Serenity Wheeler
Serenity Wheeler


Serenity Wheeler


Shizuka Kawai, Ren, The Blind Duelist




November 20, 1983


Joey Wheeler-Brother, Mrs. Wheeler-Mother

(Former) Powers

Fuelled by anger, lethally powers Destruction Blast that critically injures or kills its target.


Former member of the Hailfire Empire, High School Student.

Serenity Wheeler a character from Yu-Gi-Oh

The Cortanian Empire Storyline

was the hikari of Ikari Cortania and a former member of the HailFire Empire and the Underworld. She turned evil after being kidnapped by Glacia Freeze and helped participate in some of the worst atrocities Earth had seen, including the murder of Chase Young.

She was finally defeated by Ikari and a resurrected Chase about two years after she joined the Underworld. All her memories, including those of Ikari and their time together, were erased and she was able to live her life again, free from the evil that influenced her. Serenity lives in peace back in Domino with her family after having her memories erased by Ikari, yet she and Ikari were still linked somehow and Serenity often dreamed of the girl with pink hair and magenta eyes. Despite this, Ikari has made no attempt to contact her, happy to leave her friend in peace. She entered high school and honed her dueling skills, slowly moving up the ranks and becoming a good duelist in her own right.


Pics of Serenity

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