Tegaki Shadow Queen Trade by Twilight Silvermoon
The Shadow Queen is an ancient demon and the true main antagonist who serves as the final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Prior to the start of the game, she destroyed an ancient civilization and began a conquest on the entire world with the aid of numerous monsters that she created and the Crystal Stars. In the end her plans were ruined and she was sealed away by four heroes within the Thousand Year Door. Even though she was sealed away, her followers vowed to bring her back into the world and did so around the time when the seal on the door was weakened enough. Her followers tricked others into opening The Thousand Year Door, allowing the queen to be free from her prison, which brought darkness to the whole world.

The Miracle Elite Adventures

The Miracle Elite: Lovelace Origin

After Mario who destroyed her, wandering the new Multi-Universe until she entered the body of Martha Lovelace. She took Tuxedo for hostage husband for all eternity.

Tuxedo Lovelace vs Dormammu/CarnEvil

Tuxedo had a life of his retirement. He invited Gabriel and Oswald to visit. Oswald accidentally tipped over the propane into the fire place. his house was on fire. He and Gabriel are trying to find the way out, but Tuxedo swipted the fire with his bast of wind. Hours later they are both bored. Pit came in to report gabiel that his daughters were kidnapped. Gabriel rehired Tidus and Zidane on the mission.

At the abandoned prison, Gabriel along with Tuxedo, Tidus, and Zidane. Tuxedo spotted Terra laying unconscious.

LOTM - Birth of Miracle Elite


A Christmas Bizarro in July

She came back from her retirement to safe Terra and her family. Unlike her husband, She is sucked by Medusa's shadow monster and eat her host alive. She joined forces with Inferno Clan and Married Dormammu.

Yellow Submarine


Trouble in London


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