Captain Rip Hunter, is a former Time Master and the leader of a self-assembled team.

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Rip is a former Time Master, and the first person to build a time sphere,

Against the Time Masters' code forbidding relationships, Rip had a wife and a son named Jonas, who were both killed by the immortal dictator Vandal Savage in the year 2166, a largely dystopian era. This motivated Rip to request his fellow Time Masters for action to undo Vandal's tyranny. When his pleas fell on deaf ears, he chose to go rogue, stealing the timeship, the Waverider, and its onboard AI, Gideon, and traveled back to the year 2016 to recruit a team of people considered unimportant to the timeline.[

Gathering them up on a rooftop, Hunter explained to them the danger of Vandal Savage. To further convince them to help, Hunter lied and said that in his future they were regarded as Legends. He then proceeded to tell them that if they wanted to help to meet him at a specific location in thirty six hours. Much to his pleasure, they all arrived and Hunter welcomed them onboard his ship. He then explained to them that to track down and destroy Savage before he destroys humanity and time itself, they must go to the only one who is an expert on Savage: Aldus Boardman. Arriving in the year 1975, Hunter brought with him Ray, Stein, and Kendra and Carter , claiming he did not need the skill sets of Leonard, Mick, or Sara. Arriving at St. Roch University, the group confronted Boardman, who recognize Kendra and Carter as his reincarnated mother and father . Boardman then explained to them that Savage spent his years causing war and numerous others atrocities all over the world to keep his anominity and proceeded to give them a journal detailing all the information he had on Savage. Suddenly, Rip got an alert from Gideon that the Waverider was under attack. However, Kendra and Carter were unwilling to leave their son behind and demanded he come with them much to Hunter's protest. Arriving at the Waverider, Hunter found the ship under attack by Chronos. Working together, Rip and the team managed to fight Chronos off long enough to escape. Although ,in the process, Boardman was severely injured.

Escaping, Kendra demanded Rip tell them who Chronos was and the real reason he recruited them. Hunter revealed everything and told them he understood if they wanted to return home. The others then decided to take a moment to decide on what choice they would make. Later, everyone came together with Kendra telling him that Boardman passed away and blamed herself, Rip told her not to and proceeded to tell everyone that time itself alongside Chronos and Savage would be one of their enemies. The group decided to stay together to defeat Savage and earn their rightful place in history. Hunter then proceeded to take them to the lead he had learned from Boardmans journal.


In TGTTA 2, Rip Hunter joins the battle against The Past VIllain Syndicate led by Legends Enemy Eobard Thawne. Who he is familiar with, Rip apparently first brought the Waverider to save Slade's team from The Joker and though it was unknown until Deathstroke revealed this. He really first appears when Bender, Rick, Grovyle, Morty and Marceline board the ship and when Slade, Ventress, Hades and Crowley escape Multiversal Hell. He introduces them to the team and it's short lived as Thawne invades and forces them into battle mode. Afterwards, Rip tells Bender and Slade where to go next and brings them back and he hires Grovyle. Later he goes to see Kyle and recruits him to work with the Legends while keeping his eye on The Joker who he notices is on his way to Equestria.