Super Megaforce Orion
Part 3

Tucker: Oh ho! She does have the hots for me!

Cal: Hey Tucker. Shove it!!

Nevada: What's the matter, Cal? Jealous?

Cal: Not at all. Tucker's just an idiot.

Nevada: He may be an idiot, but he's so funny. I love that in a ladies man.

Jake: Is it me, or is this getting more and more awkward?

Mich: It's more than just you, dude.

Nevada: (To Mich) What's wrong? Getting unconfortable?

Mich: (Nervous) M... Maybe a little.

Nevada: (Stroking Mich's face) I noticed.

(Nevada then backs off. Mich just nervously stands in shock, blushing.)

Mich: You... You stay away from me.

Nevada: Oh, I don't need to be near your to get to you, sweety.

(A Pelican arrives with Fireteam Sidewinder unloading.)

Wash: Nevada. I thought you were dead.

Nevada: Oh hey, Wash. (Looks at Flash then at Tucker.) Well, now I see two handsome men here.

Flash Sentry: Huh? Are you... talking about me?

Nevada: Do you see any other handsome men with cute blue hair around?

Flash Sentry: (Blushes) Handsome? Cute? Me?

Wash: Flash?

Cal: Are you.... Hitting on Flash???

Nevada: Maybe. Jealous yet?

Cal: No!

Flash Sentry: Hey what's that suppose to mean?

Tucker: Means you have no chance in hell with a chick as hot as her.

Nevada: (Laughs) Oh, such a chamer.

Flash Sentry: Hey I could with her if I wanted to!

Tucker: Oh really? Well how's that thing with Twilight going then?

Flash Sentry: Tucker, you better shut your mouth!

Gia: Is this seriously happening right now?

Mich: I wish it wasn't but I think it is.

Cal: Nevada, I'm giving a chance to stop before-

Tucker: And by the way, which Twilight are you trying to get with? The pony or the human? Or you trying get both?

Flash Sentry: What!?

Wash: Would you two shut up and-

Flash and Tucker: YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!!

Nevada: Yeah, Wash. This is getting good.

Troy: Well, we're ending it. Now!

(Troy charges at Nevada and swings his sword at Nevada, who does  a serious of black flips to dodge)

Nevada: That was a big mistake boy. Now I have to break out my secret weapon.

Troy: Secret weapon?

Nevada: (Clears her throat) (Dramaticlly) Oh! Tucker! Flash! Please help me! This monster wants to hurt me!

Wash: Okay what is she trying to- (Notices Tucker and Flash are not with them) Where did Tucker and Flash go?

Troy: I don't know what your doing but it- (Looks behind him)

(Tucker rushes up to Troy and swings his energy sword at Troy who quickly brought up his sword to block said swing)

Troy: Tucker, what are you doing!?

Tucker: Protecting a damsel in distress like any badass would do!


(Cals words are cut short by gun fire, everyone gets behind cover and sees Flash shooting at them)

Cal: FLASH!?

(Troy pushes Tucker away and turns to face Nevada, who ran up to Troy and hit him with a powerful punch and knocked him away)

Emma: Troy!

Nevada: (Evil chuckle) The power of the pendant is greater then I thought. I'm not even wearing my armor, and I'm strong enough to push back a Power Ranger. Just imagine how strong I'll be the more I use it.

Cal: I don't believe it...

Nevada: And that's not all it did. Men have always been so easy. But with the pendant, I have two of your close friends working for me now. Isn't that right, Tucker, Flash?

Tucker: You got that right, baby.

Flash Sentry: I'm ready to do whatever you ask.

Tucker: Suck up!

Flash Sentry: Reject soldier!

Nevada: (Puts a hand on Tucker and Flash's shoulder) Boys, boys, boys. There's no need to fight. There's enough of me for both of you.

Cal: I can't believe it...

Nevada: Well its been fun, but its time to go. Places to destroy, enslave, you know how it goes. Oh, but before I go Cal, I have things to say. One: Your always welcome to join you know. And second: I got a gift for you. Its my ass. You get to see it as I walk away.

(Nevada, Tucker and Flash Sentry turn around and start walking away)

Cal: Nevada! (Runs after her)

(The 3 then suddenly are teleported. Cal stops running and stares for a moment and falls to his knees)

Noah: Did all that seriously just happen?

Jake: I think it did.

(The heroes are back at base. Freeze gets on the radio.)

Freeze: This is Sentinel Derrick McCracken!

(A ship is seen in outer space. Someone intercepts the frequency.)

Freeze: I'm unable to contact UNSC Infinity or Guardian of the Night! We need help!

(The ship turns around and heads to Earth. Back at base...)

Freeze: I don't know if that'll be effective.

Jake: It will be. We just need to wait. It takes time.

Mich: We don't have time, Jake.

Jake: Maybe we don't have time, but we have no other choice.

Sunset: I'm gonna have to agree with Jake on this. All we can do is hold out as long as we can.

Mich: The more we wait, the more we lose friends.

Zeta-Taylor: Not unless we hit where they live.

Noah: How?

Zeta-Taylor: We zero in on Nevada's previous location: The Ancient Skeedar Ruins.

Noah: Is that where she got the pendant.

Zeta-Taylor: She got the pendants back in Canterlot.

Cal: (saddened) She fused them into one.

Mich: Those are the same three pendants once used by the Dazzlings.

Noah: Maybe I can search up some info about the Skeedar Ruins. If I find anything, I'll call you.

(Mich sees a ship inbound.)

Mich: What's that?

(The heroes all see the ship. It crash lands.)

Mich: Let's go check to see if anyone's hurt!!

(They arrive at the ship. Mich and Cal have their MR6s drawn. The hatch opens and out steps a fellow Power Ranger.)

Freeze: Orion? (To Mich and Cal) Help him out!

(Mich and Cal help Orion out of the ship. Orion gets back on his feet.)

Emma: It's really great to see you again.

Orion: You too. All of you.

Freeze: What brings you back here?

Orion: Well, I got your emergency call on the communicator.

Freeze: Oh good. Know anything about Infinity?

Orion: They've been rotation channels and repeatedly going into radio silence. They're currently making random jumps. They've encountered the Nightmare Forces.

Mich: So this is officially an "Off the Books" mission?

Orion: Not exactly. I got a hold of the crew of the Guardian of thr Night. They'll let you connect to them. Until they can find a way to fight, Infinity won't be joining us.

Freeze: So they're just running?

Troy: We'll just have to find a way for them.

(Everyone agrees.)

Freeze: Once Noah finds something on the Ruins, we'll be going there ASAP.


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