Enter Heckyl
Part 7.

(Yellow Diamond and her Pearl approaches a secure cell.)

YD Pearl: My Diamond, I don't think using this one is a good idea.

Yellow Diamond: Are you questioning my authority?!

YD Pearl: (Scared) Nu.. nu.. Not at all. (Gulp)

Yellow Diamond: Then it's settled. I'm using Heckyl.

(Yellow Diamond opens the cell door. Everyone in the chamber becomes scared.)

Yellow Diamond: Heckyl, step forward!!

(A human-like individual steps out. He then moves his neck around, getting out any kinks he had over the centuries.)

Heckyl: I haven't been out of that cell for centuries.

Yellow Diamond: Hrmmm!

Heckyl: I love what you've done with the place.

Yellow Diamond: Play cute with me and you're going back in that cell!! Bottom line: you look human and you are organic! So I'll make you a deal: Those humans are interfering with the Cluster and are protected by those Rebels! If you infiltrate and destroy them, then I will set you free.

Heckyl: Set me free? Ha! Good idea!

(Heckyl uses his powers to destroy Yellow Diamond's guards and her Pearl.)

Yellow Diamond: NO!!

Heckyl: Now, how about I make YOU a deal? I destroy those humans and the Crystal Gems, and you and I are partners? We rule the universe together!

Yellow Diamond: No deal, Heckyl!

Heckyl: I think you should reconsider.


Heckyl: Wrong answer.

(Yellow Diamond prepares to attack Heckyl, but Heckyl fires lightning at her, fatally wounding her.)

Heckyl: So, what did we learn "My Diamond"?

(Yellow Diamond just stares at Heckyl and snarls at him. Heckyl destroys her for good. He then pulls up a picture of the Earth.)

Heckyl: Ha. Infiltrating the Order isn't a bad idea.

(Down at the human version of Sugarcube Corner...)

Freeze: (sips a drink) Aw man. I haven't had any of these in months!

Cal: (To Mich) So what's up?

Mich: Welp, Spike and Bulk have been stumblin'. But, that's what they do best.

Applejack: So THIS Spike you're talking about. What did you say he was?

Mich: Skull's son.

(The group stops for a moment.)

Rainbow Dash: Skull has a son?

Mich: Yeah. Goofy kid. Just like his Dad. His Dad looks very spiffy now-a-days.

Pinkie Pie: Well I really really really REALLY can't WAIT to see Bulky again!!!

Caboose: Giant Samurai guy!!

Mich: Um..

(Heckyl enters the store.)

Rarity: (Looking at Heckyl) That man really needs a new wardrobe. Those articles just don't match.

(Heckyl approaches the group.)

Heckyl: Excuse me.

Rarity: (Surprised) OH! I'm so very sorry darling! I seriously hope I didn't offend you!

Heckyl: Ah. Don't be silly! None taken, M'Lady.

(Puppy Spike doesn't seem amused with Heckyl.)

Freeze: Never seen you before.

Heckyl: Well, I just recently arrived from... out of town. I'd love for someone to show me around the city.

Freeze: We'll do it. Name's Derrick. But it seems that the name is too geeky for these peeps. Call me Freeze. (Shakes hands with Heckyl)

Heckyl: Ah. Very firm handshake, Freeze.

Freeze: I've learned a lot from my Father.

Heckyl: He seemed to have taught you well.

Freeze: This is Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and my fiance Sunset Shimmer.

Heckyl: Oh! You're taking in vows soon. That's nice.

Freeze: Thank you. Welp, let's start giving you the tour.

(The group and Heckyl step out. Heckyl stay behind for a bit and pulls out a picture of the rest of Freeze's group.)

Heckyl: (To himself) Soon, the Order will be no more.

Rainbow Dash: Hey new guy! You coming or what?!

Heckyl: Uh. Yes! Be right there!!

(The group arrives at Canterlot High.)

Freeze: And here's Canterlot High School. We've just recently held the Friendship Games here.

Sunset: I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't interesting, but this previous one WAS very eventful.

Freeze: Well, that's everything. Ready to head back to Sugarcube Corner.

Heckyl: I'll meet you there.

Freeze: Sounds good.

(The group leaves. Heckyl approaches the statue and places his hand on it, seeing his hand go through the portal.)

Heckyl: This must be the portal. Just one step closer. (Grin)


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