Where's the leak Ma'am
Part 5.

(Yellow Diamond is watching the heroes meet with ODST Team 40 in the Great Valley.)

Yellow Diamond: If those organics find out about the cluster, the Power Rangers could move to destroy it. I refuse to let a pathetic race do that!

YD Pearl: Well, maybe this would help.

(Yellow Diamond's Pearl gets out a bag with Doodlebob's arm in it.)

Yellow Diamond: What is that?

(Pearl releases the arm. The arm crawls to a warp station. Back at the new Order base in Bikini Bottom...)

Troy: (Enters) Hey Grif! I'm here to check in! Twilight wants a status report from you.

(Grif is sleeping. Troy slaps him to try and wake him, but Grif slaps him back as a reaction.)

Grif: Dammit, dude!! I was fucking sleeping!!

Troy: Okay, two things! One: don't call me dude. And two: Princess Twilight wants an update from you.

Grif: Oh shit. Yeah. The pencil. It's right...

(Grif sees that the pencil is missing. Grif looks to his right, and find the pencil seemingly drawing by itself.)

Grif: Troy, you're not gonna like this!

(Doodlebob comes to life.)

Doodlebob: Bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bweh!!!

Troy: Not good.

(Troy puts his hand on his morpher.)

Troy: (To Doodlebob) You. Don't. Move.

(Doodlebob swings the pencil at Troy, causing him to fall. He then gets back up.)

Doodlebob: Deehoymoyoymee!! Dyoyoymyoyoy ayiyiyiyiyiyiy!!!!

(Doodlebob runs off with the pencil.)

Grif: Well, we're fucked.

Troy: (Looks at footage of Freeze and Patrick Star.) No we're not.

(Spongebob and Patrick are seen blowing bubbles.)

Spongebob: Ready Patrick?

Both: One, two, three!

(Patrick blows a bubble shaped like paper. Spongebob blows a bubble scissors.)

Spongebob: Scissors beats paper, Patrick!

(Patrick laughs. They dip their bubble wands.)

Spongebob: One.

Patrick: Two.

Spongebob: Three!

(They both blow paper bubbles.)

Spongebob: Patrick, how come you always do paper?

(Freeze arrives.)

Freeze: Sponge, Pat, we need your help.

Patrick: Do I get a cookie?

(Freeze, Spongebob, and Patrick meet with Troy.)

Troy: Glad you two could make it. You remember that "magic pencil", right?

Patrick: (Dumbfounded) Haven't a clue.

Spongebob: The one that brings what we draw to life?!

Troy: That's the one.

(Troy is attacked again by Doodlebob. He then knocks Spongebob, Patrick, and Freeze down.)

Patrick: He's got the pencil.

Spongebob: How did this happen? We've got to find him!

(Transition to a field of bushes.)

Freeze: Where could he possibly be?

Patrick: Maybe he's in that poorly drawn pineapple.

Troy: Let's go.

(Patrick hides in a bush.)

Patrick: I'm not going in there!

(Freeze and Troy jumps into the bush.)

Freeze: Don't worry, Patrick. We'll be right next to ya. Baby steps.

(Freeze, Troy, and Patrick's feet pop out of the bottom of the bush. They sneak towards the 2D Pineapple.)

Troy: Almost there....

(Doodlebob opens the door and draws a hole in the ground in front of his doorstep. The trio fall in.)

All: (Falling) Ahhhhhh!!! (Bam)

Patrick: What just happened?

Doodlebob: Meahoy, memoyay? MeyoyYOY, ladyonmamoy!

Freeze: C'mon, Patrick. Give me a boost up!

Patrick: Can't we just stay down here where it's safe?

Freeze: Nuh-uh! It's our duty to protect the Multi-Universe and I intend to do just that!

(A drawn out wrench falls on Patrick's head.)

Troy: See what he means, Patrick?

Patrick: (Disoriented) Where's the leak, ma'am?

(Patrick, Freeze, and Troy pops out of the hole. Doodlebob draws a bowling ball, and bowls it at Patrick.)

Patrick: (Scream) (X) (X)

Spongebob: You okay, Patrick?

Patrick: FINLAND!!!!

Doodlebob: Mehoy meahoya!! (Runs off with the pencil) Meemyoymyoy! YoyYOYyoy!

(Transition to the heroes hiding and watching Doodlebob.)

Freeze: He's fencing with the pencil? We should've gotten Riley to come out here.

Patrick: He makes me sick just looking at him. Those big bulging eyes! That square body! Those two bucked teeth! AND HIS STUPID TIE!!!

Spongebob: Ahem!

Patrick: Oh, but it looks great on you, Spongebob! Hehe (blushes)

Troy: He's putting down the pencil! We're gonna go over there!

Spongebob: Alright, Patrick! As for us, we'll jump out and surprise him!

Patrick: Ooh! A surprise party!! Is it his birthday?

(Doodlebob smashes through the rock wall, grabs Spongebob and holds him above himself.)

Spongebob: Patrick! Patrick! DO SOMETHING!!!

Patrick: Happy Birthday!

(Doodlebob tosses Spongebob to the side.)

Patrick: (Picks up a rock) Here's your present.

(Doodlebob whacks Patrick with the rock.)

Patrick: You're welcome.

Troy: Should I?

Freeze: Go for it!!

(Troy gets his morpher ready.)


(Troy morphs)

Troy: Megaforce Red!

(Troy, Freeze, and Spongebob jump in front of Doodlebob.)

Troy: Looks like you're about to be erased, Doodle! Any last words?!

Doodlebob: Hehoo wabababababa!

Troy: Uh. Sorry. I don't quite follow?

Doodlebob: Hehoo. Wababababa? (Freaks out) FyoymyoyYoymeenyoy...

Troy: Toss me the pencil!

(Troy catches the pencil and erases Doodlebob's face. Doodlebob smacks into a rock.)

Troy: Let's end this! (Gets out his blaster) FINAL STRIKE!!

(Doodlebob and the rock he was on is destroyed.)

Troy: (De-Morphs) Well that takes care of him, don't you think?

Patrick: Done and done.

(Back in Yellow Diamond's chambers...)


YD Pearl: Well, I.. Uh.. You see...

Yellow Diamond: (Sigh) I have no choice.

YD Pearl: Please don't destroy me!

Yellow Diamond: I'm not going to. I'm going to need to use him.

YD Pearl: No.. You.. You can't really...


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