Episode 15: She's Still Standing

(Mich sees Luna in front of him.)

Mich: Luna. I thought you were dead. How....

Luna: I may have fallen, yes. But you've forgotten what I'm able to do.

Mich: I was out of it. I wish I knew.

Luna: Hargrove committed atrocious acts that fateful day. But he's been taken care of. You should move on from it.

Mich: There's another problem. You've heard about...

Luna: Makarov. I know. You must move past what Hargrove has done and focus on the task at hand. If we do not stop him soon, I'm afraid that we'll....

(Mich hugs Luna and starts tearing up. Luna hugs him with her wing. They stop hugging a few seconds later.)

Mich: I'm just glad to see you again, my Princess of the Night.

(Taylor arrives.)

Taylor: What did I tell ya? Told you she was still alive. She's been tapping into your DNI to find you here. As for what happened, after falling out of the Staff of Charon, she teleported out before she could fall to her death. She stayed hidden until Hargrove and Jul 'Mdama was dealt with.

Mich: Thanks, Taylor.

Freeze: (Comms) We have a problem! Report to the map!

(Everyone, including Princess Luna, meets up with Freeze and Kane.)

Freeze: We've got a call from Indigo's other classmates and Cadance, their Dean. The RDV had them cornered and are trying to abduct them. We lost contact with them before they could give a location. But thanks to Indigo, she planted a tracker in Sugarcoat's sleeve. It leads back to Faustin's old house in Hove Beach in Liberty City.

Mich: Who's going in?

Taylor: That's the thing: the house is now owned by RDV leader Vladimir Glebov. He made a deal with Makarov to try and threaten most of those from Crystal Prep Academy for accepting Canterlot High students and faculty as equals. This cost Cinch her reputation and cost Charon and Fregata a lot of money. We're all going in to secure the house and initiate a Kill/Capture order on Glebov.

Mich: But what about Luna?

Luna: Do not worry. I will be here when you get back. I promise.

Kane: I'll take care of her.

Taylor: Alright, mission is green. We have 60 minutes for prep.


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