Sailor gallifrey

Emily as Sailor Gallifrey, soldier of time and space.

Name: Sailor Gallifrey

Race: Sailor Soldier

Group: Allies of the Children of the Autobots

Likes: Being the wife of Optimus Prime

Dislikes: When the weak are threatened

Biggest strength: Her love for Optimus

Biggest weakness: No known one

Occupation: Wife of Optimus Prime

Quote: "In the name of Gallifrey and the Autobots, you shall be brought to justice!"

Youtube portrayer: OptimusPrimePrincess

Like Sailor Pluto, Sailor Gallifrey has powers that are based on time and space. However, her powers are somewhat stronger than those of Sailor Pluto.

Unlike the Doctor, who keeps running, grieving and blaming himself for the destruction of Gallifrey, Sailor Gallifrey keeps a positive attitude and is convinced that there is hope for her planet, the Doctor, and the lost Time Lords.

With the forces of evil getting stronger and more relentless, she knows that sooner or later, she and the other Sailor Soldiers will have to awaken their hidden powers if they wish to protect the Angels of Disney...along with each other and their allies.


Gallifrey Laser Void - summons a large void which opens and releases a barrage of lasers

Gallifrey Space and Time Tempest - summons a huge whirlwind that can suck up non-physical attacks and trap them somewhere in time and space

Gallifrey Cosmic Web - summons a huge web of cosmic energy that can ensnare multiple opponents and cause massive damage.


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