Bender's closest ones in The V Team Island Adventure. They are opposites in personality which makes it hard for the two to get along but not impossible. They are both viewed to be Bender's 2nd in command. Users such as menslady125 and MarioMan2010 believe Starfire is Bender's 2nd in command while other users such as 22kingdomheartsfan and daveg502 believe Skipper is Bender's 2nd in command.

Skipper sometimes considers Starfire the weak link between him, Starfire and Bender as she is more vulnerable then him or Bender. While Starfire often thinks Skipper's paranoia is insane much like Marlene does, despite this they still work together finely

Jorgen von Strangle

Alongside Bender and King Julian, Jorgen is the person Skipper has spent the most time with and one of his best friends. These two are very similar in personality as both Bender and Starfire can attest to. Skipper thinks highly of him due to his large and in charge attitude and Jorgen respects Skipper for his incredible leadership as Bender's sidekick despite Jorgen being huge and Skipper being small.

Jorgen doesn't pick on him as he knows that Skipper is a tough SOB who didn't become Bender's right hand man for no reason. These two military oriented penguin and fairy are a great duo to lead like Bender through war. Though Jorgen does treat Skipper like a 4th wheel since Jorgen, Bender and Starfire had Jimmy as their 4th orginally. But Jorgen  changed his mind when he and Starfire learn from Bender and Skipper of Neutron's "revival."


While Skipper insults many mammals and thinks they're stupid, he thinks likewise with Marlene. While Skipper demeans women as helpless, a few lessons from Marlene made him think otherwise. Skipper and her were good friends before the two became more than friends.

Marlene eventually gets involved in Skipper's adventure and joins up with Bender as she can no longer deny her crush on Skipper. Skipper and Marlene by the end of the story became a couple and then eventually got married after Jack's defeat alongside Bender and Starfire


Skipper and Heloise are very good friends although not as close as Bender and him. Heloise and Skipper became good friends as they worked together through The Great Time Travel Adventure and Skipper saw potential in his new friend to be a leading character. After the story, Heloise and Skipper were two of the 9 returning characters the others being Bender, Jorgen, King Julian, Django, Finn, Marceline and Ice King who went on a cruise that eventually sparked into a new adventure for them.

She and Skipper are Bender's loyalest and closest allies and they worked with him in a trio. They did many crazy things together and Bender endorsed all of them as the three almost always act together when in a team. Skipper felt sorry for her when he learned her past and was infuriated with Strange for what he did. Heloise unlike most heroes got better quickly and jump backed into action. Like Bender, Heloise is close to Skipper and is probably his 2nd best friend after Bender, also King Julian though could be this too. Heloise`s friendship with him and Bender is very evident as the trio seem to always be together and in spite of their nastier tendencies, the three are like one big happy family.


Skipper and Scorpion met in The V Team Island Adventure and hit off just like Scorpion did with Bender. Scorpion and Skipper both have a love for combat and fighting as they have shown. Scorpion though does question Skipper and Bender's sanity at times with their plans but he knows they always have methods to their madness. Scorpion was saved by Skipper and Bender in The Great Time Travel Adventure when Hunson had him leave his services. Skipper unlike Scorpion and Bender didn't see Joker defeated for good as Bender and Marceline wanted him out mostly and Scorpion followed them to make sure of it. Skipper and Scorpion reunite again after their adventures.

Twilight Sparkle

Skipper and Twilight are good friends and trust each other. They met in Skipper's 2nd summer adventure alongside Bender and Heloise. Like them he appreciates her and her ideas and never insults her. Skipper has helped her against her enemies Discord and Queen Chrysalis through their adventures and she helped them with their old foes.

Princess Celestia

One of the few people alongside Bender, Skipper will listen to without question. Skipper like Bender, Twilight and Heloise is very much trusted by her. Whether Celestia has trouble, he is trusted with her tasks and she has complete faith in him.

Main Enemies


Discord in ways has became Skipper's nemesis now. Like Bender he takes him seriously and knows he's a great threat. Skipper is a law abiding hero and opposed to Discord's chaotic villainy. Skipper believes Discord will return soon or later to get him, Bender and the B Team. So Skipper gets ready for when he returns to attack him, Bender and the rest. Skipper hates Discord, he is one of Discord's main enemies alongside Bender, Heloise, Twilight and to a extent Captain Knuckles. Discord is also the employer of his rivals Terrance Lewis and Hannibal Bean.

Skipper, Twilight, Bender, Heloise and the others fight him again in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny with the help of their old friends, though the four take it their hands to defeat him. When Skipper, Bender, Heloise and the others were going to fight Terumi and Relius, Discord and Twilight joined and the former decided to help. With the final two stories Discord sides with Skipper and co. against the onslaught of villains.

