This Hedgeog is a real Scourge as he is one of the deadliest members of his team and one of the main 3 members alongside Eddy and Negaduck. He was once an Anti Sonic, but he was turned green by a chaos emerald accident and he declared himself a new thing and became the serious antagonist we see today

He joined Eddy in his team, sometime and was contacted by Slade and Anti Cosmo to join them in their scheme. They played good hard ball against their enemies but they were defeated.

He returned in Slade Strikes Back, He was now longing to see his girlfriend Fiona, he eventually got to see her again and then things got bad when he nearly killed Negaduck and screwed him. He has several encounters with the heroes here, espically Bender who he personally encountered at least three times, little did he know that Bender more or less warned him about Joker who blackmaile him into murdering Oswald. However he rescued Fiona and like every other member he was too scared of Joker to personally show him down.

Things changed for him again when he learned of himself being a father and overcame his fear of Joker. He like his team teamed up with his rival Bender against Uka Uka and with the help of the robot Scrouge wed to Fiona and the two were happy. Scrouge once again clashed with his former team as the Supression Squad was out for him, Bender and Eddy led by treacherous Miles Prower. He took a page from his rival, and clobbered Miles ruthlessly and was angered by how his traitor hurted Fiona and later kidnapping Fiona

He appeared once more, and made another team up and met up with old aquanitces with The Babylon Rouges and more less acted like a leader as the story went by. After the events of the story who knows what happened to him, until he and The V Team went to Slade's wedding and met Slade's new henchmen, and The B Team. As Scrouge heard of Eddy's arrest and saw it he told Bender it but to his suprise. He knew already with Django's help and told Scrouge of his intention to make sure his wife came out alive and not harmed as they lack his experience. Scrouge complied and told him if he needed a favor call the team up. And that's what Bender did at the end he called up Scrouge and told him about his plans to take back Mobius for Sally Acorn, while hesistant (being old an old enemy of Sally and the freedom fighters and all) he kept his part of his deal. After saving Mobius he reunites with Eddy and Fiona.

Scourge the Hedgehog Official Artwork

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