Los Santos Riots
Episode 18: Riot.

Juror: Due to the lack of evidence against Officer Frank Tenpenny, we the jury see it fit to drop all charges on him.

Celestia: Well, at least things can't get any worse.

Reporter: ...Los Santos will burn tonight.

Applejack: Well, it just did.

Rarity: Oh no. (Looking out the window.) Everyone look at this.

(Everyone looks outside the window to see the rioting in Los Santos.)

Michael: Fuck!

Mustang: This is not good! Michael, keep Fluttershy in good hands! I'm gonna go find Michigan and California!

Michael: Already on it!

(Mustang arrives at the ping location and picks up Mich and California)

Mich: Get us back to Michael's!

(The trio heads back to Michael's house. A few hours later...)

Mich: That does it! We take down Bulgarin tonight!

California: I don't think we can do it this time. He leaves the country tonight.

Mustang: Sure you can. I'll stay here and lead these guys to take down Tenpenny and Kurata, while you two and Luis go and deal with Bulgarin.

Mich: Sounds good. But first, let's head to my house in Del Perro.

(The heroes arrive at Del Perro Heights.)

Michael: Why are we here?

Mich: (Smirks) You may need some cool for this!

(Mich taps the wall with his palm. The wall turns around and reveals an armory of weapons and armor.)

Mich: Everyone, lock and load!

(Mich, California, Michael, Sweet, C.J., Franklin, and Mustang armor up.)


Mich: Almost. We're missing one more piece. (To Kappa) Kappa, SMS: Trevor Philips.

(Trevor appears out of nowhere.)

Trevor: Whoa. What the fuck was that?

Mich: Here! (Tosses Trevor a SAW LMG.) We're finishing this! You're going with Mike to take down Tenpenny.

Trevor: What's with all the sweet artillery?

Mich: Riots. And big bads.

(Caboose loads his Assault Rifle. Freckles' storage is back into the rifle.)

Freckles: Ready.

Mich: Alright! Cal, we're going to get Luis!

California: Alright! LET'S MOVE!!


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