Hans the Puffin

Skipper's main rival after Blowhole. Hans is in a way responsible for Skipper being not allowed to go to Denmark. Hans's cleverness occasionally gives Skipper trouble, But he always wins Skipper. Hans continued being his rival until The Great Time Travel Adventure where he changed sides to stop his employer Hunson Abadeer from his plans.

Dr. Blowhole

Skipper's former archenemy. The two of them have been clashing for a long time, fin to fin and brain to brain. Blowhole gives Skipper considerable challenge and even has nearly killed him a few times. Despite this they were willing to team up against the Joker and later Uka Uka and Hunson Abadeer. Blowhole alongside Luciaus' group reformed and joined the heroes in their adventure


Skipper is one of the most notable examples of a minor character becoming more important as the story has gone on. Going from a minor character to a main character and Bender's own 2nd in command likewise with Heloise and Lizbeth

He is one of the most skilled hand-to-hand characters in the series despite his size. He on occasion though is a combat pragmatist who does anything to win, Something he picked up from Bender who is constantly being this

He loves calling people by nicknames he call Julian ringtail and Mort Sad Eyes

Skipper's archenemies Hans and Dr. Blowhole have reformed, making him the only character whose main enemies redeemed themselves until Trevalyn came around.

He respects girls of worthy skill, intelligence and personality, one reason he loves Marlene

Has an evil counterpart in Negaduck the 2nd in command of the V Team.

Has a tendency to make odd friendships with others such as Negaduck, Bender and more recently Nigel Uno. Surprisingly they all are 2nd in command to teams he's worked with.

His name is Eddy's middle name

Doesn't seem to have any family but Skipper apparently sees Bender, Heloise and (when he isn't being annoying or selfish) King Julian as this

He is apparently ticklish

He is fleunt in German

He has high value on order which contrasts Bender's chaotic ways. Yet they are still great friends

Skipper does not really hate King Julian but he is annoyed by him. Sometimes Julian annoys him to the point where he really wants to leave in a life or death problem but he helps him anyway. A reason for this is Skipper's undying loyalty to Bender

He hates what Disney has become and Skipper wants to kill Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and all fake Disney propaganda

Skipper hates being called fat he claims it's muscle

He really really REALLY does not like needles.

Skipper is 2nd in seniority after Bender in the B Team which Julian is 3rd currently

Alongside Heloise and Bender he re-founded W.H.O.O.P after its destruction by Alt Doof

He talks frequently about 2 of his fallen soliders Manfried and Johnson

Skipper has apparently been involved in every major conflict since World War II and more t

One of his most known lines is "Cute and Cuddle Boys"

He hates hippies and that's a recurring gag in POM

He doesn't have many problems that hold him back Skipper spent 8 years in the jungles of Mexico and learned how to play Spanish guitar.

One of Skipper's skills is his Hypnotic Stare. He stares at you move's his flippers around and says "You didn't see anything." And believe it or not, most of the time it works. Shows how badass this penguin commando is. In his commando Skipper was the best and skilled penguin because authority equals ass-kicking and this is also true for his alignment with the B Team as Bender's right hand man.

Skipper lives in New York like Bender and King Julian the other 2 longest members of the team. Unlike Bender and Julian it is unknown where he actually was born and came from

Many people find him cute which he hates being called although he commonly says cute and cuddly boys

With the exception of Officer X, no human in his world knows his exploits.

He has something called gut feeling

Like Bender and Heloise, Skipper is quite scary to many people and his craziness is definitely something to fear

Skipper has quite a potty mouth as he swears in Korean Skipper has appeared in all B Team stories alongside Bender

Out of all the main members of the B Team he is either the 2nd or 3rd most moral member of the six

If he has a choice between brute force and brains give him brute force any day which contrasts Heloise's and Lizbeth's brainy approaches and is like Bender's ways of doing things

He is a drama queen like Bender and King Julian as he hams it up like William Shatner. It would be very hard to determine who would win a contest of being a drama queen between Skipper, Bender and King Julian

Like Bender, he is one of two characters to serve as a protagonist, deuteragonist and triagonist

He likes hard pillows

He has a fragile ego as we have seen in "Truth Ache"

He apparently can use a lightsaber or something like it

Despite his small size, he is quite a force to be reckoned with.

Skipper is one of the only four characters who has seen the end of the Multi-Universe and the creation of another one which was possible through a forwards time machine.

Skipper is one of the only seven characters to appear in every story in a series after his debut alongside Bender, Heloise, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight Sparkle and Discord

Skipper's Muscle - Fit to Print - The Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper's Muscle - Fit to Print - The Penguins of Madagascar

Don't ever insult Skipper's weight

Penguins of Madagascar - Skipper's blues

Penguins of Madagascar - Skipper's blues

Skipper's first attempt at singing

Madagascar 3 Skipper needs your help!

Madagascar 3 Skipper needs your help!